Increasing Brand Awareness Online

Being able to embed yourself into your consumers’ lifestyles in purchasing habits is the definition of brand awareness. One of the biggest debates is whether or not someone is an “Apple person” or an “Android person”. Based on this very simple measure, people will have thoughts of people on the other side. This is what brand awareness can do. This means that your brand’s customers won’t think twice about coming back again and again. Being able to not only measure your brand awareness, but also learn how to grow your brand awareness is crucial to your brand’s success. This article will tell you about brand awareness, ways to measure it, and how to increase it.

What is Brand Awareness?

In simple terms, brand awareness is how familiar your target audience is with your brand. Think of brands with higher awareness or Apple, Nike, or McDonald’s. All three of these brands have high brand awareness. When someone sees any of these logos, they immediately know the brand they are looking at. Establishing your brand awareness is extremely valuable when you are promoting and marketing your company and their products.

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Why is It Important?

Brand awareness is the way that your company and brand is recognized and trusted by consumers. This is extremely important in the early stages of a business, when you are setting the tone for the rest of your brand. An example of a company with high brand awareness is Apple. Throughout the time they have been around, Apple has consistently had brand awareness. Through the high level of recognition, as well as having the trust of their customers, they’ve been able to branch off into different tech products. Being able to have a relationship with your customers that is trusting is vital. If your consumers trust your brand and recognize it, there is a much higher chance that they will not think twice about going to your brand in purchasing a specific product.

Measuring Brand Awareness

Being able to measure brand awareness is crucial when marketing your brand. You want to know how many consumers in your target audience are aware of your brand. It is also important to ensure that you understand brand awareness metrics. This will not only allow you to understand where you are right now, but also what needs to be done in order for you to go further. There are a few different ways to measure your brand’s awareness, but here are a few examples:

Google Search Console

When you’re researching how to measure your brand awareness, there’s a good chance you come across the Google Search Console. This is a useful tool when you are looking for the success of a branding campaign you created. They can show you how many impressions your campaign has received, which means how many consumers saw your campaign.

Website Traffic

Studying the traffic your website receives is one of the most effective ways to measure brand awareness. If you notice that there is a significant increase in traffic after a campaign, this means that the campaign was successful in increasing your brand awareness. When checking your website traffic, make sure to keep an eye on long-term trends. This will give you a much better understanding of how successful your brand awareness campaigns are.

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Sending surveys is a very simple way to measure your brand’s awareness. Asking consumers if they have heard of your brand, or where they may have heard of it before, can be very effective. This is typically done through website, email, or telemarketing. This is great because you are able to ask specific questions, however surveys tend to have low participation rates. One way that marketers can get around this is by providing an incentive to complete the survey. This could be anything like a small gift card or a coupon.

Social Media

Monitoring your social media is extremely important when figuring out how to measure brand awareness. Look at your brand’s social media platforms and take a look at how often you engage with consumers outside of those who are directly following you. Looking at these types of statistics can give you a lot of insight. If you find that your company could use an improvement in the amount of recognition, you should definitely consider using social media to build your brand through content creation.

Increasing Your Brand’s Awareness

There are many ways to build, create, and establish brand awareness, and there are a few ways that you can start today.

Guest Blogging

The first of these is guest blogging for other websites. When you are running your own blog and building your own audience, you can only get so far. This is where guest blogging comes in. Guest blogging is the process of writing and pitching blog posts for other publications. Guest blogging for another publication allows you to gain access to an entirely new audience, as well as letting the publication you write for benefit from free content from a new industry voice.

Shareable Content

Another way to increase your brand awareness is creating content that is shareable. Sharing is a crucial part of social media, and a great way to draw new people to your profile. Making sure that you are creating content that is shareable is important to building an audience and expanding. This is especially important on Facebook, where the algorithm favors shared posts rather than brand posts.


Improving your SEO with user intent related keywords may seem intimidating, but it is simple to implement. It is vital to your brand’s exposure online. This means that your content is seen by search engines like Google and placed on search results pages. The best way to start doing this is to research keywords in your industry and content categories. Building content around these keywords and incorporating them into your headline, body, image, and titles will make it easier for Google to pick up your posts. This means that your content will be ranked higher via search engines and will give you an opportunity to reach the highest amount of people.

Creating High-Quality Content

Creating content that is high-quality and adds to your brand is extremely important. Just as important is creating content that connects with your followers on a personal level. By creating posts that allow your followers to trust you, they are therefore trusting your brand. This means that they will refer your brand to a friend, or mention you on their own social media.

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Brand Voice

Developing a brand voice has to be true to your brand and your audience. A few companies that have very strong brand voices are businesses like Dollar Shave Club, McDonald’s, and Geico. All three of these brands have strong voices within their social media and their product. This means that their consumers remember them and think of them when it comes to the products they create.


Running ads on Facebook and Instagram is vital to reach new people. Ads allow you to go past the algorithms that can be roadblocks for organic reaches. On Facebook and Instagram, you can also launch brand awareness campaigns, which will improve your reach and recall. You can reach target audiences in categories such as age, location, gender, interest, and device. You can even create “lookalike” audiences of people who are similar to your brand’s existing audience. This means that you can reach people who most likely to want to follow your profile and your brand, they just don’t know about you yet.

Social Media Creators and Influencers

Consumers trust recommendations from social media influencers much more than traditional advertisements or even celebrity endorsements. By reaching out to your target audience’s favorite creators influencers, you are allowing the influencer or creator to advertise for you. By doing this, you will be able to reach your audience in a way that they will trust.

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Need Help with Brand Awareness?

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