Preparing for Social Media Trends

Now that the world has entered into a new year, it is time to prepare for social media trends. With most of the world staying home, internet popularity has skyrocketed. Social media has become a big part of everyday culture in most places. With this, new businesses are on the rise in order to compete with household names. This means there may be new social media platforms to look for.

What Social Media Trends Mean for Your Business

Keeping up with social media trends will be important for your business. This article will detail what those new social media platforms may be. We will also detail what social media trends will look like. This includes how your business can adapt and learn from those trends. Most importantly, we will look at how your business can build those relationships with consumers.

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How Social Media Engagement Changed

How the internet is used has changed. It brought plenty of surprises, and with that, it changed how businesses view social media. With the world staying home, the internet became more important than ever. Social media and video calls became a normal part of the average day. With malls and shops closed, ecommerce became a critical part of shopping. Bands, comedians, and artists had to move their in-person concerts and sessions online to connect with their followers. Society’s problems were voiced online, and people used social media as a platform to connect with others and fight for their causes. Everyone was forced to get together and meet on the internet to stay connected.

Connecting on Social Media

All of this has changed social media. Seeing as the world will stay home for a little while longer, it is necessary to see what the social media trends will be for the new year.

Business Connections

Businesses were forced to adapt very quickly when lockdowns and quarantines began. They had to figure out a way to reach customers through the Internet in a more engaging way. It’s been proven that consumers want to connect. Especially when people felt most isolated, businesses needed to learn how to bring that human connection back. Social media became an important part of growing that relationship. Social media will still be an important part of connecting. So, it is important that your social media sites are functional and creative.

Business Values

It also came to light that consumers are dedicated to businesses that share similar values. Research has shown that consumers will refuse products if the business does not address certain ideas. Consumers will also buy more from a business if the products and ideals align with theirs. This will be a very important trend for your social media platform.

Adapting Your Business

Helping your business adapt is a big task to accomplish. With the world now online, there are many voices to hear and many popular trends being made. Sometimes the best thing to do is listen. Be careful about jumping onto current trends. Gather information and figure out how your business fits into the popular trends. By stopping for a moment to gather the right information, your business can grow properly. This means using new, helpful ways of engaging in ecommerce and creating products that are proper for the consumer.

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Sustainability Is Trending

Consumers also like to see sustainability, and this will continue to be a popular social media trend. Many businesses have been successful in using planet-friendly products. Many will encourage others to look at a business and continually buy from them if they feel good about the product. If you make the effort to increase your sustainability, broadcast that through social media and your website.

The User Experience

Continue looking at the user-generated content (UGC) to check how the consumer experience is going. See how your business can improve and learn. This is the best way to connect with customers because you will see their personal opinions. This will allow for the products and services to be tailored more to the user.

Make the Experience Easy

Creating a great user experience has also changed. This will change the social media trends now as well. One of the main ways to do this is to create more visual content. As many people are staying home, live streams have become an important way to connect. Many companies have had influencers use their platform to promote products. This allows for interactions and helps your business. A great way to try and improve sales is to follow in the footsteps of Amazon. While watching the live stream, allow users to shop and participate.

Use Trends but Be Genuine

Customers can tell when a business is lying. If they find the business to be untruthful or fake, they will turn away. It is also shown that customers will leave if it does not match their ideas of identity and morals. It is always good to find a mission that works for your business but also connects to the consumer. Try reaching out and being inclusive. This has also been shown to bring massive success. It has also been shown to hurt a business if it is not inclusive enough. Many consumers believe this is important when spending their money and time with a certain business. Find out how your product and services work in a customer’s lifestyle. Being truthful to the customer always allows for growth and possible success.

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Visuals and Ads

Another great way to adapt is to increase the visual styles on the website. It is predicted that a popular social media trend will be using more images than text. This will keep the user interested longer.

Consumer Experience

Consumers want experiences to be quick and easy. This means that your business needs to have fast ways for customers to consume the products. It seems that podcasts will be a popular social media trend, so a good way to get involved is to have a paid ad on the podcast. This could also include newsletters that focus on the customer and not the product. If the user feels like the business genuinely cares for consumer well-being, this also increases the connection between the two.

The New and Familiar Social Media Platforms

Websites have shown growth for activities focused on YouTube, gaming, and hobbies at home. Certain social media has gained popularity and is here to stay. Those who were already gaining traction last year are expected to grow in the social media trends. These include:

  • TikTok
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

Facebook Will Continue in Popularity

Facebook is going to be one to watch for this new year. This website is looking into increasing ecommerce in its app to a great extent. As ecommerce will continue to grow in popularity through the next year, it is important to make sure your website is up to date. This will make it easier for users to look through the website.

Use Facebook in Your Business

Using Facebook as a tool to help you will also be beneficial. Messaging apps are also going to be important, and Facebook is working on this too. Users have shown that social media is the place where they like to contact businesses. Having a proper social media presence will help build that relationship.

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Other Important Platforms

Instagram will also continue to perfect its ecommerce strategies. This will be a great place to insert ads as well. Twitter is a great place for short statements and important announcements. Snapchat has created original videos just for the platform, and this can be great for ads. TikTok is on the rise and also looks to businesses to help. There is heavy use of ads and ecommerce on the app. With over a billion users, this is the perfect place for businesses to use influencers and ads for their products, especially for a teenage target audience. Reddit is also gaining followers and has been predicted to continue rising in importance. Lastly, LinkedIn is very important. While not as exciting as the others might be, it still holds a big presence in the social media system for job searches.

The Promising Platforms

Some of the next big social media platforms to watch out for are:

  • Twitch
  • Houseparty
  • Goodreads
  • Steemit
  • Vero
  • Caffeine
  • Nextdoor

Many of the others on the list above are good for specific users and will continue to gain popularity with those groups. These will be great places for possible ads and “shout-outs” to help your products and services.

Engagement Is Most Important

With the new year starting, it is more important than ever to have a great website and create captivating social media content. Trying to find ways to include different age groups and interest groups will help your brand greatly. Baby boomers are also important to keep in your marketing plan. Even in the world of social media, baby boomers are great consumers. The most important task is to work on trying to bring together engagement with your business and customer recognition.

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Always Listen to Your Customers

Always listen to consumers first and foremost. Find out what your current consumers want. Listen to those popular trends to use for your social media. Not only that but look for new buyers while always remaining true to your brand. It is important to adapt to what is trending, but always be loyal to your business and genuine with your customers. This will help you bring more traffic to your website. The best way to do that is to stay up to date with the up-and-coming social media platforms and find a way to insert your business. Most importantly, begin by updating your website so it is ecommerce friendly and ready for browsing. Then, your business will be ready to tackle the new social media trends that come.



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