Improving Your Facebook Relevance Score

Learning how to improve your Facebook relevance score is not as difficult as it may sound. Facebook has an algorithm that looks at which ads are best for users. This article will show you how to increase your relevance score and bring your ads to more users. There are many different ways to do this and it all comes down to your business and how you want to be creative. Learn more about the Facebook ads relevance score to bring your ads to more people and save money.

The New Facebook System

Before learning to improve your Facebook relevance score, it is important to note that Facebook has removed this score from each individual user’s view. They will be using new tactics to decide which ads are appropriate for each user. This will still help you learn how to improve your relevance score, but with a few differences.

Facebook analytics

The Facebook Relevance Score

The Facebook relevance score was once there to help users on Facebook have the best experience. It was also helpful for advertisers to see where they could improve and what they did well. This relevance score was rated on a scale from 1-10. A ten was the best score you could get, and this score could help you reach the largest group of people. This score would only come into play after the ad was viewed at least 500 times. After that, you would be able to see how well your ad was doing.

The New and Improved System

With the new system, there are three tactics Facebook uses. This will help you learn how to improve your Facebook relevance score without focusing on the numbers.

  1. The Quality Ranking: This will show you how your ad looks against other ads that compete in your field.
  2. The Engagement Rate Ranking: The amount of engagement Facebook predicts you will receive based on other ads that you are competing with
  3. The Conversion Rate Ranking: How Facebook predicts your conversion rate to come out against other competing ads.

These factors will help you figure out what you are up against. They can also help you learn where your ads might need to improve. Facebook’s new system, while not based on numbers, does go from below average to average or above. Facebook suggests that it is better to focus on moving your ad from below average to average. This will increase the engagement rate and it matters more than moving the ranking from average to above average.

Using Ad Manager 

You can learn how to improve your Facebook relevance score by checking Ad Manager. There are statistics available like how many responses you received from the ad and how many users saw it. You can also see how much money the ad is making and how much you are spending. This tool will also help you see how relevant the ad is to those viewing it, as well as the frequency to which it is viewed.

Positive Feedback on Ads 

Learning how to improve your Facebook relevance score can depend on the feedback you get. There are two kinds of feedback available for your ad. The first is positive feedback. There is a chance that users are sharing your ad. They may also choose to give it a thumbs up or click on your ad for more information. If you made a video ad, there is a chance that they will watch the whole video as well.

Videos are Key 

Making video ads can be expensive. However, on Facebook, they are extremely popular. So, it is important to make sure the videos are made correctly. Create popular videos by using great video, audio, and message quality. If it is low quality, Facebook will notice this, and your ad score might drop. It is also helpful to make a video that looks like a Facebook post. This makes users more comfortable, as if they are viewing a friend’s post.

Facebook video ad

Negative Feedback

If you are receiving negative feedback on your ad, then users may be annoyed with the popup. This means the users may choose to remove the ad from their news feed. They may go so far as to stop viewing ads from your business altogether, which is an option that Facebook offers.

Test Your Ads

There are plenty of ways to try and avoid this. Facebook can be vague on the information about why the ad is not gaining popularity. A great way to check on how the ad needs work is by using an AIB test, also known as split testing. Try using a few different versions of the ad to see how it does during the testing. Whichever ad does best is the one to post on Facebook. This is a great way to improve your Facebook relevance score.

Target Your Ad to the Right Audience

Another way to improve your Facebook relevance score is to market the ad to the right group. When making the ad, consider what your product is about. Figure out how the product can be targeted. This may include considering the age, gender, or the lifestyle of the customers. You can also check Facebook Insights to see the user interactions with the ad and find out where to improve. Another great way to improve your ad is by checking the customer feedback regularly and making improvements.

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Less is More

Learn the details of who your ad should be targeting and use demographics to make specifically targeted ads. Be careful about targeting too many Facebook users who might potentially have the same interests as your followers. This might not help your relevance score. It is best to find users who would be interested in your business rather than catering to all different kinds of people.

Customer Engagement

Facebook shows a high amount of feedback in certain areas. You can see which users viewed and engaged with your ad in the last 180 days. This is what many companies use for analytics. However, there are suggestions that say it is better to look at a smaller amount of data. Thirty days or as low as 14 days can show a better engagement rate. This is also a great way to retarget followers who seemed to enjoy the ad. That way, familiar users may come back to see your products and services. To change engagement time, go to Ad Manager, select “assets”, then “audiences”, and finally “website traffic”. Type in the length of time that you want to view.

Let Facebook Help

When you are just beginning to create an ad, it is a good idea to use a large audience at first. Facebook can help you narrow your customer base from there. After this is done, you will be able to get into a good groove with your ads and keep users interested.

Choosing Audiences

There are also two kinds of audiences: cold audiences and warm audiences. Cold means that these users might not know of your product and may not be interested. Warm audiences already know your business and like your page. When beginning with ads, it is a good idea to target warm audiences first. If you want to bring your ad to cold audiences then use a large group of people. Using a small number might not help you get great feedback or a good score.

Facebook ad comments

Tricks for a Great Ad

Trying to create a great ad is not based on improving your Facebook relevance score, but more on what you do with the ad. Make sure that users can engage with it quickly and easily. A good rule of thumb is to never use more than 20% text. Facebook can lower your score if there are too many words. Try to display lower-value deals or ads that might be more acceptable to cold audiences.

Get Creative

Do not use the same ad forever. If you want to learn how to improve your Facebook relevance score, try to mix it up. Get creative because users can get bored. If they do not want to see your ad, they do not have to. Repetitive ads can get annoying for users, so changing them up will help keep people interested. One of the great things about a high score is less money spent. Facebook will make you pay either way, and more money will go into ads if you have low scores. If you are spending less, this means you can put more money into better ads for the future.

Create Great Social Media Profiles

These small details are important because it is good to find what works for every platform. For a business, using social media has become increasingly important, so creating quality content will be helpful. This will create customer engagement that builds a relationship between the user and your business.

Facebook ad campaign

Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

Learning how to improve your Facebook relevance score is important for reaching your customers. As always, make sure your ad is authentic to your business. Target customers who would be interested in your product. Do not focus only on receiving a high ranking but focus on how you can reach individual users. Facebook likes specific ads that get straight to the point. You can always edit your ads to improve them in the future. Ad Manager will be very useful, so use it to find out how users can connect to your product. Bring quality and creativity to the table and learn more about how Facebook marketing will help your business.


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