How to Change Your Background in Your Instagram Story

How to change background on instagram story might seem like a relatively easy thing to do, yet here I am writing an article about it. For some people, Instagram has a lot of features going on and is not as intuitive as some other social media apps. This article will briefly go over what Instagram is, what Instagram stories are, and why people use them. The article will explain why you would want to change your instagram background and how to go about doing that.

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What is Instagram?

This might seem like a silly question to those who live and breathe social media. However, not everyone uses social media platforms or is aware of how Instagram differs from Facebook and other popular social media platforms.

The History of Instagram

Instagram is not as old as some social media platforms such as Facebook (2004) or Myspace (2003). If you do not use or are not aware of Myspace, it goes without saying that it eventually died out and is no longer a social media giant. Instagram was started by Kevin Systrom – a 27-year-old Stanford graduate with work experience in the tech industry. He worked at Google for instance. Not as famous, yet still an important part of Instagram’s history, is Mike Krieger. He too was a young Stanford graduate with experience in the tech space. He was an engineer and UX designer at Meebo – another social media platform. The Instagram app launched on October 6, 2010 and by mid-December, it had reached one million users. The purpose of the app is to share experiences via photo and video. By 2012, the number of users grew to about 27 million users. That same year, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion.

What Can You Do on Instagram?

Instagram is known as a photo and video-sharing media platform, but you can do more than just that! You can direct message people (which is now well integrated with Facebook’s messenger), post stories (similar to Snapchat), and share posts. You can also go live on the platform not unlike Facebook live. In addition to these main features, you can be creative with your posts and stories with colorful backgrounds, write text, share music, and more.

Use Instagram to Get More Customers

Not only is Instagram fun to share content and socialize with friends and family, but it is great for businesses. Many businesses take advantage of the Instagram platform to increase brand awareness, get new customers on Instagram, and market their products, services, and company.

What is an Instagram Story?

Many people know what a Snapchat or Instagram story is, but not everyone uses these apps or features. Thus, it is important to understand this feature on Instagram before delving into the instagram background features. Instagram stories work similar to Snapchat and Facebook Messenger stories. They allow you to share photos and videos to your story – which your Instagram followers can see. You can choose to post photos and videos, but you can also share posts, commentaries, polls, questions, and music on your stories. Like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger stories, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Hence, users are encouraged to engage with the social media app more to make sure they don’t miss out on a friend’s story that will disappear in 24 hours.

Why use Instagram Stories

Sharing stories is a really simple and effective way of driving engagement whether for your brand or your personal account. Stories disappear after 24 hours, so it gives people a reason to constantly check in with the Instagram app to check out friends’ and celebrity updates. Businesses wouldn’t bother learning how to endorse their brand with Instagram stories if it didn’t work. Stories can grow brand awareness, share sponsored posts, and publish fun, short and sweet content.

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Why Change the Background?

Instagram stories provide value for both personal and brand accounts, so why not have fun with it? Stories have some customization features that people are not even aware of. You could make an instagram story stand out more, change the mood with a colorful instagram background, or share a post on top of an aesthetically-pleasing background. It is fun, creative, and shows other users that you put thought and care into stories, posts, and visuals. Most people know that colors play an important role in marketing. Keeping colors in line with your brand will make your marketing material more consistent, visually-pleasing, and clean.

How to Change Background on Instagram Story

Okay, now what we’ve all been waiting for: how to change background on Instagram story. There are actually a decent amount of fun yet not well-known background options for your stories.

How to Change Instagram Story Background Color

It is actually quite simple to do once you know how to do it. However, this feature is not fairly obvious and is almost like a hidden feature. Below are the steps to how to change your instagram story background color:

  1. Tap on the add story on the left corner of your Instagram app
  2. Take/upload a photo
  3. Tap on the pen/scribble option
  4. Choose the first pen option
  5. Choose a color on the bottom of your screen
  6. Hold your finger on the screen
  7. The whole screen will change color

How to Change Background on Instagram Story (Transparent)

Changing your Instagram background is just another way to be fun and creative with the app. You have the option of adding a transparent background color on top of a photo or video. Here is how:

  1. Tap on the add story on the left corner of your Instagram app
  2. Take/upload your photo
  3. Tap on the pen/scribble option
  4. Choose the 3rd pen (highlighter) option
  5. Choose a color on the bottom of your screen
  6. Hold your finger on the screen

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How to Change Instagram Story Background Color Without Covering the Photo

Okay, maybe you want the pretty instagram story background color, but you don’t want to cover up the photo. The process takes a bit more work, but it is still relatively simple. Here is how to change background on instagram story without covering the photo:

  1. Tap on the add story on the left corner of your Instagram app
  2. Take a photo
  3. Add a background color (as shown earlier)
  4. Tap done, then tap the arrow/save button to save the image
  5. Choose the “x” to delete story
  6. Press the camera roll button on the left hand corner to choose your instagram background color you just created
  7. Tap the sticker button
  8. Select the photo sticker
  9. Choose your photo you’d like to go on top of your instagram background color

How to Change the Background Color when Sharing a Post

This is a feature available for most iPhones. Here are the steps. If you have an Android and don’t have this feature, figure out how to change instagram background with these steps.

  1. Share a post from your feed with the share (arrow) button
  2. Tap on “add post to your story”
  3. Tap the pen and choose the first pen option at the top of your screen
  4. Choose a color from the bottom of your screen
  5. Hold your finger on the screen and the instagram background color will change


Other Considerations

Instagram is a great social media platform to post and share content for personal and business/marketing use. At the end of the day, you want to post interesting, fun content that will get people excited and hopefully even share with other people. Using stories provides a simple way to engage with customers, friends, family, and more. Now you know some fun, customizable features for you to try for your stories! However, there are even more ways to utilize the power of Instagram for your business. Did you know you can add music to an instagram story? Also, consider learning how to go live on Instagram as another way to engage with consumers, fans, or friends. If you need guidance utilizing the Instagram platform for your business needs; want help with SEO or digital marketing; or would like assistance with website design, SEO Design Chicago would love to help! Contact us today and we’ll help get you started!


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