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For many of us, it is challenging to boost engagement on our social media pages. Facebook is our new standard for social media. In fact, Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. Ever since reaching one billion users in 2012, Facebook has only seen success. There are now more than 2.85 billion Facebook users! With that being said, Facebook is a great way to communicate any kind of message to friends and followers. Facebook is also an excellent digital marketing tool for business owners to connect with their target audience. But you need to find your audience and encourage them to engage with you. But how do you get more engagement on Facebook? In this article, our social media management experts would love to show you some helpful tips to boost engagement on your own Facebook page (without having to announce an actual engagement on Facebook!)

A Brief History of Facebook

Facebook was a revolutionary invention in the world of social media. Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student, took the world by storm with this idea in 2004. In the beginning, Zuckerberg created Facebook as a way for users to be fully transparent about who they are. This idea excited people because no one ever really pushed for transparency in the world of social media up until this point in time.

Facebook’s Purpose

As a platform, the purpose of Facebook is to connect people with one another. This free platform allows people to create profiles, upload photographs, join preexisting groups, post updates, and so much more. In a time when people needed to keep in touch with their friends and family, Facebook provided people with a new way to connect.

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How to Build a Facebook Following

Facebook profiles are undoubtedly important in this day and age. In order to increase engagement on Facebook, you must first curate a profile that people want to follow. If you are looking to grow your profile, there are a few steps that you can take to achieve this. For starters, it is helpful to have an attractive profile for your viewers. Make sure that your wall communicates the traits that you would like to highlight about yourself. This can include choosing a fun profile picture, putting your hobbies and interests in your bio, and using at least five photos to get started. Your followers want to know what makes you who you are!

Make Friends

After you have curated a profile that is reflective of who you are, it is time to start reaching out to others. Befriend people that you know and even mutual friends of those people. Facebook makes it easy to find people to connect with through their suggested friends. Remember, your friends can be your biggest supporters when it comes to referrals.

Curate An Audience

Growing a Facebook following is similar to selling a product. When your goal is to gain more followers, you have to think of yourself as a product that you need to advertise. You can do so by linking your Facebook page to any other social media platform that you participate in or simply by word of mouth. People will have a hard time finding your profile without anyone pointing them to it in the first place. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Interact With Others

Another way to find followers is by interacting with others’ profiles and posts. This can be helpful because Facebook has groups that connect people with similar interests. These groups have very active members that are interested in having conversations. If you take the time to comment on roughly ten to twenty posts a day, people will start to recognize your name and even want to engage with you. This will aid you in growing your name as a “brand” and also give people a taste of what kind of person you are.

How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

What is Considered Engagement on Facebook?

In order to learn how to increase Facebook engagement in 2022, we must first understand what engagement looks like on the app. Facebook engagement occurs when someone takes any action on a Facebook page or a post. The most common ways to participate in Facebook engagement are to share, like, and comment on other’s posts. Engagement can also include checking in to a location or tagging someone else in a post.

Why is Engagement on Facebook Important?

Engagement on Facebook is important because it allows people and businesses to extend their organic reach. Many of us get excited when there is engagement with our Facebook posts, especially if we have ideas, goods, or services that we want to share with the rest of the world. This is the case because Facebook is a great platform to extend exposure at absolutely no cost. Chances are, your fans are online and waiting for you to share your content so they can engage with it!

Keep Your Content Interesting

In order to increase Facebook engagement, there are a few foolproof steps to take. For starters, no one is looking for a sales pitch and they most likely will not be willing to engage with one. Keeping this in mind, try to think about the kind of content that will make someone laugh, smile, and want to interact. Ask yourself what kind of content you would be most likely to interact with and act on those thoughts. You can share your latest blog post and ask for comments, or create a video to share. Don’t just share stock photos and expect your audience to engage! These days, consumers of social media content are savvy and expect more than just obvious engagement bait.

I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic: Everybody’s Tour expressing how they feel about his lyrical music. This photo means a lot to me because Logic is one of my favorite rappers and catching this reaction from the fan reflects on how I was feeling during the concert!

Consider Your Audience

When improving your social media engagement is your main goal, it is crucial to keep in mind the type of audience that you would like to appeal to. It can be difficult to anticipate the needs and wants of your target if you have no idea who your target is. Do you aim to attract a younger audience or an older audience? Does your audience live in a rural area or an urban area? What kinds of challenges might they face on a daily basis? Ask yourself these kinds of questions to help zero in on your target.

Be Brief

The average attention span of any given person is approximately twelve seconds, which is not much time if you really think about it. If someone decides that your post is not worth their time, they will most likely scroll on by and not think about it ever again. With that being said, it is up to you to create a compelling hook and interesting content to follow.

Use Attractive Images

What is the first thing you notice when you are scrolling through Facebook? If you are like us, it is probably the images that are displayed on your screen. Research shows that human beings are far more visually oriented than we might think. We process images about 60,000 times faster than we process text. The images you choose will be the first thing that people notice about your posts, so make them great!

Don’t Shy Away from Videos

Now that we understand the importance of visual engagement, it is time to harness that knowledge and use it to our advantage. Just as people like to gaze at images, they also like to watch videos… a lot. According to Facebook statistics, average videos uploaded on Facebook have a 110 percent higher engagement rate and a 478 percent higher share rate than videos uploaded to YouTube. That is huge!

Keeping this in mind, use this tactic to your advantage. You can even try live videos! Another helpful tip when it comes to posting video content is to include closed captions. This can be extremely helpful for people that are hearing impaired or cannot listen to anything out loud. Generally speaking, people like to do as little work as possible when they are viewing another person’s content. Taking this extra step will show your followers that you care.

Try the Latest Features

Facebook is always rolling out new features, like Facebook Live. Take advantage of these new features and start posting to them!

Behind the scenes of RoyalZProduction Vlog about the Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab

Ask Engaging Questions

People love to share their opinion, especially on social media. An effective way to get people to engage with your posts is by asking them questions. This approach shows your friends and followers that you care about what they have to say. Feeling cared for, in turn, inspires people to continue keeping up with your posts on social media. It establishes a connection between you and your viewers.

Pay Attention to What Works

It is never a bad idea to learn from others. If you see someone that you admire on Facebook, take notes about what they are doing that works for them. This is not to say that one should copy their every move, however, it is important to use your surroundings as a learning tool.

Post with Consistency and at the Right Times

Consistency is key. Facebook has an algorithm, so it can be difficult for people to know exactly when someone posts content. Facebook provides tips to content creators about increasing engagement with their system. One way to avoid getting lost in the algorithm is to post at times when you know your followers are active online. Facebook’s insight feature allows creators to see the times in which their followers are most active on the app. Additionally, they have a feature where you can schedule posts for the times that your followers are most active. This is extremely helpful to increase engagement on posts.

Hold up Your End of the Bargain

If people are engaging with your posts in the first place, this shows that they care about what you have to say. Why not return the favor and show your viewers that you care about them? Engagement on social media platforms usually requires an element of reciprocity. If you make your viewers’ voices heard, they will make sure to do the same for you.

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It’s Time for Change

Now that you know ho wot get more engagement on Facebook, it is time to implement these tips! Keep in mind that maintaining engagement on a Facebook page is a lot of work, so remember to engage with followers frequently. If you are willing to put in the work, your results will reflect that. Facebook marketing is a major job to take on, between Facebook Ads, Facebook videos, Facebook Live, and other ways of sharing your content. For help managing your Facebook page and posting quality content, the experts at SEO Design Chicago would be happy to help you curate your news feed. If one of your goals is getting more engagement on Facebook in 2022, contact us today.


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