How Does Google Ads Work?

So you have started a business and now you are wondering how to advertise it. You have probably heard that Google Ads are a great choice, but if you need to ask yourself, “How does Google Ads Work,” you are not going to get the most out of the advertising service. In this article you will learn the answer to the question, how does Google Ads work and what is Google Ads, as well as some examples of Google’s paid advertising services.

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What Is Google Ads?

Before we get into how Google Ads work, we need to answer, “What is Google Ads?” Google Ads is Google’s advertising solution that businesses use to place ads on Google’s search engine and the Google Display Network, a collection of partnered third-party websites that have agreed to display Google Ads. 

When you enter a search term into Google, the first few results and the last few results on the first page, marked ad, are Google Ads. There are about 5.4 billion Google searches performed every day returning billions of search results. Most people will not get past the first or second page of Google’s search results. If you place a Google Ad, your link will appear at the top instead of who knows how many pages deep. Another type of Google Ad is display ads. These ads can include images, text, video, or rich media format

Paid Advertising

Before we get into how Google Ads work, we will discuss the benefits of paid advertising through services like Google Ads, in contrast to other methods like organic advertising. 


How does Google Ads work to show your ads to the right people? Paid advertising platforms like Google Ads boast specific customer targeting capabilities. They can find the exact people who have the want and capabilities to buy your products. You can use SEO techniques to do this with organic posting, but it can take a long time, a lot of trial and error, and ultimately you might not have the experience and time to reach the right people. You certainly will not reach as many people for free as you can through paid advertising.  

Raise Brand Awareness

Paid advertising by nature is great at getting your brand in front of people. If a customer has no idea your business exists, it does not matter how great of a fit you are. They will not make a purchase. Through paid advertising, you can put your brand name in front of people who want what you have to offer.

Instant Results

After approval, Google Ads will display immediately and you can start seeing results right away. The sheer volume of content on the internet makes it difficult to stand out enough to be noticed. When you pay for an ad, the right people will see it and hopefully interact with it right away. You can also get an idea about what ads are working and which are not fairly fast.

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Google Ads Services

So, how does Google Ads work? How do you go about placing these ads that you have so carefully crafted? Google Ads Services makes it easy. On Google’s Ad website, you can create a sample search, display, or Maps ad by filling out a few text boxes. 

Headline and Description

How does Google Ads work to entice your desired audience to interact with your ad? It begins with the headline and description. The headline should include the name of your business and a very short catchy way to give the viewers an idea of what your business does right away. For example, a florist in Chicago, IL called Flower For All might write their headline as Flower For All-Chicago Flowers. While you hope that the viewers will also read the description, they are not guaranteed to. 

Although readers might skip over the description, you still need to have one. The description should be a short description of what your business does. Let’s go back to the flower shop example. Flower For All might write a description that says, “Flower for All’s elegant and freshly cut bouquets will make any special day blossom,” to emphasize that their flowers are both fresh and perfect for events in only a few words. You want to give people enough information so that they are enticed to click your ad, but not so much that they are either overwhelmed, confused, or you run out of characters. 

You only have 30 characters for the headline and 90 characters for the description in text ads. Use them wisely. The example headline for Flower For All is exactly 30 characters and the description is 86. It is impossible, and would not be useful even if you could, to write out your business’s entire history and everything it offers in one ad. Ads need to be carefully written to attract a certain audience with the promise of fulfilling their needs. The example ad above promises their target audience that they can offer people in Chicago the perfect decoration for their special day. You can not be the business for everyone, but if you can carve out your target market and direct advertising to what they are searching for, your business will find at least some success. 

Phone Number and Address 

Once you have the headline and description written, you have the option to add your address and phone number. You should do this. The easier it is for customers to find and contact your business, the better off you will be. You need to answer questions and address any concerns potential customers might have to establish your business as credible and someone they want to do business with. Your address will show customers where you are located and even connect to Google Maps to give your customers directions to your storefront. An accessible business is more trustworthy and more convenient for your customers. An easy-to-find phone number and address can do wonders for building trust with your customers and making it easy for them to make a purchase. 

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The next step in the Google Ad process is to choose your keywords. Just throwing money into a huge amount of Google Ads will not be enough to see an increase in sales. Choose a keyword theme, like florist, and Google will generate related keywords to help you find the ones that best fit your business and what your customers are searching for. Flower delivery, wedding florist, and roses are some examples of specific keywords you can use. Once you choose your keywords, only a minimal amount of management will be necessary as Google will update them over time.


A great ad will not do anything if it is shown to the wrong person. Someone in California will not be able to eat at a restaurant in Maine no matter how delicious the food looks. If they are hungry now, they want something close by. As such, you need to carefully choose where your ads are displayed geographically. If you are only a physical store, you might want to only show ads to people in your immediate area. Google Ads lets you choose how large of a radius from your store you want to see your advertisement. 

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The good news is you never need to spend more than you want to, but if you want your ad campaign to have a noticeable benefit, you will need to spend. The cost of Google ads will differ for everyone. If you are in a competitive industry, you will need to pay more to get noticed amongst the competition. If you are selling high commitment products, your advertising costs might be higher as well. Customers will need to see an ad more than once before even considering a purchase. 

Google Ads are pay-per-click. This means that advertisers looking to push their ads out using popular keywords need to place a bid for the keyword with the maximum amount of money they are willing to pay. You have three bid options: cost-per-click, cost-per-mille, and cost-per-engagement. Cost-per-click means that you pay a certain amount every time a user clicks on an ad, cost-per-mille means that you will pay a set amount for 1,000 impressions, and cost-per-engagement means that you will pay a set amount for each time a user completes a certain action. 

In addition to a bid, Google assigns your ad a quality score. The quality score is an assessment of your ad, keywords, and landing page ranked with a number 1 to 10. The higher your quality score, the higher you will rank on the search results page and the less you will need to spend. Google’s algorithms use your quality score and your bid amount to decide where you will rank.

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Now that you know how to answer the question, “How does Google Ads work?” you can start creating and placing bids for your advertisements. Google Ads are instrumental to a successful marketing plan. With so many Google users, you are bound to find an audience interested in what your business does. On top of that, paid advertising through Google Ad services is easy and can give you a boost in conversion rates, customer retention, and has many other benefits. Create ads that tell customers what you do and what you stand for as a business. In time, you will reap the benefits of your advertising work.


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