Best Fonts For Your Ecommerce Website 

Making sure that you are using the best ecommerce font possible for your website is crucial. You want to be able to easily and quickly grab a user’s attention. Ideally, you want to strike the right balance between having a professional-looking website while also engaging the consumer. Your website should also be an extension of your brand. You may not think that a font can make that big of a difference, but consumers notice aesthetic changes like fonts used in a website. That is why it is so important that you are using the best website font combinations possible.

How Many Font Types Should a Website Use? 

Before you learn about the types of fonts you should be using for your website, it is important to know how many ecommerce fonts you should be using at once. Typically, you should be using no more than two fonts on your website. Obviously, this is just a general rule and there are exceptions where using more than 2 fonts could benefit the website. However, generally speaking, you should probably not use more than 2 fonts on your website. 

This is mostly due to the fact that you want to establish a consistent feel for your website. Having more than 2 fonts can distract consumers and make them question the professionalism of your website. The last thing you want is for consumers to look at your website and think it is unprofessional. You want consumers to trust your website enough to make a purchase and become customers. This is why before you start looking for the best ecommerce fonts, you should consider how many fonts you plan on using. 

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Best Ecommerce Fonts

These are the best ecommerce fonts that you should check out when planning your website’s design

Crimson Text 

If you are struggling to find the best website font combinations, you should consider using Crimson Text. Crimson Text is most commonly used for websites that want their consumers to feel calm. Crimson Text is a more subtle font and can be described as looking almost soft. 

The types of companies that will typically utilize this as their ecommerce font are health, wellness, and beauty companies. These types of companies will use Crimson Text because they want their consumers to feel relaxed when visiting their site. After all, consumers that are seeking out health, wellness, and beauty companies are usually looking to better themselves. Having soft text paired with images of healthy and beautiful people is a very effective marketing tactic for health, wellness, and beauty brands. 

Additionally, Crimson Text is typically paired with earth tones like soft greens and oranges. This is used to further emphasize the calming and wellness feeling Crimson Text makes the consumer feel. If you have a health, wellness, or beauty brand, you should consider utilizing Crimson Text when searching on your website.

Montserrat Bold 

One of the best ecommerce fonts available is Montserrat Bold. Montserrat Bold is used so often because it is a very simple, heavy text style that looks professional. This is a very clean-cut font that is not very flashy but still catches a consumer’s attention. 

This is why Montserrat Bold is typically used for websites that sell electronics. When selling electronics, you want your website to convey a professional and competent tone. This is largely because you want consumers to believe that your products will be reliable and effective. Knowing that a product will be reliable is crucial in the electronic industry because consumers are spending a significant amount of money on the product. 

Montserrat Bold is typically paired with blues, reds, whites, and blacks. These colors can help emphasize the professionalism of the company. Many other companies outside of the electronics industry also believe it is one of the best website font combinations because it looks so professional. 

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Amatic SC

One of the bolder font choices a website will sometimes choose is Amatic SC. Amatic SC is a font that stands out because it has a more handwritten aesthetic than many other fonts. It is a very cheerful font that is typically associated with creativity. 

For this reason, many experts believe that it is one of the best fonts for websites in the creative field. If you are selling music, paintings, or photography, you might want to consider using Amatic SC. The type of art you are selling is important to consider before using Amatic SC as a font. If the art you are selling has a serious tone, Amatic SC will not be the best font to use. For any lighthearted art you are selling, it is one of the best ecommerce fonts available. Since it is a lighthearted font, typically light colors are best paired with it. Soft pinks and blues are a great choice for this font.

Luckiest Guy

Luckiest Guy is one of the best ecommerce fonts if you have a playful website or aesthetic for your brand. It is a very lighthearted font but is still distinctly different from Amatic SC. Amatic SC has a more artistic feel and Luckiest Guy has a more childlike feel. Luckiest Guy is also very reminiscent of some of the fonts that were popular in the 70s and 80s. 

For these reasons, Luckiest Guy is typically used with websites that sell children’s products. The lighthearted feeling of the font works very well with pictures of children playing with various toys and other products. Similarly, the colors used with Luckiest Guy are often childlike colors like yellow and baby blue. This is why if you are selling products for children, you should consider using Luckiest Guy, one of the best ecommerce fonts. 

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Cinzel is one of the best fonts for websites that have blogs because it is very bold and only has capital letters. This is great for getting a reader’s attention with an eye-catching headline. Obviously, your entire website should not use this font and it should only be used sparingly. It also does not only have to be used for the title of a blog post. Cinzel can be used anywhere where you want to grab the reader’s attention more than other parts of your website.

Since this is such a bold font, typically there are not too many different colors that will be paired in the background with it. Usually, Cinzel will be in black text and the background will be white. This also gives the aesthetic a more newspaper blog feel. 

Dancing Script 

Dancing Script is one of the more unique types of fonts ecommerce websites will use. It has a very simple aesthetic and is very sleek. Just because the Dancing Script is simple does not mean it cannot stand out on a website. Although most websites will likely not be able to benefit from using Dancing Script. it can be very effective when implemented. 

Typically ecommerce websites that have a focus on writing or books will use Dancing Script. Since the font is in cursive, it can remind consumers of writing. Additionally, ecommerce websites that revolve around cooking can benefit from using a Dancing Script. This is because when paired with light browns and soft earth tones, the Dancing Script can feel very homey. Outside of these industries, Dancing Script is not typically used, but as long as you are going for a homey aesthetic you likely could use Dancing Script for your website. 

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Raleway Bold 

If you are looking for the best ecommerce fonts for a men’s fashion ecommerce website, you should consider using Raleway Bold. This font is good for men’s fashion because it can grab the reader’s attention without being too distracting. It is also often associated with men’s fashion because the font look has a masculine flair to it. This is why sometimes Raleway Bold will be paired with various other products that are targeted towards men but are not necessarily fashion items. 

A great example of this is men’s razors will often be advertised in Raleway Bold. Sticking with the masculine theme of the font, Raleway Bold will typically be used with earth tones. Since this font is used for fashion, often websites will take inspiration from the colors of the clothing when deciding what color to put Raleway Bold in. 

Which Font Will You Use?

Now that you are aware of some of the best ecommerce fonts available, start experimenting with them on your website. Even if you do not use any of the fonts mentioned in this article, hopefully, these will give you a good idea of the direction you want to go in when searching for fonts. Each font can have a very different connotation and can help create a drastically different aesthetic depending on how it is used. 

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