When is a One Page Website a Good Business Idea?

When you’re first creating a website, it is normal to want to make it the best it can be. Although some people find it tempting to fill your website with as many pages as possible, some have found a single-page site to not only be sleek and sophisticated looking but also beneficial for the site viewer’s navigation. This article will discuss single-page websites in detail. It will also give you guidelines to help you determine whether one is something your business should use.

What is a One Page Website?

As you might be able to infer, a single-page website is a site that contains only one HTML page. Unlike a multipage design that can organize the information, single-page websites compile everything into one location. This may seem like a strange concept to some. In fact, some might assume that a single-page website is a sign that there is a lack of effort. 

However, the truth of the matter is that the creation of a one page website is a strategic process. It requires intense attention to detail, the ability to condense and summarize, and an innovative and creative mind behind it. One-page website optimization can be lengthy but highly effective. 

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Advantages of One Page Websites

There are many reasons why a business may choose to create a website with just one page. 


A huge reason why companies create single-page sites is to simplify their message,  products and services, and vision to their audience. Companies that have products or services that are perhaps difficult to explain may find that a single-page site allows them to explain their brand in a more straightforward manner. 

Since there is no need to jump from tab to tab trying to find answers to questions, site viewers can easily navigate through a single-page site knowing that all the information is in one place. They’ll intuitively know that any questions they may have will be found in the same place.

At times, multi-page websites can cause confusion and disarray. This is especially true if the pages are poorly made or not all given equal time and attention. It is extremely important that you keep things as organized and concise as possible. Creating a single-page website allows you to do this flawlessly. 

Enhanced Surveillance and Navigation 

If your website has had issues with bugs, slow loading times, or any other technical difficulties, perhaps a single-page website is for you. When everything is on one central page, you will be able to identify problematic content. This could be content that is taking longer to load, spelling or grammar errors, broken links, and more. 

As you pick up on these errors and fix them in a timely manner, your site viewers will be able to navigate your site better. What’s more, because of the enhanced navigation and centralization, people are more likely to read through the website in full. Ultimately, they will be able to make a more informed decision about potentially purchasing your product or service.


Many website makers fail to make their website optimized for mobile users. Users on mobile devices matter just as much, if not more than their counterparts. One of the biggest issues is that many websites have significantly slower loading times for mobile users

Long site loading times will increase bounce rate and lead to fewer people viewing your website. When you have a single-page website format, you become a lot more accessible and convenient for mobile users. 

Let’s say you are a small online business that only sells a few items. There is really no need to fill your website with so many pages. By creating a single-page website, you will be able to present your products better, include more eye-catching images, and appeal to mobile users who are likely looking to purchase your items quickly and efficiently. 

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Disadvantages of One Page Websites

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to using a one page website as well.

Not a Great SEO Move

Unfortunately, having a one-page website does not usually fare well when it comes to search engine optimization. Having a single-page site can actually lower your ranking in search engines like Google. This could end up hurting your conversion rate and user engagement in the long run. 

Since single-page websites have less content, there is not much opportunity to include target keywords. Those keywords are a big part of the website optimization process. It can also significantly decrease your chances of getting backlinks. These are also an important part of gaining authority and recognition in the eyes of search engines. What’s more, since you only have one page on your site, you take away any chance to include internal links. Internal links allow you to link to other pages on your site and keep your site viewers engaged for longer. This diminishes when there is only one page. 

Bad for Certain Businesses

Depending on your business, creating a single-page website can really hurt your brand. For most product-based businesses that sell multiple items, a single-page site could significantly decrease conversions. Product-based businesses need multiple pages in order to provide users with the best possible experience. With that said, service-based businesses can greatly benefit from the single-page website format. However, when it comes to most cases in e-commerce, it is not the best idea and can overwhelm potential buyers. 

Space Limitations 

This might seem like a no-brainer but it is important to discuss. On one hand, a one page site can be a great opportunity to position your information in a specific order that is easy to navigate and comprehend. It’s easy to scroll through and find the exact information you were searching for. Still, there is only so much information you will be able to fit. If you choose to create a one page website, you need to be honest with yourself about how much information you want to fit on the page. You also need to compare that to how much information can actually fit. These answers may not be the same thing. Websites that feature lengthy content types such as blogs or news articles would not be a candidate for a single-page website. 

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Are One Page Websites Good for Business?

This brings us to our big question: are one page websites good for business? In most cases, the answer is no. One page sites are great if your brand is service-based, if you have a product-based company with very few products, or it is not used for e-commerce. Most other businesses will not see great results, unfortunately. 

The lack of pages makes it impossible for most product-based businesses to display their products in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm. In addition, websites like blogs and news sites will have an extremely hard time publishing content pieces onto a single page. Businesses looking to grow and expand will not be able to maintain a single-page website if they want to grow their clientele and communicate to their customer base more effectively and efficiently. 

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Single-page websites can decrease conversions of a booming business since they might have to scroll endlessly just to get to one specific item. Additionally, single page websites can hurt small businesses due to the fact that it does not benefit SEO. The lack of keyword usage hurts its chances for ranking in search engines. Plus, the lack of internal links makes it harder to build authority.

Finally, with very limited space to display content, there is only so much you can put on one page. You may find yourself continuously increasing the length of the site page. But, the more you do this, the more scrolling has to be done, which can make for a very unpleasant experience. Ultimately, it is likely best to keep your multi-page format and focus instead on gaining good SEO rankings.


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