What is Google Pay and How Do I Use it? 

If you’re looking for a quicker way to make purchases, then you might want to consider using Google Pay. You might be wondering, how does it work? Google Pay allows you to pay with your Google account easily wherever you go. Once you have successfully set up Google Pay on your Android or iOS device, you just simply have to tap your phone to the card reader next time you make an in store purchase. It is also compatible with several apps, to make purchases quick and simple. You can also use Google Pay to send and request money on both IOS and Android devices.

You can even use Google Pay on your web browser on any of your devices. The system allows you to keep all your credit and debit cards secure in one location. In addition to debit and credit cards, Google Pay also allows users to store things in your virtual wallet like tickets, boarding passes, rewards cards, gift cards and more. If you are a content creator on YouTube, Google Pay can even transfer AdSense money directly into your bank account.

In this article we will discuss how you can use Google Pay, the differences between Google Wallet vs Apple Pay, and more.

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How Do I Set Up the Google Pay App on an Android or IOS Device? 

  • Make sure your phone has the latest update installed. You can check this in your settings .
  • Go to the Google Play or App Store and download the Google Pay app.
  • Once the app has installed, open it and select the get started button.
  • Then connect your Gmail account for updates on your purchases.
  • Then select when you want Google Pay to use your location.
  • Select the payment option from the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the add payment method, then the set it up button.
  • Then select the add a new card option, and add any Android pay supported cards.
  • If you hold your credit or debit card up to your phone’s camera then it can read your credit or debit card information without you having to enter any information.
  • Then enter your email address, you will receive a verification code. Enter your verification code then select the submit button. 
  • You can now select which card you want to primarily use by selecting the default in store purchases option. 
  • You can also nickname your credit and debit cards to ensure that you are using the correct cards. 

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How Do I Know Which Stores Accept Google Pay?

Now that you’ve learned how to set up your Google Pay app, you might be wondering where Google Pay is accepted. Next time you are out  purchasing something with your credit/debit card look at the card reader to see if it has the contactless card reader symbol.The contactless card reader symbol looks like a sideways WiFi symbol with a hand with a chip in it. You can use Google Pay at any retail location that has the contactless card reader symbol, and luckily more and more retailers are having contactless card readers installed.

Google Pay is accepted at many large retailers including Target, McDonalds, Nike, and more. If you are curious which locations you go to locally that accept Google Pay go to your general settings in the Google Pay app and go into your location settings. Turn your location on so you can check when you are nearby a store that accepts Google Pay.  In addition to retailers some ATM’s let you withdraw money from your bank account with Google Pay, just look for the contactless card reader symbol next time you are at the ATM.

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How Do I Know My Information Will Be Safe? 

The convenience of using Google Pay is obvious to most, but is it actually safe to use? Especially with many credit and debit card scams being prevalent today, it is very understandable why many people are worried about giving their information to Google Pay. Fortunately, Google Pay is very safe to use. All credit and debit cards are stored in and encrypted on Google’s servers. Additionally, Google puts in various safeguards so that your financial information can stay private. Whenever you want to use Google Pay at a retail location, you must unlock your phone with your password which also helps to protect your personal information.

If that is not enough to make you feel safe giving your information to Google Pay, then it might be comforting to hear that even when your phone is lost, Google has protections put into place so that no one can access the cards from your Google wallet. If you login to your account from a different device you can select the “find my device” option. Not only will this help you find your lost device, but it will also temporarily disable transactions occurring from your Google Pay account.

I would recommend setting a password to get into your device as an extra layer of protection, just in case. Setting a password on your phone can also help prevent other personal information from leaking. Protecting your personal information online is more important today than ever, luckily Google Pay has got you covered.

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What Can I Put in My Google Wallet? 

Luckily, most banks have Android Pay supported cards. The Android Pay supported cards include American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Beyond the accepted credit and debit cards, many banks themselves are also compatible with Google Pay. Banks that are compatible with Google Pay include Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, Wells Fargo, and several others.

Additionally, you can also put different things other than just credit and debit cards in your Google Wallet. In addition to credit and debit cards, Google Pay also allows users to save important tickets for things like concerts and travel. Why have the stress that comes with making sure that you will have your ticket, when you can just have your phone store your ticket’s information instead. SeatGeek, one of the largest ticketing companies, now allows its customers to save their tickets directly to their Google Pay account.

Plane and train tickets can also be saved with Google Pay. You can find your travel tickets in the transit cards section. United Airlines changed its policies so that customers could save their boarding passes to their account, too. Google Pay even keeps track of your loyalty reward cards under the loyalty programs section. Many companies like Starbucks, Subway, Jimmy Johns, and more have loyalty programs that you can access through Google Pay. As the popularity of mobile payment methods increases, more ticketing companies will implement compatibility with services like Google Pay.

How Do I Send Payments and Request Money Using Google Pay?

Google Pay allows you to access your phone contacts to quickly and easily send money to your friends and family. First, open your messages app and search for the person you want to send money to. Select their name and press the plus button, left of the chat message button. Scroll down till you see the Google Pay option. Enter the amount of money you wish to send to your contact, then select the attach money button. Once it loads, confirm that you wish to send the money, a blue check mark will appear when it has been sent. If you want to, you can also type a message to send with your payment transfer.

Send Money from a Computer

Don’t have your phone handy? No problem! You can also send money to someone from a desktop or laptop computer. In your internet’s browser, search pay.Google.com. Then, select the send or request money option from the top of the page. Enter the amount you wish to send to someone and either their email address or phone number, then select the send button. Additionally, just like when you send money through a text you can write an optional message if you want.

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Request Money 

You can also send or request money by sending an email through a Gmail account. You simply select the attach a file option when sending an email and either select the request or send money option.

If you are a small business owner, you can use Google Pay to request money from customers could be a really easy way to keep track of your finances. This is just one way many e-commerce businesses are adapting to the changes in 2020. Even if you just use it to send money to friends, it could still be very useful. After all, who ever has exact change on them? 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and set up your account today. Hopefully it allows you to more conveniently make purchases when you are out and about. Maybe you’ll use Google Pay to send money you made on sponsored content to your bank account. There are countless reasons to use Google Pay. Next time you forget your wallet at home, you might be grateful that you took the time to set it up!

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