Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts

Twitter announced in late 2020 that it was relaunching its verified accounts in 2021. But what does that mean? If you have the coveted blue checkmark, you might lose it. Twitter has already begun purging some verified accounts as it changes who is qualified – and who isn’t. We will break down everything we know about the new Twitter Verification for Accounts relaunch for you in this article. 

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Wait, What Are Verified Twitter Accounts? 

A verified Twitter account is an account with a blue badge next to it. It lets other Twitter users know that the account of public interest is authentic. A verified Twitter account must be three things: authentic, notable, and active. The verification program is meant to help Twitter users know who they are interacting with. The badge’s purpose is to communicate authenticity and build trust in Twitter. If you want to get more followers on Twitter, or have valuable information to share, getting verified is a great step to take. 

Why Twitter Verification Was Paused

Twitter paused its verification program back in 2017 over concerns and confusion of what the program was about. One of the main concerns was that some viewed a Twitter verification as the platform’s endorsement of the member or account. As the program expanded to include more and more people in the general public, the problem became worse. At that point, Twitter paused the program. 

After the pause in verification of new Twitter members, Twitter also purged several accounts that were not in accordance with their verification guidelines. 

At one point, Twitter asked users for feedback on the verification program. Among the many suggested changes was how to define a “notable” account and to carry out another purge of verified accounts that were inactive or don’t have complete profiles. 

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New Changes to the Twitter Verification Process

Here are some of the main changes to Twitter’s new verification policy: 

  • Twitter loosened the policy that outlines what a “complete profile” is. Now, the social media platform no longer requires a bio or header image in order to be verified. 
  • They added a stable Wikipedia article as one of the several requirements for being recognized as a “notable” account. 
  • Twitter updated the News category to recognize journalists. 
  • They updated the Sports category to recognize eSports. 
  • And, they added digital content creators to the Entertainment category. 

Future Changes to the Twitter Verification Program

There may still be more changes to come to Twitter’s verification process. The platform is considering adding categories for academics, scientists, and religious leaders. However, until then, any person who is a member of those groups can qualify under the category currently named “Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals.” 

Enforcement of the Twitter New Verification Policy

Enforcement of the new Twitter verification policy has already begun. It started on Jan. 20, 2021. 

Am I Going to Lose My Twitter Verification Badge? 

If you are at risk of losing your blue verified badge, you will receive a warning email from Twitter and an in-app notification explaining why your account is at risk. If you updated your account in accordance with their policies prior to Jan. 20, 2021, however, you will not lose your badge. A complete account has all of these: a verified email address or phone number, a profile image, and a display name. Other accounts might lose their badge because they are in violation of the Twitter rules. 

twitter relaunching verified accounts

New Kinds of Twitter Accounts

Warning, Bots

Twitter has also recently announced plans to create a brand-new account type that will identify accounts that are bots. It has not been announced when in 2021 this will happen, however. 

Memorial Accounts 

Twitter will also be rolling out Memorial Accounts for people who have passed away. A memorial Twitter account will be created after it is verified through an application process. 

How to Apply for Twitter Verification

If you, too, would like a blue checkmark next to your tweets, here is how you can apply for Twitter verification in 2021. The new, self-serve application will be available on the Account Settings page within Twitter both online and in the app. You will need to select a category for your verified status and confirm your identity via links and other supporting materials. 

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Why the Twitter Relaunch in 2021 

Twitter is working hard to build trust in user accounts and also, in its community as a whole. This relaunch of verified accounts in 2021 is a critical step in that process. Twitter wants you to know who it is you are talking to and receiving information from on its platform. If you need help getting verified on Twitter or using Twitter for marketing purposes, contact SEO Design Chicago today! 

FAQs About Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts: 

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