Instagram: Now with a Link Sticker!

Who doesn’t love stickers? Instagram is rolling out a new feature called Link Sticker. Starting on August 30, 2021, Instagram users who previously had access to the Swipe Up feature will now be able to use the new Link Sticker instead.

Those of you who aren’t entirely familiar with Instagram’s Swipe Up feature are probably wondering what all this means. Let’s discuss what the Swipe Up feature is as well as the benefits. Then, we’ll talk about the new Instagram Link Sticker feature and its advantages over the Swipe Up feature.


What is Instagram?

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform where you can share photos and connect with friends. 

Instagram users can post photos and videos to their feed and other users can like and comment on them. The Instagram Stories feature is also a popular option. Using the Stories feature allows you to share moments from your day, but they disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram is popular with individuals and businesses alike. Companies can start a free business account that allows them to promote their brand and products. Businesses use Instagram Stories to create and share content, increase awareness of their brand, and get more sales and leads. The business account also offers free metrics for engagement and impressions.

Instagram’s Swipe Up feature

For most users, Instagram only offers a single, clickable link in your Instagram bio. The “link in bio” tactic is headache-inducing because you have to manually change the link every time you want to promote a new product, campaign, or blog post.

The Swipe Up feature allows influencers and brands to promote products, content, or sign-up pages directly from Instagram Stories. While interacting with a Story, users can swipe up to go directly to a specific link. With Swipe Up, Instagram users no longer have to go to the bio screen to click the link. Also, you can add any link to any Story you want.

The caveat is that Swipe Up is only available to Instagram Business Account users with more than 10,000 followers or who have a verified account.

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Benefits of Swipe Up and Stories

Instagram’s Swipe Up feature is coveted because it is not available to everyone. Because it is limited, users who want its capabilities need to create a business account, have their account verified, or amass 10,000 followers. 

Instagram users tend to post directly to their feed. However, Stories provide another opportunity to share, albeit temporarily. Swipe Up provides another way to increase engagement within Stories.

Using Stories and Swipe Up together has several benefits for your business.

  • Since Stories disappear within 24 hours, you can post more frequently and boost engagement without clogging up user feeds with your content.
  • Since Stories always appear at the top of user feeds, your business remains visible.
  • Adding links to Stories lets you market your content in real-time. Having a flash sale? Use Stories to grab people’s attention and build brand awareness.

With Swipe Up, businesses could direct customers who viewed their Stories to a website to learn more about a product or service, read a related blog post, or anything else worthy of promotion. 

Now, Instagram is changing the way the link feature works with Stories. Instead of the “swipe up” call to action that lets people know there is an associated link, Instagram is now rolling out a new Link Sticker.

New on Instagram: Link Sticker!

Instead of swiping up on a Story to go to a link, users can now tap a sticker to take them to a new website. 

The link sticker is more aligned with Instagram’s branding as they already have stickers you can add to your Stories. Other stickers that Instagram already allows you to add to Stories include location, mentions, hashtags, captions, questions, GIFs, music, selfie, poll, quiz, donation, and countdown.

The Link Sticker also has a few key advantages over the previous Swipe Up feature.

Advantages of Instagram’s Link Sticker

If you’re already using Swipe Up, you’ll have access to the Link Sticker. 

One major advantage of the Link Sticker is its limited accessibility. While this may seem like a downfall at first glance, the fact that only businesses, verified accounts, or high-profile creators have access to linking is actually a well-designed strategy. Limiting the linking feature upholds Instagram’s integrity and safety because if anyone could add links, the links could potentially be used to post spam or spread misinformation.

Additionally, using the Link Sticker instead of Swipe Up offers users more control over their Stories. For example, Story creators can toggle between different sticker styles, change the size of the sticker, and place it anywhere on the Story for maximum engagement.

Finally, Story viewers will now be able to react and reply to posts that have the Link Sticker attached. Reactions and replies were not possible on Stories that had the Swipe Up link attached.

instagram link sticker

Ready to try Instagram’s Link Stickers?

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