Everything You Need to Know about Shopify and SEO

Shopify SEO is a series of practices and techniques that applies search engine optimization to Shopify websites. Shopify is an all-in one platform that allows entrepreneurs to establish and manage their online businesses efficiently. 

When a site is SEO friendly, there’s a higher chance pages on the site will surface on page one of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).Shopify store seo pictures

This is the best – and completely free – way to get people to learn about your business, make inquiries or purchase goods and services from you.

Once upon a time, WordPress and WooCommerce powered most online stores. Now, Shopify is rapidly gaining ground.

According to Nerdwallet, one reason Shopify is getting so popular is that you can start an online business faster.  

 Shopify offers amazing pre-designed templates. While they look great, many could benefit from technical SEO improvements. We are experienced training business owners how to make these improvements on their own, or we can handle the task for you.

Some SEO improvements include compressing image sizes, removing duplicate content, fixing site architecture with the correct number of H1 and H2 headers on each page, adding meta descriptions and more

We also make sure each page has the relevant keywords for your industry, and that those keywords appear in the right places, like the headline and page title. 


Our Philosophy On Shopify SEO Services

We are Shopify experts who regularly help businesses migrate to Shopify from another platform, or start new Shopify stores. 

We identify ways to improve the SE) of category, product, and blog pages of your Shopify store. This strategy involves analyses to help improve keyword targeting, and enhance your store’s overall usability and loading times. We also perform deep dives into your keywords. 

Our keyword approach includes asking ourselves, and you, questions like: What are keywords you think your customers use? Why do you think these are the right ones? How and where are you using these keywords? What keywords are you missing that your competitors regularly use? 

After we feel that we understand your answers to these questions, we tell you how we’d answer these questions. Then we work with you to develop a new SEO strategy.

Some of our Shopify SEO services include:

  • Creating new content for your website. New content increases your position in Google rankings. 
  • On page optimizations of content. We’ll make sure the content that exists already on your site is SEO-friendly. 
  • Internal linking recommendations. Google ranks websites higher if they have a lot of inbound and outbound links. 
  • Easy store navigation. Google, like customers, prefer sites that are user-friendly, especially on mobile phones.


Specific SEO Issues In Shopify

While Shopify can be a great foundation for many eCommerce stores, some of its weaknesses have emerged over the last few years. We know what these weaknesses are, and will gladly work with you to make sure your site doesn’t include them. 

We have developed internal processes to quickly identify and improve common technical SEO issues related to Shopify. 

Our Shopify SEO experts know how to quickly find, and fix, these Shopify SEO issues:

  • Duplicate content issues that are common to Shopify stores
  • JavaScript errors
  • Broken links
  • Pages that aren’t structured with the right headings
  • Issues that prevent Google from indexing the site


Shopify SEO Frameworks

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of people who have Shopify stores. Each business had  its unique needs and goals. Through our deep and continuously ongoing education with Shopify, we’ve developed dedicated Shopify SEO frameworks to ensure your e-commerce site stands out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Our team is well-versed in the unique quirks and benefits of the Shopify platform. This allows us to tailor our SEO strategies specifically for Shopify stores. Shopify has unique SEO issues, like slow loading. We know exactly how to twerk images and videos to fix this problem. And it’s a big problem – when sites load too slowly, Google dings them a few points, which means your business ranks lower in SERP. 


Product and Page Optimization

Category and product pages are the most important pages in your Shopify site. If you don’t nail every aspect of these pages down correctly, you’ll lose customers and sales.

Seo Design Chicago focuses on these pages so you don’t lose a sale, or at least get people to save your item for purchase later. This means we ensure unique copywriting, top notch photography and video and reviews from users.

We optimize these pages for keywords that will get your pages higher in SERP.  We’ll also provide recommendations on improving the usability and design of your category pages. We’ll analyze if your videos or rotating photo slideshows are helping or hurting your website speed.

We’ll also optimize your products to make sure each image has an alt tag that includes a keyword. This is vital to get Google to “see” your site and return it high in SERP.Shopify store product page optimization pictures


Shopify Site Speed Improvement

A fast-loading site is not just a preference but an expectation from Google and all customers. Seo Design Chicago’s Shopify team will find opportunities to improve your site speed, allowing your users to have a pleasant shopping experience.

 Our team will review aspects of your store such as Shopify plugins, usage of JavaScript, third party tools and other issues that might impact site performance and Google indexing. 


Site Architecture Improvements

The way your site is organized, and the way information is presented to users (especially in the menu), is crucial for any Shopify store to succeed. We understand the importance of crafting a well-structured website that doesn’t include a lot of unneeded dropdown menus. 

Your Shopify store’s navigation should be clear, logical, and easy for users to navigate. We focus on creating an easy-to-understand menu that allows users to find the products they’re looking for without thinking. The key to good web design is to “not make people think.” 

 We’ll also review your Shopify site against your competition to see what good things they’re doing that you might try to mimic. Shopify works for small stores with only a handful for SKUs or a big company with a large set of products, we ensure your navigation is always easy. 


Linking Improvements

We analyze every link on your site – those that go to other pages on your site, and the ones that you link to outside of your site. We make sure none of them are broken. If they are, we fix your internal links with 301 redirects. If the links are outside of your site, we can’t make other companies fix them. But we can remove the links and replace them to sites that are working. 

You want to focus on the quality of links, not just the quantity. Our team takes into account key factors such as link relevance, anchor text (that’s the word choice you’ve linked to), and better linking opportunities. You don’t want to link to your competitors, for example. 


PR Driven Link Building

Backlinks are one of the most important SEO elements for websites. You want a lot of other sites linking to yours. When people link to your site, they act as “votes of confidence” for your store and increase your authority and ability to be visible in the search engines.

So it’s important to get people talking about products and sites online, in message boards and on social media. You want to encourage reviews.  

It also helps to get people sharing social media content with hashtags that include your brand’s name. We create social media content, and website content, that is the type of stuff people want to share on social media. 


Connecting Influencers To Shopify SEO

One way to get your site out there in the world, and get people sharing your links, is to get your products into the hands of influencers. That’s right, social media influencers. Now you may not get picked up by the Kardashians, but there are influencers for EVERY TYPE OF PRODUCT, from gardening supplies to window treatments. 

We’ll find the influencers for you, and help you decide what products to get to them. Studies show that sales spike after an influencer mentions a product.Shopify seo pictures

Shopify SEO vs. Regular SEO

So SEO is the same no matter what platform you use. But there are a few Shopify specific SEO issues that we’re experienced in handling.

We detail how we’ve helped companies with their SEO Shopify strategies in our case studies. For confidentiality reasons, we don’t name the companies, but in our conversations, we can tell you, without naming names, how we’ve fixed Shopify specific SEO issues. 

Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. We can also do a free SEO analysis of your current site. We can also talk to you about why you might want to migrate your site from your existing platform to Shopify. 

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