SEO: Top Things to Know

It’s time to consider your SEO strategy. There are several SEO trends we all need to prepare for as SEO and content marketing professionals. In this article, we will outline the most important things you will want to keep in mind as you plan your SEO.

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SEO Things to Know 

SEO is just as important now as it ever was, but we will need to make some adjustments to our strategies while keeping the latest trends in mind. Let’s discuss the most important ideas to keep in mind for your SEO strategy:

Focus on User and Search Intent

We all know how a Google search works. Searcher intent is the idea of understanding what is the intent behind a person’s search query. If you understand searcher intent, you have a better chance of building a page that best answers their query. Though this has always been a major principle in the world of SEO for a long time, searcher intent is even more important now than ever.

We saw that the pandemic changed the search intent for many queries. For example, while in the past, someone might be searching for the best restaurants near them to eat at in person, it’s now more likely that they are looking for somewhere to get a take-out order.

In fact, some experts say that Google began adjusting searches to include more virtual and online results for queries last year in response to the new norm.

Keep an Eye on Trends 

As we also saw as a result of COVID-19, certain searches gained popularity overnight. For example, the term “coronavirus” exploded in search popularity, according to Google Trends. By the same token, some other terms took a steep dive in their searchability. For example, concert tickets lost popularity. Keeping an eye on the latest trends – and jumping on them and integrating them into your content planning and keyword research as soon as they start – can help take your SEO to the next level.

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SEO Experts Must Be Adaptable 

So, how do SEO professionals protect against changing searcher intent and Google trends changing daily? It’s important to be as adaptable as possible. While we can’t change searcher behavior or intent, we can monitor it and adjust our strategies and tactics accordingly.

For example, in order to see changes in search intent, you can keep an eye on your target search engine results pages and watch how they change. If you notice more pages ranking that actually serve a different search intent than your page does, it’s highly likely that Google is trying out to serve a different intent. In this case, you might need to adjust your page – or risk losing your rankings.

To see searcher interest, you can use several different tools that measure monthly search volumes, like SEMrush, Moz, or Ahrefs. Google Trends can also help you see the latest search trends.

The main takeaway? In your SEO strategy, don’t get too comfortable or stay stagnant.

Get Creative With Local SEO 

Sadly, one of the hardest-hit areas of the economy during the pandemic has been local small businesses. This has had a major effect on local SEO efforts. But what can SEO professionals do to help their clients who are these kinds of businesses? There are many ways local businesses can get creative and stay connected with their regular customers, like going virtual or offering pick-up and delivery services. However, there are ways they can utilize SEO, too.

For example, just keeping a company’s Google My Business page updated with its latest info, like letting customers know if they are open or not, can make a big difference. Plus, updating websites frequently with the latest news on COVID-19 safety measures and precautions is another way to tell search engines and clients the latest from your company. (Plus, don’t forget to post your updates on social media!)

Behavioral Analytics Take the Forefront

Though SEO is traditionally all about keywords and driving traffic, it has become a lot more than just that. The focus is more and more on data focusing on behavioral analytics. While keyword volume and SERPs positions are still important, there will be an increased focus on how people are reaching websites, what they are doing on the site, and how to get more of them doing it. This is partly due to the evolving nature of the SEO field and partly due to the unreliability of keywords and search intent following the pandemic.

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Focus on Online Customer Support and Self-Services

More and more, people are searching online for the products and services they used to go to a physical storefront to find. (Once again, this change is due to the pandemic.) If one of your competitors has a more user-friendly website that offers a completely self-sufficient experience and your website does not, you are likely losing business. This is why it’s so important to offer a help center and an FAQ section.

Increased Spotlight on Value

As we all know by now, what SEO really comes down to is value. Value is at the center of SEO. Why? Because the goal of your content should be to provide value to its reader. Content that provides value will rank highly all on its own. This has become clearer over the years. Poor content will not rise to the top. While keyword research and structured data are still important, your focus should be all about producing high-quality content that provides value for your target audience. If you do that, the search engines will provide you with a valuable ranking as a reward.

Core Web Vitals 

Google announced a key algorithm change that is expected to take effect: Core Web Vitals. Since the search engine provided us all with a heads-up (thanks, Google), we might as well prepare for it accordingly! Core Web Vitals is a set of specific factors that Google considers important in the web page’s overall user experience, like page speed, interactive elements, and more. Particularly if you want to appear in Google To Stories, you will need to take Core Web Vitals into consideration as part of your SEO strategy.

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Mobile Optimization 

While for a long time, mobile optimization was thought of as second to desktop optimization, these days, most searches are being conducted on mobile devices. This means that optimizing for mobile should be a priority, especially if it hasn’t been a priority for you in the past. Google also uses your website’s user experience for mobile users as a ranking factor. This means your mobile UX will have a direct effect on your search engine rankings.

More Automation

Just as marketing automation is on the rise, so is the amount of SEO tasks that we are able to automate. Though this will be tempting to jump on this trend, there are also benefits to remaining human in your quest for the highest search engine rankings.

Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search is increasing in popularity, and so should your focus on it. This means optimizing your web pages in order to be found with voice search. What question might someone ask Siri or Alexa that would lead them to your article? The answer to that question will help you with your voice search optimization.

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