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Structured snippet extensions are helpful when relaying basic information about your product or service to browsers and possible customers online. This will let your target audience know what exactly your business provides without having to actually click on anything. In general, there is a vast variety of categories that can benefit from using this advertising tool, as it will highlight key aspects of what is being offered. 

Some content examples that could be used when giving information can be the destination, the amenities provided by the business, describing the type of product or service with straightforward description words, style, degree programs offered, shows, insurance coverage information, courses taught, brands, etc. Each of these contents goes in the headers category when using this type of snippet. For clarity, some content that should not and cannot be used with this tool would be contact support information or shipping information. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what structured snippet extensions are and how they can be used. 

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Snippet Extensions: What Are They?

Snippet extensions are a type of advertising tool that businesses will use to promote what they offer in an easy and efficient manner. It is a form of structured data that can help both users searching for something and search engines understand what your website contains and its purpose. 

As a creation of Microsoft, snippet file extensions are also known as Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet. It allows you to create a code snippet that shows a message box that you fill in your keywords. In the case of structured snippets, you can fill in a header and its list to reach your site’s targeted audience. With other kinds of snippets, you do not have to make a list. But, you can put down information in a table or paragraph description format based on which works best for you. 

How Structured Snippet Extensions Work

This snippet is a type of ad extension that will require you to choose a header that can show off which kind of product, brand, courses, brands, shows, models, destination, amenities, etc. you are providing. The main purpose of ad extensions is to optimize search ads by helping them gain more clicks with important information. This specific feature appears next to pay-per-click (PPC) search ads on Google. Structured snippets are a category of what is known as a rich snippet. The purpose of these is to magnify result pages and ultimately increase traffic to sites. 

The header you choose will depend on what your business is and what it offers. For instance, if your business sells clothes of different brands, you would choose the header ‘Brands’ and list which ones you have. If your business is a hotel or Airbnb, you would choose ‘Amenities’.

Benefits of Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippets generally will up an advertisements’ capabilities, as their purpose is to give more reasons for viewers to click on it. This will increase the site’s web traffic with growing exposure and can help gain new customers. Ad extensions allow you to offer straightforward and useful information. This information can make it easier for people to decide whether or not they need your services. This can get rid of anyone that is not a part of the targeted traffic, ultimately improving conversion rates. It is a costless and effective way of increasing the chances of reaching your targeted customers.

For example, if someone is searching for a specific college program near them, this can make it faster for them to find options. They can do so by looking at the header’s list of programs without having to click through multiple links. This ad addition can make it look visibly more appealing to the eye by making it look larger and information-rich. In advertising, it is important to point out the basic and most relevant parts of what you are offering. By providing the right information in your headers, you can decrease the amount of unnecessary clicks. Plus, you can save money while doing it. Not only will this tool benefit the business that is utilizing it, but will also help their target audience and search engine crawlers find them more efficiently. Web crawlers, such as Google, are an important part of search engine optimization.

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How It Can Help Your SEO

In terms of helping a website’s search engine optimization (SEO), structured snippet extensions will change the way in which people can search for information. They will do so by directing them there in fewer steps. This extension will affect a site’s click-through rates in a way that cannot necessarily be negative. This is because users who do not need your product or service will not end up utilizing your business anyway. This will be true regardless of if they happen to click on your site’s link or not. Therefore, using it will simply get the users who will be using your services where they need to be quicker. So, structured snippets cannot affect your sales negatively, but can affect the site’s click-through rate in some ways. Rich snippets such as this can be crucial for SEO because it demands the attention of users with only the pertinent information that is being looked for. It gives a peek into a company’s purpose and lets users know if it can help with what they are searching for or not. 

Although this optimizing tool will not, in most cases, help increase the SEO ranking of your website, it can minimize its bounce rate. This means that it can help your site leave a larger impression on users. The headers will be helpful in gaining their attention faster. These extensions also can make your site look even more credible by providing more information than other sites may offer. By providing more relevant keywords within your header’s list, it can make it more organized for search engines to pick up on. This can strengthen your company’s online presence as well as its overall organic traffic.

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Structured Snippet Examples

Each use for structured snippets will have a header that pertains to what is being offered and showcased. Say for instance you are running a hotel and would like future guests to know what amenities your hotel offers. With this simple tool, you will look for the header called ‘amenities.’ From there, you will list which ones you would like people to be aware of. Examples would be WiFi’ or ‘Pet Friendly’. This saves time for the person looking for a specific type of hotel. And it also can allow your business to be more successful. Another instance in which this can be useful is if a business sells different brands of products. For example, an electronics store carries many different technology brands. Here, they would select the header labeled ‘brands’ and list the different ones they have available for sale. This will make it clear what types of products are being available from the company without people having to click on any other link.

Educational institutions such as universities will look to use this advertising tool as well. They can use it to display what programs or courses they offer their students. This header is labeled degree programs’ in which the list would look something like ‘Accounting, Marketing,…etc.’. This would allow the institution to quickly and easily promote the services they want their target audience to see. Advertisements for streaming services will also utilize a header labeled ‘shows’ to promote the most popular ones they include in their service. This is a tactic to grab the attention of possible customers. Of course, these are just a few of the many instances in which businesses will use this advertising tool. 

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Google Ads Structured Snippets

Google Ads structured snippets are a type of ad extension that Google Ads use to help people advertise certain aspects of their product or service through. It allows up to 30 characters within your heading and 90 for your descriptions. To utilize this feature, once you are in Google Ads, you will click on ‘Search Campaigns’ and find ‘Ads’. Once here, you click on ‘Extensions’ to find ‘add structured snippet extension’. Through this page, you will then choose your desired header. With these simple steps through Google, it’s made possible to easily have your ad stand out. 


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