Why Local SEO Is Important for Plumbers

Did you know that 76% of people who go online to research local services on their smartphones resort to making a visit to a company within a day? And, 28% of those local searches lead to a purchase! Out of many businesses, plumbing is a competitive field that thrives best when localized as it is focused primarily on serving the local community. Local search engine optimization (SEO) for plumbers connects companies to prospective customers and helps generate more leads within the neighboring community. The main metric used for this kind of SEO is the geographical location. The goal for any plumbing company is to be on the top of the Google Maps listing, secure a steady flow of local traffic and produce a customer base who actively visit their website to make use of their services.

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Local SEO for Plumbers

Local SEO for plumbers fosters faster connections with neighboring homeowners, therefore, serving the needs of the community better. Although it may seem as though plumbing service is a simple resource that customers don’t pay much attention to quality-wise, the reality is that they have a keen eye for what kind of ratings the plumbing company has and whether it is on the top list of companies that have a well-renowned reputation. They will check to see which plumber is located nearby and search for one who suits their needs. When customers search for keywords such as “plumber near me,” plumbing companies should aim to be the top results that pop up. This will lead to more clients being drawn to their website and opting for their services.

Benefits of Local SEO for Plumbers

Local SEO for plumbers ensures that local plumbing companies appear on the top search results. The good part is that the only competition is the plumbing companies around the same geographical area. 

The first step is to dominate the local search on Google Maps and also establish a quality Google My Business page. As most companies are highly invested in providing services to the local community, then having a local SEO is a great advantage. Some reasons why having a local SEO is invaluable are as follows:

Establish Stronger Bonds in the Community

If local plumbing businesses choose to support and connect with one another, linking has tremendous benefits. It can help create a strong online ranking and earn the trust of customers to make them long-lasting leads.

Local Leads

As more and more people discover your plumbing company and see the good reviews, then the customers are likely to choose you as their number one go-to plumbing service provider. 

Higher Sales

A boost in the targeted traffic encourages more interaction with your website. It also leads to higher conversion rates, meaning local customers will be open to paying for your services and even purchasing some of your goods. 

Improved Online Visibility, Trust, and Authority

Local SEO marketing agencies help create awareness of your company by applying techniques that bring your company’s name to the front of the search result. Consequently, your target audience is likely to trust your company better. In addition, more local clients will be open to being connected and working together.

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How to Build a Successful SEO Campaign for Plumbers

How can a plumbing company build a successful SEO campaign that can attract more traffic from the local community? 

Find the Right Keywords

Develop a list of keywords related to plumbing services that customers will often use when searching for a plumber to hire. For example, phrases such as “plumber near me,” “emergency plumbing,” or “plumber in [City].” For an easier generation of key terms, you can use a special tool called Keyword Planner. This tool is a part of the Google Ads platform that provides ideas of different keywords you can use based on the word you type in.

Optimize Your Website

Focus on developing the core parts of your website such as the title, the headline, and the content of your homepage while making sure it is mobile-friendly. To best optimize your website in the competitive world of plumbing, SEO Design Chicago provides experts in digital marketing who assist plumbing companies find more leads and promoting their website social media content creation. Remember to include all your most updated addresses and phone numbers and keep them consistent on your website as well as all other social media platforms and mapping systems.

Link Building and Citations

Inbound links from legitimate sites that connect to your website make your plumbing company shine brightly and create a direct line of communication with other potential customers. Backlinks from other reputable companies help build your brand online. Citations show that your company is trustworthy and gives keen attention to research. 

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Get Good Reviews

Customers have a higher trust for reviews from the general public than for the company’s own review of its services. Good reviews come with building a history of providing outstanding services. Leaving reviews is not something customers think about automatically. It requires extra effort from the company to reach out to its customers and request a review for their services. 

Track Your Results

As you set up your SEO campaign, it is important to track your website rankings, traffic, and conversions by utilizing resources such as Google Analytics and RankRanger. Checking the reports helps you as the business owner to have a better understanding of your SEO and what needs to be improved. SEO specialists can also provide SEO analysis to aid in knowing your current ranking. 

SEO Design Chicago provides a free local SEO analysis to help plumbing business owners see their current rankings and possible areas of improvement. The digital marketing experts team in Columbus provides guided direction in developing an A-plus strategy that will provide you with a wide range of location-specific keywords and links that will enhance your online presence. Not only will the SEO experts optimize your listings on Google but also on other search engines.

Plumber Marketing

Plumbing services are in high demand. Still, to keep a stable business, you need to maintain a steady flow of leads. One of the ways to promote the services your company offers is by having a good website. The site should highlight the geographical areas that your company works in and what makes you stand out from other plumbing companies. The website should be simple and easy to manage to obtain the exact services the customers would need. SEO Design Chicago offers a wide array of digital marketing services including custom website design. Their web development agency specializes in creating state-of-the-art websites with great aesthetic appeal and user-friendly to improve customer experience. 

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How to Overcome Local Plumber SEO Challenges

The goal for all local companies is to improve their local online visibility for their target audience. How can local plumbing companies overcome the setbacks that come with running a local business? Coming up with the SEO strategy that best suits the company is paramount. It starts from the small steps: updating the company’s profile in all local business directories and gathering reviews from customers who enjoyed the services your company provided. These basic steps create a positive local reputation and more customers will be drawn to your company. 

Moreover, you can monitor other behavioral signals for local SEO. Click through rate is the number of times users click to access a website. Mobile click to call is an icon that allows users to call the company’s business phone number. Finally, social media check-ins are when users go into social media sites to check information about the company. 

Know what moves your local customers! Study what local content is available on blogs, newsletters, videos, and articles to be updated on what is on trend and what is on demand so that you can fit your keywords according to their needs. 

Local SEO Success With SEO Design Chicago

If all of this talk of search engine optimization still seems confusing to you, SEO Design Chicago can help. Our team loves working with local businesses to help them rule the local search rankings in their area. We have lots of expertise helping plumbers throughout the US and Canada improve their online presence and rankings.


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