The Importance of Geofence Marketing 

Geofence marketing targets specific geographic areas with marketing and advertisements. This tactic uses technology based on location to establish boundaries around specific locations in order to give you better information and knowledge about businesses and products within your area. By using technology to pinpoint your location, you can receive marketing content based on what you’re closest to as well as what your related searches can determine you’re most interested in. 

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How Does Geofence Marketing Work?

To participate in geofence advertising, the business itself will select a range of where they are interested in their advertisements or business being promoted. After choosing the location, they will create a virtual boundary around the given area so that once in the range, you can receive these ads. Geofencing ads can be in the form of a text message, a social media ad, or a generic notification. Once you are in the specified area, you are able to begin receiving the advertisements. Since your location is able to be tracked, the effectiveness of the advertisements are easily followed as well. 

While you are more accessible with this marketing tactic, you still have to turn tracking on capabilities on each of your devices. If you deny your location services from tracking your location, you are automatically not going to receive any notifications or advertisements for any business or product that has invested in this type of marketing style. 

Why Do Businesses Use Geofencing Advertising?

Whenever a consumer enters into the area that each business has specified that they would like to target, they can receive a geofencing ad that might allure them to either stop in or purchase whatever the business is choosing to advertise. It is a quick and easy way to get more foot traffic into their store or to sell a product. This could be something that is either new to their brand or new to the community, which allows for people that have yet to hear about them, to learn more about them and what they do. 

With this type of advertising, businesses also have the ability to tell how often people see their ads. This allows businesses to track how often people recognize them and how much more business this marketing tactic is bringing in. By using this strategy, companies can learn about what is the most interesting to consumers, which can help their future growth.

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How Geofenced Advertising Has a Positive Impact on Businesses

Geofenced advertising allows consumers to become more aware of what is in their surrounding area that they may not already know about. It could also be helpful when consumers are traveling or in a new place. With these advertisements, you can learn about what the new city has to offer that you would not have known otherwise. Allowing this option on your devices helps businesses get their names out there to those who may not know much about them as well as help consumers learn more about what their area has to offer.

How Geofenced Advertising Helps

In the digital age we currently live in, anyone that wants to sell or promote anything must do so online. In order to get your message or product out to the public, you must be on social media. While TV commercials used to do companies very well, in the age we currently live in, without the use of social media, companies would not grow as they used to. However, you must market yourself to the right audience using the correct social media outlet. If you are looking to target an older crowd, Facebook would be a great way to go about that. However, if you are wanting to attract a younger crowd, you would look into advertising on TikTok or Instagram. No matter how you choose to market yourself, social media is the only real way to do so and gain the viewers that you need in order to grow. 

By using geofenced advertising, you can grab the attention of people within the area that you need to advertise to the most. You will get the highest amount of traffic that way. After all, you don’t want to advertise your local clothing boutique to people across the country. You will be able to increase your potential sales just by allowing the targeted ads to reach them while they are in your area. There are many ways besides this style of marketing to get your business more flow and traffic, but it would be less direct. 

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Controversy Over Geofence Marketing 

One of the main reasons some people are opposed to this type of advertising is the idea that they are being monitored and watched by other apps and devices. There are many people who believe that having everything connected means that they are at a larger risk of being tracked or observed without their knowledge. This type of marketing allows for the concerns to grow. However, you do have the power to turn it both on and off on your devices. You will always have the ability to deactivate your location and lose access to these ads. While the controversy over this type of marketing will always exist, it does not always mean that you do not have the ability to remove this feature when desired. 

How to Prevent Geofence Marketing 

Most consumers do not like the idea of their phones being monitored as well as other apps tracking them, whether that is their location or their usage in general. When you are on your phone, most of the time, it asks you if you would like to allow an app to track your activity. Then, you can decide whether you would like to accept or decline that as well. Most people decline it. However, regardless of what option you select, you will be monitored regardless. 

In an attempt to prevent geofence marketing, you need to ensure that you turn off your location services in your device’s settings. When you do this, you will need to approve any app that wants to access your location. With the constant ability to change what is accessible on your phone, you can always be at ease when it comes to tracking. 

Marketing and Advertising Help From SEO Design Chicago

If geofence advertising isn’t for you and your business, there are still tons of options available to you. Some tactics include search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, website design, and social media advertising. Reach out to the team at SEO Design Chicago to learn about our expertise and how we can help your business. 


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