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How Can Marketing Automation Help My Business?

Marketing automation is an important part of any digital media marketing strategy and with good reason. In recent studies, marketing automation was shown to have a 77% increase in conversion rates. The advantages have led big companies such as Netflix and Charles Scwhab to implement various marketing automation strategies that you can also use in your business. 

how can marketing automation help my business

Marketing Automation Services

Before we take a look at marketing automation agencies, it’s important to know what kind of marketing automation services there are and what services are best fit for your company. There are various marketing automation agencies that offer different services. Here are some of the most common:

Customer Journey

This is an important part of connecting with your customers. This provides the personal attention for prospective customers, new customers, as well interacting and retaining old ones. This service helps lead customers through the awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy stages in an automated manner. This process also helps make meaningful upsells and extended services to customers. 

Email Marketing and Automation

One of the oldest but continually enduring services that makes a difference. This service and strategy helps keep a steady form of contact. Email marketing allows businesses to stay in the mind of the customer. With more than 90% of people checking their email every single day, there’s a high possibility that your email will get noticed, clicked on, and ultimately that the customer will take action. Whether informing about a change store hours or about an exciting new product, this is a direct line to your customer.

Social Media Marketing and Automation

While these social media posts will still be carefully crafted by a marketing expert, the process by which they are posted on the various social media platforms is the automated process that will increase efficiency. Instead of having someone post and share engaging content to your social media audience all day, this process will allow posts to be shared at the appropriate time and however often is necessary. This service involves tools to help you with scheduling to accomplish all that we reviewed. 

Campaign Automations

With any marketing strategy comes marketing campaigns. In order for a digital marketing campaign to be successful, there needs to be the appropriate amount of reach. By automating campaigns, there is less time and energy devoted to beginning and ending them. This allows businesses to schedule based on previous years’ data and based on best practices. For example, there might be certain times of the day or days of the week when they might work best. As with any campaign you want to attract, delight, and engage your customer. Making this process automatic makes the process that much easier. 

Monitor Leads

Once your business has reached the appropriate customers based on likes, interests, and needs, this service allows the sales team to monitor when a customer performs a desired action. This allows for the customer to continue moving down the sales funnel or conversion funnel as we will discuss in the next few sections. Leads can include getting a customer’s email address or even if a customer engaged with a social media post by commenting or giving it a like.

conversion funnels

What are Conversions?

To better and fully understand the conversion funnel, it’s important to note the different types of conversions and how that might look for your business. 

  • Completing a purchase
    • A desired goal of any business that sells a product
  • Someone signs up for a newsletter
    • This allows a direct link to the person in the future and is a potential customer lead
  • Click on affiliate links
    • The more clicks to your links, the more revenue you can earn
  • Contact form completed
    • In order to build your email marketing list for example, you need a way to get the customer’s information 
  • E-book or course download
    • This might free at first and then offer another product at a price, this can also be a subscription service
  • Page views 
    • This might be on a page that contains advertisement which in turn allows you to continue selling the space for advertisement to other companies

It’s important for the goal to have a specific reason and motive of why it’s being measured. Those are the conversions that you would want to track. In the next sections we will review how automation guides customer’s through the conversion funnel.

marketing automation services

Conversion Funnels

This strategy uses information from the customer’s journey and is used to guide each customer to the next appropriate step. The good news and something important to note about the conversion funnel is that conversion can happen at any stage of the funnel. Conversion funnels can be as complicated or as simple as your company wants it to be. There are five main parts to a conversion funnel.


This occurs through advertisement and advocacy from current customers. In social media this can be measured by the number of followers or “Likes,” your platform has. How many people and potential customers know about your brand or company? Potential customers need to know that you have a solution to their potential problem. During this part of the funnel, information needs to be presented convincingly and clearly so that the customer may move onto the next part of the funnel. 


This section is driven by your website and the content your company is putting out for consumption. This will attract the customer to get to know what you have to offer, rather than just knowing the general idea of your product or service. Aesthetics matter in this part, and your brand’s voice and style. This is the part where awareness evolves into intrigue and carries them along into the next part of the funnel.  


This continues to build on the previous stages by continuing to allure the customer. This can be done through re-sharing other customer’s photos or through your own pictures and item or service details. Using previous customers as advocates can help lead to conversions in this section as well. Another way to create desire is to offer incentives such as discount or a first-time purchase deal. Blogs and other forms of content continue to provide value to the customer and continue to incentivize them to make their next purchase of service or goods from your company that is now a trusted resource.


Finally, this is the part of the funnel that is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. In this case, it’s the marketing automation strategy. The conversion goal can vary from buying a product or service to signing up for an email list to making an online account on your website. No matter what the goal, this is the measure of the success of your marketing strategies. 


Although conversion is the ultimate goal for the customer to complete the purchase or sign up for a service, re-engagement is also as important. This is the part where you build your loyal customer base that will repurchase and that you can also upsell to. While building up your loyal customers, this section of the funnel also helps you build advocates to tell others about your product or service. 81% of purchases are from products people they know promote or mention.

marketing automation

Marketing Automation Agencies

Marketing automation agencies help to streamline all the services and strategies that your business may want to implement. This allows your company to reach potential leads and make the sales that keep you in business. Agencies can help in many aspects such as social media automation, email marketing, data-driven analytics, and common tasks that don’t require individualization. One thing to keep in mind is that with automations such as social media posts, you will still need to keep your customers engaged. In general, using a marketing automation agency will save your company time and money by not wasting it on strategies that don’t produce results. Using these agencies is also a very common practice and should not be viewed as a cop out of sorts. 

Will Marketing Automation Benefit Your Company?

When looking into marketing options in general there are many choices and services. While many successful companies are already embracing automation, it’s also important to note that 49 percent of companies today are currently using a marketing automation system or software. This is a growing service and will only continue to grow as the digital marketing world continues to grow and expand. Marketing automation allows companies to become more organized, efficient, and effective as well as prioritize marketing tasks more efficiently

Some marketing automation agencies, such as Ironpaper, emphasize how marketing automation nurtures relationships and we couldn’t agree more. In 2020 the top 25 marketing automation agencies can be found on

There are many options to fit your needs. Overall, marketing automation is the future of digital marketing. It’s also an important way to keep up with the growing demand for more content and more audience engagement.

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