10 Tips for How to Increase Website Sales

These days, we all want everything faster: our food deliveries, our communication with others, and we get impatient quickly. The average online shopper will only wait two seconds for a web page to load! By the same token, we all want to increase website sales instantly. While there are no guarantees, we have compiled 10 tips for how to increase website sales by optimizing your website. These tips make your website easier and more efficient for users, which can boost online sales quickly.

how to increase website sales

Tips for How to Increase Website Sales

These are our top ten tips for how to increase website sales and boost your revenue.

1. Keep Your Home Page Simple

Most people assume that it’s best to list as many products and services as possible on their home page in order to show visitors the wide range of options available. However, research suggests that offering fewer products on your homepage will boost your overall sales. It is an effective tactic because it allows your company to focus on a few specific products or services and answer any possible questions from visitors.

For example, though SEO Design Chicago offers a wide array of digital marketing services, our homepage is simple, yet effective.

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2. Use Videos on Landing Pages 

Landing page design can be tricky, but one key to conversion is video. Why? Because our brains process visual content about 60,000 times faster than text. Anyone who sees your landing page (or any key conversion page of your site) will learn more about your product or service via a video than they will via text.

A great example of a video on a home page, conversion page, or landing page is Jackson Galaxy’s website. Who doesn’t love a cute cat video!? (The only downside is that you have to scroll down a bit to see the video.)

3. Find Ways to Capture Email Addresses

Email marketing is still a highly effective digital marketing tactic in 2021. In fact, it produces one of the top ROI of all marketing strategies. However, in order to do effective email marketing, you need to capture email addresses. So, how do you obtain email addresses? One of the best ways is to offer visitors to your website something valuable, like a downloadable guide, that doesn’t cost your company much money, in exchange for their email.

4. Develop Trust with Case Studies, Testimonials, and Accreditation  

The importance of social proof cannot be overstated, particularly with e-commerce businesses. There are several ways to develop trust on your website with well-written case studies, testimonials, real photos of your company and staff, and more. Many businesses skip adding these pages to their website, but that’s a big mistake. It’s also key to obtain as much accreditation as possible in order to boost online sales. Find out which accreditations are important for your industry, and not only obtain them, but post proof of your accreditation on your website.

5. Create Content Targeting Key Market Segments 

We all know that creating valuable content is a certain way of boosting both your website sales and online traffic. But what you may not know is that you should be creating different types of content for different marketing segments. This helps you attract different customers and allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. One example is perhaps you create blog posts targeted at your older audience, but create social media content on Instagram and TikTok content for your younger target audience. Another example is IBM’s website, where they have full landing pages for various industries.

how to increase online sales

6. Utilize Upselling Tactics 

Think about it: how often when you are in a store does a salesperson try to upsell you a product? The answer is typically almost always. So why can’t you do the same thing in your online store? Dollar Shave Club uses this tactic to upsell their products. They lure you in with the promise of each blade being only one dollar, only to eventually reveal more expensive and premium options. Plus, they offer a variety of accessories and other products related to their initial product, the razor. Upselling is a fantastic way of increasing your website sales.

7. Incorporate a Value Proposition on Your Landing Pages

A value proposition is a statement (typically one or two sentences max) that explains why a customer would choose your products or services. A good value proposition explains how your product or service solves your customer’s problem, describes the specific benefits of your product, and explains why the customer should choose your product over a competitor’s. One excellent example of a value proposition is Slack. It tells you what the product does and why it is better than a competing option.

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8. Offer a Live Chat Option

Live chat software is an excellent way to generate more online sales and address any questions visitors to your website might have. Visitors are more likely to use a live chat solution than a contact form because it generates a quicker response. Almost any kind of business can benefit from installing a live chat tool on its website. Live chat is basically customer service for online businesses. You probably notice a live chat option when you visit websites nowadays. Plus, you can also use live chat to capture email addresses!

9. Address Questions, Objections, and Content Holes

Another great way to increase online sales is to address any question a potential customer might have that might not yet be answered directly in your site’s content. While many of us are concerned with what our competitors are doing, it’s equally as important to focus on your own website and address any issues. Comb through your website and make a list of any points where a potential buyer might hesitate in the checkout process, or write down any questions that might not already be answered. Also, make sure that these answers are easily accessible for visitors. An FAQ page or About page comes in handy for this purpose. This both improves your website’s user experience and improves conversion rates.

10. Perform A/B Testing

A key part of instituting any changes on your website is testing those changes. What works for some websites might not work as well for others. Try using A/B testing to see what is working to help your website increase sales, and what isn’t. You can use a tool like Optimizely to perform A/B tests on your website. For example, you can change the text in your call to action buttons and see if that affects conversions. Or, test different headlines on your landing pages, test stock photo options vs. custom photography, and try various versions of your home page. (You can test a simpler home page vs. a busier home page, like Tip #1 in this article!)

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