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What Is My IP Address?

Our “What’s my IP address” tool can help you find out all of the specs on your IP address, whether you’re working with Chicago IP addresses or another. This tool can help find specs such as your network connection and browser configuration! There are several different things that IP addresses, such as Chicago IP addresses, affect within your website, including how search engines rank them. 

What Is an IP Address?

Finding out your IP address is very interesting, partially because it can identify so much. Your IP address can show the location of your computer and browser down to the latitude and longitude coordinates! An IP Address is a configuration of numbers that identifies a device and a browser. They make devices accessible for communication from the internet. IP addresses are always formatted as a series of four numbers with periods between them. Unlike a device, your website doesn’t always have just one IP address. Your website’s IP address is determined by the browser that hosts it.

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IP Addresses and SEO 

In terms of global SEO, IP addresses, including Chicago IP addresses, don’t do much, but for local SEO, this can be very important. Your IP address is essential when it comes to local SEO because it can determine if your website will be found during local searches. This isn’t the only way a search engine sorts and categorizes your site, but it is a key indicator. If your IP address indicates that you are located in Chicago, but your website says your location is in Los Angeles, your site may not be listed as high in the search. Finding out what your IP address is can help you determine this.

Use Your IP Address

Another way to increase your SEO with your IP Address is by using it to buy an SSL Certificate. Search engines prefer websites that have an SSL Certificate because it indicates that your site is safe from hackers and trustworthy for consumer information. When a website has an SSL Certificate, search engines know the site is trustworthy and that it won’t scam people. This can help your local and global SEO.

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Dedicated IP Addresses 

A great way to make sure your IP Address can be used to purchase an SSL Certificate is by making it a dedicated IP address. This means that it only belongs to your specific website. It isn’t necessary to have a dedicated IP address, but it can benefit your website long-term. They also help reduce your loading times for your website, which can also increase your SEO. Sometimes dedicated IP addresses are also needed to purchase third-party plugins or other software that can help your SEO. Our “What is my IP address” tool can help you know if you need this or not. You can also identify if your dedicated IP address is accurate!

Importance of IP Addresses for SEO

Having a dedicated IP address for a website or multiple Chicago IP addresses for multiple websites isn’t going to make or break your SEO, but it could make a difference. If you want your website to be the very first result on Google, this could be the last step to make that happen. If you are just getting started on your SEO journey, maybe purchasing a dedicated IP address isn’t the right first step. There are many things you can do to influence your ranking on search engines, and our other tools can help you too. We offer free SEO consultations to help you see where your current status lies and affordable plans to help you accomplish your vision. We can also help with attracting more customers, web design, content creation, and more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!