Why Local SEO Is Important for Landscaping Companies

There’s no shortage of competition for landscaping companies, so your business needs to stand out from the rest. Distinguish yourself from other businesses in the industry by maximizing your online presence. With many potential clients searching online for landscaping services, having a high search result ranking is essential. Search engine optimization (SEO) for landscaping companies attracts more quality leads. You can increase the quality of these leads further through local SEO, which focuses on the geographic locations you serve. The organic traffic brought to your website through SEO practices increases conversion rates so your business can succeed and grow. 

While SEO for landscapers is crucial, there are other ways to market your company and generate leads. Through a combination of traditional and digital marketing, you can increase your visibility and revenue. Let’s go over a few ways to bring new customers to your landscaping business.

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Landscaping Leads

First, we’ll share some traditional marketing strategies for producing more landscaping leads. Digital presence is important, but because of the way landscaping services operate, there are benefits to traditional tactics. 


In some ways, the properties you landscape market themselves. Imagine a couple walking their dog through the neighborhood. They are struck by the beauty of a particularly well-maintained lawn and want their property to look just as good. The couple is likely going to ask their neighbor which landscaping service they use. 

Referrals like this are a major source of landscaping leads. That’s because the end result speaks to the quality of the service. Potential customers appreciate a personal referral because when a friend or neighbor trusts your company, they can trust you too.

Referrals can happen organically, like in the scenario described above. You can also encourage your clients to refer your business. Provide incentives, such as a discounted service, when a client refers a new customer to you. 

Form Business Relationships

Similar to personal referrals between clients, you can arrange for other businesses to refer clients your way. By fostering relationships with related companies in your industry, you can grow your client base. For example, partnering with a yard tool or garden center business can be mutually beneficial. They can refer customers to you for landscaping services, and you can purchase products like plants or tools from them. 

Another way to utilize business relationships is by asking to leave a flyer or stack of business cards. This would work best in a related company, but you may get some traffic from a different industry with mutual customers. For example, consider the local veterinary clinic. Their dog-owning clients likely have yards, and they care about the yard being well-maintained for their furry pals. 

Truck Advertising

The properties you maintain aren’t the only things getting a fair amount of foot traffic. When your team drives around from one client to another, people see your company vehicles. Advertising your company’s name, phone number, and even a list of services on the trucks brings in new leads. Make sure this information and your logo are easily visible on both sides of the vehicle. This way, potential customers can view your information no matter where it’s parked or which lane they’re in. 

Advertising on company trucks generates new leads, but it also increases brand awareness and reputation. If the same person notices your trucks on the road every week, they’ll begin to recognize your brand. They will also see that you’re getting a lot of business. This forms an association between your brand and high-quality service. 

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Landscaper SEO

When it comes to digital marketing for landscapers, SEO is the foundation. All digital strategies rely on it, so your marketing is only as good as your optimization. SEO for landscaping requires researched keywords and maintenance of on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO. It’s also necessary to optimize your Google My Business profile for landscaper SEO. 


The keywords you use can make or break your digital marketing campaign. That’s why it’s important to research which keywords to use. You want to find the keywords that most people use when looking for landscaping services. User intent, the intention for the search, should also be considered. Someone searching “DIY walkway” might not end up doing it themselves, but this keyword shows less intent than “walkway installation service.” You can use keyword researching tools to make sure your keywords are effective. 

On-Page and Off-Page SEO 

On-page SEO for landscaping refers to the optimizations you make directly on your website. Examples of on-page SEO tactics include using keywords, providing alt text for images, and embedding internal and external links. Keywords should be used in the text on each page as well as in headings and titles. Alt text is the written description of an image, which helps your website rank highly in image searches. Internal links direct users to other pages on your website, keeping them on your site longer. External links take users to other websites, building industry authority for your website. 

Off-page SEO includes optimizations that occur outside of your website. This mainly involves backlinks, which are links to your website posted on other sites. You can utilize your business relationships to accomplish this. You can also provide important content, such as blog articles, that act as source material for other websites to reference. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO for landscaping focuses on the user experience and structure of your website. Fixing broken links, decreasing page load times, and using high-quality images are all part of technical SEO. When your website is responsive, attractive, and smooth, users will remain on your website longer. Search engines boost your ranking when visitors spend more time on your site because it shows you offer valuable information. It’s also important that your website be mobile-friendly, as many potential customers use their phones to browse the web. 

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Local SEO

Making local optimizations is an essential piece of your landscaper SEO. Let’s say your company is located in Denver. To bring in the right clients, you’ll want to focus on Denver marketing and Denver SEO. At a minimum, this requires filling in your Google My Business profile so that searchers local to Denver find you. Your Google My Business profile provides an overview for users of your company name, contact information, services, and reviews. Updating your address on the profile allows Google to direct people looking for landscapers in Denver to your website. 

Another way to localize your SEO for landscaping is to use long-tail keywords. These are keywords with three or more words and are fairly specific. “Landscaping services in Denver, CO” is a long-tail keyword that features location. Using location-specific keywords on your website or your meta title and meta description helps locals find you. The meta title and meta description are shown on the search results page to represent your business site. Local SEO ensures a better quality of traffic to your site, leading to more conversions and sales. 

Marketing for Landscaping Companies

In addition to SEO, there are several other types of marketing for landscaping companies. SEO for landscaping aims to increase organic traffic, but paid advertising boosts targeted sales. Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns place an ad for your business above organic search results. Social media paid advertisements are shown to your target market. Email marketing is a lower-cost way of advertising to a specific audience. We’ll take a look at each of these options.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is when your business places bids on certain keywords so that your ad is displayed when these are searched. Depending on the keyword, these bids can be competitive. If there aren’t enough ad spaces for all the companies bidding on that search, an ad auction is triggered. Criteria such as relevance, landing page experience, and maximum bid influence whether your business will win an advertising spot. Maximizing your SEO for landscaping gives you a better chance of winning these auctions. If your ad is displayed, you only pay when someone clicks on it (hence the name). This marketing tactic increases your visibility significantly, which leads to more sales. Running a PPC campaign is worth the investment, but it can be complicated. Consider using a PPC management service to maximize your ROI. 

Social Media

Social media can be utilized for both paid and free marketing. Unpaid ways to use social media for your landscaping business include providing high-quality content and linking to your website. These tactics can strengthen relationships with existing clients and earn some organic traffic. A well-run social media account also enhances the SEO for your landscaping company. Another option is to pay to advertise on different platforms. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, making it ideal for business advertising. Social media marketing for landscaping companies can also be done on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. These paid ads allow you to target a specific market, increasing the quality of your leads. 

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing that entails communicating important information and news with clients through email. Using email marketing encourages client loyalty and grows revenue. Your messages can inform clients about upcoming sales or changes in services. You can include a regular newsletter detailing important industry events. Because landscaping services fluctuate throughout the year in some areas, emailing before a busy season can encourage timely sales. Email marketing tools are available to assist with the technical aspects and help monitor performance. 

Make Your Landscaping Business Flourish

Your business is an art form. You create beautiful environments to be enjoyed by all. Spread the word about your business so you can spread the beauty in your community. Local SEO and other digital marketing strategies will help your business grow. Invest in your business the way you invest in the landscapes you maintain by working with SEO Design Chicago. Then, enjoy the beauty of skyrocketing sales. 


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