How to Write Instagram Captions 

You might think that because Instagram is an image-first platform, your captions don’t matter that much. But that’s not true. Captions on Instagram are much more than just an afterthought. Instagram captions provide context for your posts, show off your brand voice, and can even influence your audience to take action. Instagram captions might be on the short side, but it can still be hard to come up with good Instagram captions. Do you want to write short Instagram captions, cute Instagram captions, clever captions for Instagram, or come up with good Instagram quotes? The type of Instagram captions you are writing In this article, we will give you our tips for how to write the best captions for Instagram.

how to write instagram captions

Why Instagram Captions Are So Important

Though Instagram began as a place to share your photos with your friends, but it has since grown to be so much more. Now, Instagram is incredibly popular with brands for selling. There are several benefits of Instagram for business. And, according to the latest data, Instagram has one billion monthly active users across the globe. So now, your Instagram post captions are important if you want to draw attention to your posts. They need to be creative and effective. 

Captions Increase Engagement 

A great caption can encourage your audience to like and comment on your post. It might even inspire a visit to your website or a click to make a purchase. Plus, the longer a user spends reading your caption and engaging with your post, the better it will rank on Instagram’s algorithm

Get on the Explore Page

Optimizing your Instagram captions is one way to be chosen for the Instagram Explore page

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Audience

Captions are a great way to tell your story and build a stronger relationship with your audience. 

Definition of Good Instagram Captions

An excellent Instagram caption provides context for the photo, adds some personality, and inspires the readers to take your desired action.

instagram caption examples

Different Types of Instagram Captions

You may not realize it, but there are different types of Instagram captions:

Giveaway Captions

A giveaway or contest is a great way to increase engagement and create an effective Instagram caption. (Check out the example above!)

Micro-Blogging Caption 

A micro-blogging Instagram caption is like a mini blog post. You can take this opportunity to delve deeply into a topic and connect with your audience and share more about yourself.

Short Instagram Captions

The opposite of a micro-blogging caption is short captions. Sometimes, simple Instagram captions are the best. Short captions for Instagram might consist of just one single emoji.

Instagram Quote Captions

A popular way to write captions is simply to include a quote. Some popular quotes for Instagram posts include ones like “good vibes only,” “happy place,” and “#blessed.” You can find some other quotes to post on Instagram.

quotes for instagram posts

How to Come Up With Instagram Caption Ideas

Are you having a tough time writing a caption for Instagram? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Write Captions Ahead of Time

One of the reasons many of us struggle to write Instagram captions is because they are in a  rush. It can be much more efficient to write a big batch of Instagram posts ahead of time. Then, you can schedule your posts in advance.

Use a Caption Generator 

If you need help coming up with captions, there are some free Instagram caption generator tools available online.

How to Write Engaging Captions for Instagram

These are our best tips for how to write the best Instagram captions:

Write a Great First Line

If you want to stop your audience from scrolling and actually read your caption, you need to write an engaging first line that grabs their attention. This ensures that they keep reading. Instagram truncates captions, so you want to get your readers to click the “more” button to keep reading.

Add a Call to Action

Every Instagram caption needs a call to action. Whether you are directing your readers to the link in your bio or simply encouraging them to like your post or comment, don’t forget to include a CTA. You can simply ask readers to double tap the post or ask a question to inspire them to comment or tag their friends. 

Use a Custom Instagram Font

If you want to make your call to action stand out from the rest of your post, use a custom Instagram font. This draws more attention to the important part of your post. Simply use an Instagram font changer like to jazz up your Instagram text.

how to write instagram captions

Encourage Followers to Go To Your Links

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t make it easy for users to include links in Instagram posts. So, don’t forget to encourage your followers to check out the link in your bio or in your profile. 

Add Line Breaks to Long Captions

An Instagram line break is a great way to break up a longer caption. If it’s impossible to keep your caption short, or you have a lot of points to make, line breaks make your caption more attractive and easier to digest for readers.

Add Emojis

Don’t hesitate to add some emojis to your Instagram captions. You can use them to add personality, attract eyes to your post with a bit of color, or replace words with an emoji. Or, just a add a few to the beginning or end of your Instagram captions.

Use a Consistent Brand Voice

Good Instagram captions include a consistent brand voice throughout your page. Generally, Instagram captions are more casual. 

Disclose Sponsored Posts

If your Instagram post is sponsored, make sure to be transparent in your caption. Not only is it the moral thing to do, the FTC regulations surrounding influencers, sponsored posts and Instagram ads are getting tighter. 

Utilize Hashtags

If you want people to find your posts, then you need to know how to use Instagram hashtags in your captions.

best instagram captions

Get Great Captions for Instagram with SEO Design Chicago

While many of us focus more on creating beautiful content for our feeds, your also need to write great captions for Instagram posts. If you need help with writing cute captions for Instagram, cool captions for Instagram, or professional captions for Instagram, SEO Design Chicago’s social media content creation team is ready to help you.


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