How to Mention Someone in Instagram Stories

Instagram has become increasingly popular for businesses in the last few years. As of 2018, an estimated 71% of United States businesses say that they use Instagram for business. An important feature of Instagram is Instagram Stories. That is why it is important to know how to mention someone in Instagram Stories. Tagging someone in your Instagram Stories builds a community on the app and has the added bonus of increasing the reach of your post. 

how to tag someone in instagram stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are vertical photos or videos up to 15 seconds long that only appear for 24 hours. Instead of appearing in your feed, they are shown at the top of a user’s app. The user taps the Stories to view them. Instagram Stories were introduced by the app back in 2016. Many users post more frequently on Stories than they do to the grid. Instagram Stories allow you to post as often as you want without over-posting, or to share quick glimpses of your day. 

Tagging in Instagram Stories

When we say “mention” someone in Instagram Stories, what we are basically saying is “tagging.” It’s just like you would in a regular Instagram photo. When you mention someone else in your story, they will receive a notification. The mention will also allow them to share your story on their own profile, which gives your post a wider reach and can get you more views of your Instagram Story.

how to mention someone in instagram stories

How to Mention Someone in Instagram Stories

If you are new to Instagram or Instagram Stories, we will go through the exact step-by-step process on how to tag someone in a photo or video on your Instagram Story. 

Step 1: To add a visual to your Instagram story, first click the camera icon at the top left of your screen, or simply swipe right from anywhere in your feed.

Step 2: Then, either select a visual from your camera roll or take a new photo. 

Step 3: Tap the Aa and start by tapping “@.” Then, start typing the username of the person you want to mention or tag. (Keep in mind: there are no spaces after the @ sign when you mention someone.) 

Step 4: Once your Story is complete, tap Done and send it to your Instagram story. 

Tips for Tagging Someone in Instagram Stories 

Like most social media platforms, Instagram has a limit on how many profiles you can mention in your Stories. You can only mention a maximum of 10 accounts in one Instagram Story

If you are unable to tag someone in your Instagram Story, it might be because they have changed their privacy settings and disabled the setting that allows others to tag them. 

In addition to tagging someone, you can also add other features like music to your Instagram Story.

tagging in instagram stories


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