An Introduction to Google Data Studio 

Every business should utilize Google or another search engine to optimize their business’s online presence and increase foot traffic to their website. Without Google, you won’t be able to reach the amount of users you need in order to increase your conversion rates and your revenue.

What Is Google Data Studio? 

Google Data Studio, now called Looker Studio, is a free data visualization tool that allows for a more interactive, responsive, and customizable experience for the user. With it, users can create customized dashboards and easy-to-understand reports, which help in tracking key KPIs, visualizing trends, and comparing performances over time. Inside Google Data Studio, Google has created templates and graphic maps that help the creative process in a user-friendly way.

google data studio tutorial

A Closer Look at Google Data Studio 

Google Data Studio lives under the Google domain among the Business Analytics tools. From there, you can create a diverse selection of graphs, maps, and tables all from pre-designed templates. You can also specifically customize your dashboard for your brand and company itself. This specific platform allows businesses to take information and analytics and convert them more easily into interactive visuals. 

Using this platform limits the potential for error compared to if you put all of this information together in a different manner. Access to this platform provides a vast amount of resources to help companies of all sizes and faculties. This software specifically will help every department of your business, whether that be in accounting, marketing, or management. Your marketing department will benefit greatly from this tool, allowing them to work with the data they receive. This is a must so that you are able to adjust and understand the market and develop new strategies to help your company grow. You are better able to watch what will work and what will receive the most attention for better optimization. Anyone working in sales or finance can also use this tool in order to help more efficiently watch the company’s performance.

You can utilize Google Data Studios tutorials to help you get the hang of the platform when you’re first starting. They will show you how to evaluate the data received from your website, sales performance in advertising/paid media, as well as how well you are doing amongst your competitors. This allows everyone to easily digest the data and understand what this means for both you and your company. This suite allows for a more interactive dynamic between different departments in your business, as well as different ranks amongst the individuals reading the graphics. 

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Visualization of Your Data and Specifics 

In addition, using Google Data Studio tutorials can help you visualize your company’s data in a variety of ways. So, you can choose the format that best communicates the point you are trying to get across. For example, you can demonstrate your thought process and points by using bar graphs, bubble/pie charts, maps, and many other charts in a visually appealing way. You can make every graph and chart your own by changing the theme, branding, or style in order for your data to shift into something that you and your colleagues will want to see. You can take all the mundane data that may be difficult to digest and create something that will engage the viewers and allow them to understand the end result of the report. 

Data doesn’t have to be something boring that exhausts you to interpret. You can make it fun and creative or something that you and others within your company will have fun creating and discussing. 

google data studio

How Does Google Data Studio Work? 

This platform is designed to collect data from other platforms connected so that you can take that information and create graphs, tables, and any visual representation you may be hoping to create. You can create a dashboard based on your results and desired goals and share them with your other colleagues. There are several data sources that can be connected through Google Studios, some are: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Sheets, Shopify, Facebook Ads, etc.

Whether you would like assistance with setting up your Google Data Studio or would like to speak to a professional directly about what this is and how it can benefit you and your company, SEO Design Chicago is always available to help. Learn about all of our digital marketing services today.


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