How to Create a New Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics continues to be one of the leading customer data analytics platforms, especially with its latest version, Google Analytics 4, or GA4. For those still acquainting themselves with Google’s analytics offerings, it can be overwhelming to begin setting up your company’s data on one of the current platforms. One of the most important things to learn about and develop during your business’s transition is how to create and use a brand-new Google Analytics account. In this article, we’ll discuss website analytics and how to create a new Google Analytics account, including how the Google Analytics sign-in works and other Google Analytics how-tos to benefit your business.

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Website Analytics

Collecting, analyzing, and reporting the different data that generate from users’ interactions with a website are all impactful behaviors of website analytics. The purpose of these analyses is to accurately measure users’ behaviors when they visit and interact with a website. These measurements allow a business to optimize its website’s user flows and experiences. Through web analytics data and reports, a business can gain new insights into their customers that help them meet various objectives, such as increasing sales and customer conversions. However, customer data can range, making accurate and optimized analyses essential.

There are many types of data you can receive from an analytics platform to develop and expand your business, including data about bounce rates, returning and new visitors, traffic sources, average time spent on the site, and overall traffic data. In addition to the data an analytics platform evaluates, Google’s analytics platforms can specifically discover and track trends and patterns in user engagement, obtain visitor demographics, track goal completions, help a business gauge the success of its campaigns and other marketing activities, and more.

Creating a New Google Analytics Account

When you’re looking at getting started with Google Analytics, you’ll need to first set up a new account. It’s important to also consider what other optional user data tools you would like to engage with, such as the new Google Analytics 4 interface, “events,” conversion marking, and access and permissions settings options. When creating a new Google Analytics account, you’ll go to Google’s marketing platform website on your web browser, click “Get started today,” click “Start measuring,” fill in your chosen account details, enter your property details, select iOS, Android, or Web, and add your Google Analytics tracking ID to your business’s website to begin tracking.

When you first start the process of creating a new Google Analytics account, you’ll need to enter all of your business’s information as well as the data tracking details and other options you would like to explore or engage with. You’ll need to enter your chosen account name, configure your account and data-sharing settings, and proceed to enter the information for your property or properties. Once you input your time zone, currency, industry category, and given company size, you’ll select “Create” and accept Google’s Data Processing Amendment and Terms of Service. Then, you can begin to add a user data stream for your property and proceed to set up the data collection for your websites. Now, you’ll be able to see data in your GA4 property.

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Google Analytics Sign-In

Once you’ve taken the steps to create your new Google Analytics account and set up the details of your user data tracking, analysis, and reporting processes, you can regularly sign in to your account from Google’s analytics web page. Simply click the “Sign in” button at the top right of Google’s initial analytics web page, and select “Analytics.” You may be already signed in to your Google Analytics account if you are currently signed in to your Gmail account. If you’re already signed in to your Gmail account, you may be transferred directly to your Analytics account interface. If you’re not already signed in to a Gmail account, insert your account information and password.

After signing in to Google Analytics, you can search for your account through the account search at the top of the given page to see the properties, accounts, and views you have access to through your connection. If you decide to link a Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account, you can also access these analytics reports and views at any time of your choosing by selecting the measurement tools option in your account and selecting “Analytics.” If you have trouble signing in at any time, troubleshooting resources are available to effectively address your sign-in and other account needs, so you can make the most of your Google Analytics account and all the benefits one can offer for your business.

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Other Google Analytics How-Tos

Some other helpful Google Analytics how-tos once you’ve created a new analytics account include how you can see pageviews and how to delete a property. The pageview reports are one of the most popular resources from Google Analytics. When you want to see page views, you can receive a comprehensive report for valuable insights into your site’s performance. When you want to look at your Google Analytics pageviews report, navigate over to the audience overview option in your analytics account. Here, you can observe overall pageviews, unique pageviews, the average time users spend on the page, and more. 

When you want to delete a property, you’ll need to be an official account editor. Then, you can move a property to the Trash Can by signing in to your Google Analytics account and selecting Admin and the property you wish to delete. Select Property Settings, Move to Trash Can, and confirm your choice. For assistance with these efforts, migrating to GA4, checking data performance, and more, SEO Design Chicago is here to help you make the most of your Google Analytics account.

Using a New Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is a highly worthwhile platform for tracking your business’s data but can be complicated to set up and make the most of. To enjoy all the benefits of your new Google Analytics account, contact SEO Design Chicago today. 

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