How Financial Companies Get More Clients by Blogging

As a financial company, it is likely that you are always on the lookout for new clients! Navigating the world today as a financial company is complicated. Now, we have both in-person and online services that can help people with money management. This means that financial companies have to put effort into online and local marketing to get the most clients possible. Don’t fret, though! Luckily, there are many ways you can gain clients. One way financial companies get more clients is by blogging. A blog is a written piece of text that discusses one topic in detail. They can be in list formats or just freeform. Either way, it simply matters that financial companies make some sort of blog content, whichever form it may come in. 

Blogging is a great chance to use search engine optimization or SEO. SEO utilizes keywords that group together content and make certain posts appear more relevant to a web user. SEO is one of the best ways to get more clients, as many people look at online content to find the services they need. 

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Financial Keywords

Before we can talk about your actual blog, we need to discuss the keywords you will use on it. After all, SEO is built on the use of keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that you use throughout your content to boost your post. When your keywords match the searches of users on the web, your content will appear higher up in their search. 

So, what are examples of financial keywords? They include words having to do with money, saving, stocks, retirement, and more. In fact, all of these words can be used as your keywords. Other examples include “bank,” “401K,” “retirement savings,” and “investments.” 

It is important to combine these sorts of keywords with other words or phrases regarding your location. Financial services can be done online, however, it is still important to market your services in the area you serve to boost in-person traffic to your company as a whole or its local branches. 

For instance, if you are using financial keywords to market your services in Palm Springs, CA, you can use words or phrases that represent the area. Examples of these include “California,” “Palm Springs,” or the general “near me.” This way, not only will your services show up in a user’s search if they are simply looking for financial services, but it will specifically show them these services near them. 

Financial Blogs

An excellent way to incorporate the use of financial keywords on your website is to write a blog! Financial blogging, much like keywords, can be about anything related to finance. A blog is a written piece of work that acts as a deep dive into a topic. 

Blogging for financial companies can be about many things! For example, blogs may be about general money management, financial terms explained, saving for retirement, or investing. People care a lot about their money and often take a lot of time and energy to educate themselves about these topics to make sure they are saving enough or using their money wisely. A blog is a perfect place to discuss these topics!

Blogging, since it uses words, is the perfect place to insert your keywords. In fact, creating a blog gives you a great opportunity to mention your keywords multiple times, and build on each of them. A blog is also a great form of dynamic content that will add to your online presence. Financial blogging shows future clients that you care about what you do, so much so that you are choosing to write further about the topics you work with. 

In this way, a blog not only gives you the opportunity to use SEO, but it also gives you the opportunity to develop your company’s online persona, and build brand awareness. In this way, you will gain more traffic to your company because people will trust you and your services more. 

Blogging also provides the opportunity to make sure your content is up-to-date and recent. This shows clients that you are knowledgeable about the current market. 

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Content Creation for Financial Companies

A blog is just one form of content that a financial company can use to market its services. There are many other avenues to advertise your services through the creation of dynamic content. 

First and foremost, financial companies can get more clients by blogging, and blogging can take place in other forms besides a normal blog page. For instance, the use of social media provides an excellent option to create short-form posts that can act similarly to blogs. Instagram, which has the highest rate of engagement out of all social media sites, is a great place to start marketing your financial company! Not only can you share images on Instagram, but you can also post captions, which, like blogs, provide you with an opportunity to use keywords. 

Video and audio content are also great for financial companies for content creation. For instance, financial companies can create a YouTube channel where they explain financial topics. These videos, although they are not in text form, still provide a great opportunity to use keywords related to finance! Financial companies should also use sites like TikTok, which is specifically popular amongst young people, to appeal to these audiences specifically. TikTok, like Instagram and YouTube, provides both visual content and textual content, too. 

On top of this, another part of content creation is making sure you have a comprehensive and attractive website that is easy to navigate. Do not underestimate the power of a good website. A solid website will help people feel more trustworthy of your services!

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Financial Advertising

Financial advertising can take many forms! This type of advertising can use both older styles of advertising along with newer ones, too. For example, financial companies can use paper advertisements, billboards, commercials, and radio jingles to advertise their services. These are all great ways to reach people in your community, and even those who don’t live near you, too. 

However, since financial companies can do much of their work online, it is more important for financial advertising to be optimized for the internet, appealing more to people who use technology regularly. 

As stated above, financial companies can utilize social media to market their services. They can also advertise with digital campaigns on social media sites like Instagram. Financial companies can also partner with bigger or related companies to market their services. For example, there are a large number of money management and investing apps out today, and if a financial company could find a way to work with one of them, their business will be boosted. 

Local SEO for Financial Companies

Local SEO, or the use of SEO in a local context, is another great way financial companies get more clients. A blog is a great place to employ the use of local SEO, even if it is online. 

Your blog posts can include keywords specific to your location, along with details related to your area of service. In this way, blogging will serve two purposes. The first one is to optimize your content online, but the second purpose will be to market your services locally. By engaging in local SEO in your financial blog, you will gain clients in person and locally!

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Invest in Your Financial Blog

Overall, financial companies, just like banks or other financial institutions, get more clients by blogging. As a financial company, you should invest in your blog just like you would any other area of your business. This is because a blog is a great way to boost traffic to your company, both in-person and online. 

Are you looking to gain more clients for your financial company? Invest in your blog today! Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you get your blog up and running as well as write your blog posts for you if needed. Using SEO, we will help you market your services at a larger scale and bring in more clients to use your services. Check us out today to get started and start seeing great results.


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