How Cosmetic Brands Get More Customers by Blogging

As a cosmetic brand, marketing shouldn’t be a foreign concept to you. You’ve likely already made forays into various marketing strategies, and have found some success. As the provider of non-essential (as in, not strictly needed to live) products, you’ll know that you often need to convince people to purchase from you. Appeals to beauty, health, social, and financial success are often a good way of doing this, but they certainly aren’t the only thing you can be doing. Digital marketing is a great way to complement your traditional marketing efforts.

There are many ways you can market yourself online, including social media advertising, sponsoring influencers, and digital content creation. In this article, we’ll take a look at one form of content you can make that has proven benefits for your business: blogs. Surprising as it may be, hosting and creating content for a blog is great for both bringing people to your website and turning them into customers.

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Making Your Own Cosmetic Blog

When we say that you should be blogging as a business, we mean that you should create a special page on your website that displays blog entries that were written for your company. These are usually written by yourself or one of your staff, but you can also hire a firm such as SEO Design Chicago to write them for you. In any case, the blogs should be written on behalf of your company as a means to attract consumer attention and traffic.

The entries themselves, when it comes to topics, can be about almost anything. Part of the appeal of blogs is how freeform they are. They don’t need to read like an extended advertisement. Blogs, as a form of content, serve to engross readers and maintain their interest. They should not try to shove a product in their faces. That being said, it’s important that blog entries remain at least somewhat related to your business. This means topics relating to your industry, the services or products you provide, and product reviews. Most blog entries start with a question that consumers want answered, and providing a satisfactory response is sure to draw in new customers.

Making a Website

Before we can discuss the tactics of cosmetic brand blogging, it’s imperative that you get your own website. It’s impossible to blog effectively without having one. Business websites are fantastic for several reasons, the most crucial of which is your internet presence and customer outreach. Lacking a website is, quite frankly, almost untenable in an age where individuals are so meticulous in their pre-purchase research.

Why Should Cosmetic Brands Blog?

Why, then, should you be interested in blogging? The most important reason is that it is a proven way to reach more customers. Websites that blog draw in up to 55% more traffic than websites that don’t, and having a blog greatly enhances your online reputation. This is because they can afford to have a more intimate and focused message than traditional marketing, which can attract new readers. Remember: blogging is content creation. Its value comes from the entertainment it provides, and so long as they bring people to your website, they’ve done their job. A final benefit is that blogs are a very successful and affordable way to generate new leads. Let’s go over what makes blogging such a successful strategy.

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Blogs work wonders when it comes to your visibility and the ease at which you are found online. Every time you write a new blog post, you add a new page for people to find. This makes it much simpler for others to locate your website when they are actively looking for it. However, an even greater advantage is that it makes it much simpler for consumers to discover you by mistake. Many individuals begin their business inquiries with topical queries and search phrases rather than particular companies. The more pages you have that are pertinent, the more probable it is that someone will find you and visit your website. The more people your blogs draw in, the greater success you will see.


Blogs not only make your business easier to find, but they also make you appear more welcoming. The fact that blogs are far more personal than traditional marketing is a big reason people like them. You’d be surprised how much emotion you can communicate when you aren’t trying to squeeze as much information as you can into a brief television slot. Although 3000 words is the suggested maximum length for blogs, there is still more than enough room to say everything you want. Use this to your advantage: tell a story, use personal details, and adopt a conversational tone to invite the reader into the article.

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How to Approach Writing a Blog

However, as already noted, the majority of blog posts are written in response to a question, and the answer to that question is what the reader is looking for. A smart way to start is by writing a cosmetic brand blog post that responds to a broad query, such as how a particular service is carried out. Making an article that is connected to one of these topics is excellent for drawing the attention of potential customers. These posts, sometimes known as “evergreen posts,” frequently increase in value over time. Since these kinds of questions are always being asked, it’s essentially guaranteed that people will find your unique answer to them eventually.

This doesn’t mean that answering narrower queries should be disregarded, however. Few things are more satisfying than having a specific question that is clearly addressed online. Such posts show that you have some depth and skill, which is great for attracting new clients. If you’d like, you could even utilize your blog to respond to inquiries from readers. Making your consumers feel heard by doing this is a fantastic approach to engaging with them. 

SEO and Cosmetic Blogs

Blogging is a terrific technique to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) on your website, which is related to online exposure generally. On a fundamental level, SEO tactics work to make sure that people will find your website when they do a search on a subject relating to your line of work. But ultimately, you want to rank your website extremely high in organic search results. Because many people only click on the first few links that Google displays, SEO is a very inexpensive way to get new clients.


You must first understand how a website is built in order to see how SEO functions. A term you’ll need to know is “metadata,” which for a website includes every element on the page, including the text, formatting, links, and other elements. These metadata are used by search engines, like Google, to assess how relevant a particular website is to a user’s search queries. Generally speaking, the more relevant your website is, the higher your website will appear on the page.

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So, your first objective should be to make your website as relevant as possible to your line of business. This takes some understanding of the criteria that Google uses, which we can outline here. Typically, choosing your keywords is your initial step. Keywords are terms that customers may type into a search engine to find your company, which can include the following:

  • Cosmetic brands
  • Makeup brands
  • Celebrity makeup brand
  • Best eyeliner brand
  • Cruelty-free beauty products
  • Beauty products on sale near me (or in a specific location, such as Seattle)

The above examples should set you in the right direction. The trick to using keywords is simple: use them as frequently as you can without it being unnatural. Doing so will help Google know who to show your website to and make you appear higher in search results. This means, of course, that you should use keywords throughout your blogs as well. If you’re having trouble finding the right keywords to use, you can always check which ones your competitors are using. You can also consult Google Ads Keyword Planner, a free service from Google.

SEO Design Chicago Can Help Cosmetic Brands

Don’t worry if any of the information above seemed unclear – SEO Design Chicago can help. We are experts in all facets of digital marketing, including blog creation and writing. Whether you want someone to write cosmetic brand blog posts for you or simply consulting services, our team is here for you.


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