Social Media Strategies for DJs

Booking DJ gigs with social media can be a daunting task, but there are steps to take to help you spread your music to the world, such as with a DJ strategy for marketing that includes DJ posts, DJs creations, social media, and other content you can achieve with a DJs consulting agency. More than ever, a DJ strategy for marketing that includes social media has become the cornerstone of any DJ business. Using social media, in addition to DJ posts and DJs creations, can help someone relate to their audience and build relationships for the long term, which is key for a DJ.

The Importance of Social Media

When thinking of ideas to promote your DJ career, social media should be a top aspect of your DJ strategy for marketing. This is a great way to learn about your audience and look better to club promoters and venue owners. The platforms can also help you gain new fans and followers of DJ posts and creations. Never underestimate how a good social media presence can provide new opportunities for DJ gigs and DJs creations.

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Use the Same Handle

Maintain a DJ’s creation and marketing strategy that includes a social media presence by keeping your handles the same throughout all the platforms. This will look more professional and keep you recognizable over every platform. This also helps SEO because the algorithm can provide each of your platforms in the search if you use the same name. Sometimes this is not possible, as someone might have already taken your preferred handle on one of the platforms. If this happens, try to use words like “DJ” in your handle to help fans follow the right account.

Use the Right Platforms

When considering how to get more DJ gigs by upping a DJ’s creation and marketing strategy, you should make sure to post on the right social networks as well. If you post on Tumblr only, that might not give you the following you need. Whether it’s hip hop or house, it is better to post on places where users might look on social media for DJs. Places like Mixcloud and Soundcloud are perfect for any DJ, especially one who is new to the field. A YouTube channel is also helpful for anyone trying to share their music.

One piece of DJs consulting advice is to share your music through Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Another piece of DJs consulting advice is to consider learning how to produce high-quality live-streaming music on your Facebook page. You could also identify your social media accounts on your business card. By posting on these platforms, you can begin building a following that will potentially bring DJ gigs.

Be Patient and Make an Effort

A good note to make concerning any DJ social media promotional ideas is never to give up. Building a following will take more than a day, so do not feel discouraged. It is good to stay on top of your platforms and make an effort with your audience. Always keep it professional. In another way, this is why social media is so important.

If followers see how kind you are when criticism comes around, they will be more inclined to become a fan. This may also show potential clients that you would be perfect for a gig. So, make sure your content is always appropriate and perfect for your music style.

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Create a Schedule

When you think of DJ promotional ideas, it is always good to create a plan. When you have decided which platforms you are going to use, then the work begins. Look at other DJs on social media and see what they post. What are they doing differently from the others, and why is it working? Decide how you can mimic their good ideas but with your own unique twist.

Always remember that followers can see when someone is being authentic. If they find out you are strictly copying others, this can lose you many followers and keep people from following you.

Keep it Interesting

When you have decided on your aesthetic and what will work for you, consider mixing up the content. Don’t only post about your upcoming club gigs and new music or playlists. Try to keep it entertaining. Discuss other aspects of music production. Always be genuine and honest because this is what will gain you followers at the beginning.

Posting about your life, sharing about your dog or your significant other, and talking about things that matter to you can be a great way to promote. Maybe you decide posting jokes is the best way to bring attention to you. Whatever you decide to do, building that trust with your followers will always help.

Implement Your Schedule

When you figure out what your profiles will look like, the hard part of social media posting is keeping it going. Try to post regularly and always at the same time. Followers like consistency; if you hardly ever post, they might not think you are serious.

A great way to begin with DJ promotion is to create a schedule and figure out what posts you will use for that schedule. Think about what kind of posts you will create on each day you post. Upload different kinds of content every now and then to keep your feed fresh. Consider promoting other artists you like to build relationships with your followers and other DJs and promoters. All of these can keep your content moving on your DJ social media.

The Little Details

Another great idea is to use hashtags for your posts if you choose Instagram or Twitter. This will help you reach more people when they search for specific things. Use hashtags that might not have a huge following, as well as the most popular ones. A good variety will help your social media presence.

Use Instagram or Facebook stories as well. This can help you show the little details that you wouldn’t use for a post on your profile. Using stories can also show users you are online and dedicated to your profession.

When and What to Post

A great idea for DJ social media strategies is to upload about nine posts when you first create your profiles. This will show potential followers that you are serious. After you have created the first few, you will need to be careful about how much you post and when. Different platforms require different schedules. Twitter may need 25 posts throughout the day, and Instagram may only need one. Sometimes the best time to post will vary. Also, note that different forms of posts work for different platforms.

Facebook prefers videos and receives high views on those. Instagram does not receive high views on videos and instead prefers photos. Twitter likes tweets as opposed to photos. So whichever platform you choose, make sure it fits what users want to see. You will have to do some research on the specific platforms you will use to make sure you keep your followers interested.

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Use Your Social Media Tools

This schedule can be a lot to do and can be time-consuming. There are social media tools that can help you manage all of this without paying someone to do it for you. Saving time on your own can also be helpful. At the beginning of the week, you can schedule posts so they only become public on a certain day and time. Then, the program will post them at the desired time throughout the week without your help.

It is also good to use these for fans who might not be in your time zone. You will be able to post so they can see it at the right time, and you will not have to be awake at three in the morning. Consider an analytics tool as well to help you decide what times will be ideal for posting. They can also reveal what posts are working and what ideas might need to be scrapped.

Network Through the Platforms

When deciding on DJ social media ideas to follow, consider networking. Networking through social media could help you find gigs as well as allow other artists to invest in your work. If you spend time building those relationships, they might help you in the future with even more DJ bookings. If you find a song or DJ you like, recommend them to your followers! In the future, they may decide to give you a shout-out as well. Any kind of relationship like this is always helpful in your social media strategies.

Follow Others

When you first open up your platforms, consider following others who follow you. Even if they are not in your profession or have nothing to do with your career, this can be helpful. It will show potential followers that you are invested in the platform. This can also show people that you want to build relationships when you follow them back or offer your services.

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Create Conversations

The best way to build good social media relationships is to open up your posts for comments. Ask people to start a conversation and then join in. This may lead you to potential gigs or people who can help you in the future. It is even acceptable to join in on conversations on other DJ pages and get involved in the online community.

Tips and Tricks for DJ Social Media

When deciding which DJ ideas to follow, think about what you personally would do. Always be authentic to who you are and what you are about. The best tips show that you have professionalism but still help you create a following. Some of these are:

  • Ask a photographer to take pictures for your social media profiles, or learn how to do it yourself. Creating photos during club night that are well done will help attract followers to your profile.
  • Create a logo for your brand. This can help when you market for yourself. When followers see your photo somewhere with your logo, they will know who you are. Being easily recognizable is a great social media strategy for a DJ.
  • Consider learning the basics of Photoshop. This means you will not have to pay someone else to edit your photos or design your logo. It will be in your control how everything turns out, which helps the authenticity of your brand.
  • Try not to post anything half-completed. This will look less professional, and followers might become annoyed. Do your best work all the time, or just don’t share it.
  • Never buy followers. An engagement rate means a lot, so if you have 500k followers and only eight likes, people will notice. Allowing bots on your page can hurt your brand, and potential clients may not want to work with you.
  • Do not build up excitement for your personal music releases. This is good for artists who have millions of followers, but for someone new, it is better not to give this to your followers too often. Building up excitement like this can actually turn followers away early on.

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Focus on Quality

The most important DJ promotion idea is always to remain authentic. Do the hard work of maintaining a DJ’s creation and marketing strategy by keeping up with social media profiles and always keeping the quality solid. Better to share little with great quality than to share too much but turn followers away. This work will take time to learn, but it may provide gig opportunities and create important relationships. Begin learning more about social media content creation and start building your following.


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