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SEO Design Chicago helped a national nonprofit agency by providing them with a new WordPress website along with SEO services. We also aided them with unique, newly created content in order to promote their projects and opportunities.

increase in organic web traffic in the first six months


Responsive website for desktop and mobile

Web Page Templates155%

Increase in new inquiries via website


A national nonprofit agency needed a new website. Their previous site had navigation problems and was not optimized. In addition, the agency needed a way to get their message out about the services that they provided as well as reach a broader audience.

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WordPress Web Design

SEO Design Chicago was able to help this client by providing them with a new WordPress website. By building their website we were able to provide them with a unique site that is easy for them to update in house, in the future.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what we do best. By implementing an SEO strategy that fits your unique goals and objectives we can assist in providing success to your business’ online reception.

Content Creation

SEO Design Chicago has a team of writers ready to provide your website with web pages and articles that are both informative and optimized for search results. By building out a website with content we are able to enhance the appeal of your website to potential search inquiries.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a great way to enhance the analytics of your website. While Google Analytics is a good place to start, Google Tag Manager goes a step further by providing more options for tracking web traffic and engagement. By tracking things such as newsletter signups, email inquiries, or sales inquiries you are able to better learn about your website viewers.


  • Developed a new site in WordPress that was better optimized for search traffic
  • Provided new web pages and blog articles detailing the client’s organization and top search inquiries
  • Optimized the client’s website to attract more local interest, resulting in their website showing up in multiple local searches
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