Why Does My B2B Company Need A Blog?

B2B (business-to-business) companies are an essential part of the economy. 50% of the US economy runs through B2B transactions. They involve a lot of interactions between two or more businesses while selling products and services. This means that the target customers are other businesses that share similar interests or goals. When it comes to marketing your products, you need to be convincing not just to one individual but to all the beneficiaries in the target company. Research by CMI shows that blogging is the 3rd most common marketing tactic. B2B businesses set up blogs to share their goals, services they offer, industry knowledge, recent upgrades, and ways they have contributed to the community. Blogs can cover a wide range of topics such as fashion, food and nutrition, real estate, and public health. Some of the advantages of blogging are that it attracts more potential customers to visit your website, thus increasing the traffic and increasing the search engine rankings.

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Why Blogging Is the Best B2B Marketing Tactic

Blogs are an inexpensive and user-friend-friendly way to allow businesses to update information regularly. Blogs are available 24/7 and have a lot of design flexibility. You can also integrate your website into the blog for customers to have quicker access to it. There’s no limit when it comes to how much content you can include on your blog. You can write on any topic at any time.

Blogs allow more creative space with more audio-visual media options available. For example, you can upload photographs, audio, video, and graphics. Showcase your brand without limit! Your contents and designs become the face of the company to the customers who will be visiting and reading your blog. When your company starts social media campaigns, blog content provides an extra boost for the campaigns. Blogs are an excellent platform to share content through multiple channels such as social media and newsletters. More clicks into your blog can connect more customers from the online search engine to your website. If the correct keywords are put in place and high-quality content is uploaded, then even the search ranking can improve dramatically. To track your marketing efforts, you can also apply the metrics on the blogs regularly. Build up strong relationships with the readers to upgrade them into your loyal customers.

Steps to Take to Start a B2B Blog

Just like it takes time and planning to make a website, it is the same for a B2B marketing blog. You need to first have a goal for the blog. What will it be targeted towards and what kind of impact would you like for it to make? Once you have these set in stone, alongside the content and materials you wish to publish, below are some quick steps to starting a B2B blog successfully:

First, identify your target keywords. Think about what your potential clients would use to research your company. Then, you should use them strategically within your blog. To find keywords that are currently trending, you can use Google Trends or Keyword Explorer.

Next, you should create a calendar for your content. Write out thorough details about each blog post and when it will be published. For example, you may want to include the topic of the blog post, references, and other supporting media.

Then, you can begin working on your specific blog content: You may either work on this independently or hire a team of writing experts. After writing, make sure to proofread and have a system of revising your content from time to time to keep it fresh. Once this is done, it’s time to publish your content! Release your blog to the public and be sure to include links that can connect any interested parties to your website.

Finally, you need to promote the blog post that just went live. If you have any social media, you should share your blog information there. You want as many people as possible to have access to your blog content with the click of a button. In addition, have a consistent flow of new content coming into your blog so that your clients are always looking forward to reading more. The secret is keeping it as engaging as possible.

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How to Increase Traffic Through B2B Blogging

A blog is only as effective as the way you promote it. It does you no good if nobody knows that you posted! Some of the ways you can increase traffic to your site include:

Digital Advertising

SEO Design Chicago has a team of professional advertisers in Detroit who can help B2B companies create and optimize their campaigns. There are various forms of advertising to explore such as Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.

Through Facebook ads, B2B companies can promote their businesses and reach their target audience. Facebook has over 2 billion users making it an ideal social media platform to get connected to a wide range of customers. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is home to numerous companies and organizations from all industries which get to showcase their services. It has a more professional touch which can also be helpful in advertising your company’s brand. LinkedIn also allows networking among different business owners and companies hence a great platform to build relationships and draw in more traffic.

B2B Website Content Creation

Create content that is original and specific to your company’s needs by hiring a team of SEO content creators specializing in website content creation. Great content develops more trust from your audience. How can you know which content impacts your audience best? Data metrics help examine the success of certain content over another on your website. Some helpful tools you can use for content creation include Buzzsumo, Hubspot, and FocusWriter.

Social Media Content Creation

As social media is an alternative form of marketing, the content that goes on it matters. Grab the interest of new clients by displaying special content about your company.

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In a bid to find more customers who convert to leads, provide an offer that is aesthetically pleasing and connected to the overall theme of the blog post. Provide an opportunity for clients who are interested to share their contact information so that you can start making some real deals.

Meta Description

An appropriate meta description wins you a higher advantage on the search engine results page and more people are likely to click on your website and blog page. Keep the meta descriptions compelling! Make every click count by making the meta descriptions as close to the blog content as possible.

Building a Great Blog Team

If you want to form a team that can work together to manage your company blog, consider the following roles:

Blog Manager

This person oversees the blog and ensures that it is being updated regularly. Before any article is posted, they look through it to ensure it meets the company’s standards and gives the final say. He or she also helps the brainstorming process to develop new ideas for the content and design of the blog.


These people are in charge of content creation and writing the articles. Some key qualifications are that they must be fast, accurate, and experienced in writing. Given that new articles will be needed on a regular basis, they should also be able to keep up with deadlines. The goal is to have fresh content every so often.

Blog Editor

Hire someone with exceptional proofreading skills to be in charge of editing the blog content. Not only does the editor correct grammar and sentence construction, but they are also responsible for ensuring the articles carry the voice and brand of the company.

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Graphic Designer

To add a spark to your blog content, the graphic designer complements it by adding visuals. They may add pictures, videos, GIFs, or even icons. Blogs have a wide variety of upload options that allow you to upload different files, capturing viewers’ attention.

Blog Promoters

It’s great to have high-quality content but what good would it be if no one reads it? To draw more readers, blog promoters share the content on social media and reach out to people around them and in the work vicinity to read the blog. They should also be hungry for good reviews from pleased readers. The more good reviews are shared, the higher the chances for the blog to be shared with a wider audience.

Analyze the Performance of Your B2B Blog

Tracking blog metrics gives you a clear understanding of how your readers feel about your blog and how you can improve. The first metric that is important to analyze is traffic. Using Google Analytics, you can see the number of visits to your blog site and from where they clicked to find your site. Knowing where your traffic is coming from helps you optimize your website better and know how to promote.

Metrics can also help you track how people are sharing your posts on different platforms. If there are any social media links in the blog, see where your visitors are sharing the posts most and also check which particular posts were the most shared. To establish an even tighter connection with your readers, you want to keep them coming back for more. One easy way to do this is to encourage them to share their email addresses and subscribe to your blog. Add them to the mailing list and keep them updated on any new posts. Remember their names and emails. Your subscribers may very soon become loyal customers of your company!

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