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SEO Design Chicago created a highly interactive and responsive website. The site was designed with shared content in mind. Visitors to the site were easily able to download any of the documents that were needed. The website provides information about their organization and allowed for people to learn how to get involved. There are program forms available to download via PDF and contact information for students to join their programs as well as other sponsors to donate to their cause. The donations are connected on their website to a paypal account so donations can be made online.

yoy increase in first time donations


new web pages created

Web Page Templates85%

increase in volunteer hours donated


A nonprofit organization needed an updated and responsive website that was able to showcase all of their services and better represent their efforts. They also needed a better way to communicate and disseminate information to the public.

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marketing for nonprofit


WordPress Website Redesign:

The entire WordPress website was redesigned from the top down. This allowed us to maintain existing valuable content while also highlighting the benefits of the organization and the work that they performed for the community. We were also able to update the site, which was built poorly, with an updated tagging structure. Due to the updates performed, the website speed increased dramatically.

Content Management

An organization, such as a nonprofit, has plenty of information to share. Whether it be statistics, testimonials, or breakdowns of how your organization is run; there’s a lot of content that can be promoted to audiences. By implementing a content management system, users are able to post this content to their website with ease.

Google Analytics

We helped introduce Google Analytics reporting to this client’s website evaluation. We were able to show they where their online interest was coming from and what value they took from their website. This allowed for the client’s organization to better inform their digital marketing efforts, going forward/

Facebook Advertising

This client had a clear means of communication and audience interest on Facebook. By advertising through Facebook we were able to help promote this client to others on the platform, expanding their reach beyond just their followers. Facebook ads cater to the budget you designate, this way you won’t feel like you’re spending more than what you’re getting.


  • Social media content creation plan was successful, tripling their online audience 
  • A mobile friendly and responsive website was created that made it easier for donors to contribute to the nonprofit
  • Functionality to register volunteers and accept donations was established
  • Instructed staff on how to make adjustments to website if necessary
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