15 Top Social Media Sites for Marketers

Social media websites are a valuable tool for marketers in an industry to reach potential customers. After all, millions of people use social media! But what are the best sites for social media marketing? The world of social media is growing constantly. There are so many different social media platforms it can be hard to determine the best social media websites for marketing among the numerous social media marketing websites available! It can also be tough to know which social media marketing sites are right for your own business. Some marketers make the mistake of trying to use every social media marketing website, but some of the top social media sites for marketing are a better fit for certain industries than others. In this article, we will rank the 15 top social media sites for marketers and help you determine which of the top social media marketing sites is the right choice for you. While you will definitely be familiar with some of the options listed in this article (like Facebook), there are other social media marketing websites that might be a surprise to you!

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15 Top Social Media Sites for Marketers

In this article, we’ll discuss the best social media for marketing, the audiences each one will help you reach, and which goals they can help you accomplish. After all, the key to social media marketing is to be on the same social media marketing sites as your target audience.

1. Facebook 

With more than 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site. It is thus ideal for engaging with your target audience, collecting reviews, providing customer service, and advertising as one of the best sites for social media marketing. You can reach a wide range of audiences on Facebook. For many of us, Facebook is the first site that comes to mind when thinking about social media, but perhaps not when thinking about the best sites for social media marketing. It is not only the biggest social platform, but it was also one of the first to start offering advertising options for businesses. These days, every company or brand should have a Facebook business page. The page should be updated on a regular and frequent basis. Consumers expect businesses to have an updated and responsive Facebook page. If you are only going to have one social media platform for your business, choose Facebook.

2. Twitter

With 353 million active users, Twitter is best for real-time updates and building authority and voice as a brand as another one of the best social media websites for marketing. It is a favorite for news organizations, journalists, and other forms of media. It is a fast-paced platform. Many people use it to see the latest news and information. Twitter can also be used as a marketing tool. If you publish any original content, sharing it on Twitter is an excellent way to promote that content. Plus, if you also use your page to share valuable content from other related sources, you position your brand as an authority in your industry.

3. LinkedIn

By far, the most professional social media network is LinkedIn, and thus a powerful contender among the best social media websites for marketing. People share employment updates and information about their businesses on the platform. LinkedIn is key for reaching B2B prospects and finding potential employees. It can also be helpful for B2C companies, too. You can post your original content on LinkedIn. Plus, if your company is hiring, it’s important to maintain an active account on LinkedIn to share your job openings. You can also share updates about your company and employees to show people what it’s like to work for your business.

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4. YouTube 

Yes, YouTube counts as social media, but more importantly, one of the top social media sites for marketing! YouTube is one of the largest sources of user-generated content online. You can use it to create tutorials, demonstrations, and how-to videos for how to use your products, to highlight your company’s culture, and more. If you haven’t already, create a YouTube channel for your company right away!

In addition to the views you can accrue directly on the platform, you can also embed your videos directly into your website’s content to get additional eyeballs on your content. Video is wildly popular right now, so creating content in this form can only help your company.

5. Pinterest

When it comes to the top social media sites for marketing, Pinterest is the best platform for ecommerce and small businesses. If you have an ecommerce business, you should be on Pinterest. Why? Because 87% of Pinterest users say they bought something because of content on the site. You can upload individual images (for example, product photos) with short descriptions and a link. As one of the best social media sites for marketing, Pinterest also offers a built-in shopping feature to make it even easier for businesses to promote their products on the platform. You can also utilize rich pins to provide more context for a product, recipe, article, or app, or you can use their advertising options to reach even more users. Pinterest is a great tool for driving traffic to your website, making sales, and connecting with potential customers.

6. Instagram

Instagram is all about sharing photos and visual content. However, when considering the best social media sites for marketing, it’s important to note that it’s not very text-heavy and doesn’t allow links within posts. However, it is still the best social media platform for businesses who want to create visual content for their audiences and build their brand’s identity. Influencers have been using Instagram to monetize their content for years, and Instagram is developing even more ways for creators to make money. You can use Instagram’s hashtags to reach your market and take advantage of Instagram stories or the Live feature to expand your presence. Instagram also offers advertising options for businesses, which can be accessed through Facebook.

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7. Reddit

Another possibly unexpected contender when looking for the best social media sites for marketing, Reddit allows users the chance to interact with each other based on shared interests. Users also share content and links and ask questions in groups called subreddits. You can find a subreddit for virtually any topic. Marketers utilize Reddit as a research tool to find out what their target audience is talking about. This helps determine what kind of content to create for that audience. Reddit also offers advertising options to get your business name out there.

8. Snapchat

If you have a younger audience, Snapchat may be one of the social media marketing sites for you. 69% of U.S. teens say they use Snapchat. Snapchat allows users to post photos or videos that stay published for 24 hours before disappearing. It is an excellent platform for brands looking to promote a timely event, like a product launch or conference. You can also use Snapchat to create custom geofilters to promote events in a particular location during a specific time period.

9. Tumblr

Technically, Tumblr is a microblogging platform rather than one of the top social media marketing sites per se. However, it is still a valuable platform for marketers to know because it helps you reach users between the ages of 16 and 34. It has a very young, active audience. However, inauthentic attempts to market on Tumblr can be met with criticism. Ensure you are familiar with the platform and its running jokes and themes before attempting to use it for marketing purposes.

10. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a site that allows people who are neighbors to meet each other online. It is a key social media platform for small, local businesses. You can claim a business page on Nextdoor so you can interact with people in your area. Nextdoor also offers advertising services so you can expand your reach.

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11. WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Facebook that allows users to communicate with their contacts and businesses. For marketing purposes, it can be used to communicate directly with customers by sharing your products or services. The WhatsApp Business app allows you to set up a business profile, respond to messages from customers, and automate some of the messaging for you. It also allows businesses to create catalogs of their products and services. WhatsApp is an oft-overlooked marketing tool.

12. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another of Facebook’s sites that allows your business to connect individually with interested users via instant messaging. You can respond to users’ messages personally or use a chatbox to respond to inquiries. Automating your Facebook Messenger conversations allows you to easily handle things like basic questions, shipment tracking, booking appointments, and more. Some brands use automatic messaging on Messenger to send followers alerts for sales or to offer discounts.

13. TikTok

Ah, TikTok. TikTok is a wildly popular and fast-growing platform that lets users share short videos for a variety of purposes. As of 2020, it had about 65.9 million registered users in the United States. You can use TikTok to give users a behind-the-scenes look at your business or to participate in viral trends. TikTok allows for a lot of creativity. You can find quick tutorials, viral dances, recipes, and funny skits on the app. You can use TikTok in a multitude of ways, including for marketing. While TikTok’s demographics do skew younger, you can reach a variety of users based on the video-based platform.

14. Quora 

Another underrated platform for marketing is Quora. Quora helps you to understand what questions your audience is asking. It allows you to establish yourself as an authority on your business’s subject by answering questions related to your industry.

15. Google My Business

Though Google My Business is not a typical social media platform, every single business should have a Google My Business page. When searchers find your GMB page, it should be full of updated information about your company. Maintaining and regularly updating your Google My Business page should be a given. It helps your business look more professional online and helps add your company to Google search results. If you need help creating a Google My Business page or need assistance with updating it consistently, SEO Design Chicago can help.

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Social Media Marketing at SEO Design Chicago 

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