Should You Tag a Business on Facebook?

Are you confused about how to tag a business on Facebook? Are you curious to see why tagging other businesses on Facebook is a good idea? Then you have come to the right place. With more than two billion clients on Facebook, it is one of the best places for businesses online. Lots of businesses put a lot of time and effort into their Facebook Business Content Creation.

Unfortunately, Facebook has become a “pay-to-play” platform for businesses. You might have been able to get exposure from free, organic posting in the past, but not anymore. Now, you will more than likely have to run an ad to get that amount of exposure. Without paying for ads, your carefully thought-out marketing plan could go unseen.

However, there are a few ways to get around this shift in the algorithm and get people to view your page without paying. One of these ways is tagging your business and other businesses. In this article, we will show you how to tag a business page on Facebook and why it is a great thing to start doing!

how to tag businesses on Facebook

What is Tagging? 

Tagging allows a user to point to someone else in a post, photo, tweet, or status update. This tag will take the form of a clickable name or username that will notify a person that you mentioned someone in their post or photo. 

Tagging essentially creates a link to their profile. It is a step further than simply mentioning someone by name. With a tag, you can click on the business’s name and go to their profile. Your post may also be added to that business’s timeline depending on their settings. Finally, your post also becomes visible to the friends or followers of the tagged business.

Why Should You Tag Business Pages on Facebook?

The reason you should tag a business page is because your post can appear on that business’ page. This will help you gain exposure. When you tag another business, your post will be viewed by that page’s followers. Plus, it will create a direct link to your own profile. This can help you get more followers and individuals who may not be familiar with your business to see your post.

How to Tag a Business Page on Facebook in 5 Simple Steps: 

1. Log Into Your Facebook Account 

The first step in learning how to tag a business page on Facebook is by logging into your own Facebook account. You can use a Facebook for Business account or a personal account. Either one works! If you tag from your Facebook business account, there’s a greater opportunity for more people to view your business’s Facebook page. 

Since you are posting as a business, the business name and link to your page will appear whenever you post. Potential customers can easily click on the link to your page and view your website. This is a great way to get more customers. If you post on your individual account, it may look more organic and less business-like. But if you don’t let people know how you know the business when you post, your followers might feel confused.

2. Figure Out Where You Want to Tag Your Business on Facebook  

Once you log onto Facebook, now you go to the fun part! Figure out where you want to tag your business. You can do so in a status update, photo, or a reply to a post. Tagging a business in a status update is not likely to drive traffic. Your existing followers are the only ones who will probably see that update. 

Tagging your business in a photo might be a good way to reach out to new followers. To tag a photo, click the photo and hover over it until you see “tag photo” appear on the bottom of your screen. Follow steps three and four after. 

You can also tag your business in replies to posts. Seek out Facebook pages and groups that focus on your local community. When someone posts a question about your business, reply and tag your business in the reply. This is the best way to get potential customers! 

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3. Type “@” Followed by Your Business Name 

To tag your business, start the post with an “@” symbol. Then, write out the name of your business’s Facebook page.

4. Select Your Business Page 

Once you find your business page in the suggestions, just click on it to tag your business! 

5. Write Out Your Message 

After you’ve successfully tagged your business, you can add a message to your post. This can be information about your business, helpful tips for your industry, or answering other people’s questions that they may have. Ask yourself if it would be helpful, entertaining, or useful to you as a reader! Those are the kinds of posts you want to be leaving.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Tagging Businesses on Facebook

Now, learning how to tag a business on Facebook can be a great idea, but only when you do it correctly. Even a well-meaning business owner can actually hurt their reputation if they go about promoting themselves the wrong way. You need to know the unofficial “rules of engagement” so you do not accidentally harm your reputation and push away clients. Not knowing how or who to tag on Facebook can be one of the costliest mistakes for any business. Below are some tips to make sure that you tag in the best way possible! 

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Don’t Tag a Lot of People at Once

Sure, tagging 100 people in your photo might sound like a good idea. You might think it will bring a good amount of people to your page because everyone can see your post. But this is a really bad way to get outreach. This is a classic technique that a lot of spammers use. If you do it, you can easily be mistaken for a spam account.

Don’t Tag People or Pages to Only Promote Your Business 

Do not only use tagging as a way to promote yourself and your business. Similarly, do not tag people who have a lot of followers or influencers just so you can get more attention. This kind of defeats the purpose because it’s essentially an advertisement. Being tagged in an advertisement without permission or having no relationships with the influencer can count as a false endorsement. For help with finding the right social media influencers, reach out to SEO Design Chicago! 

Don’t Tag People Just to Get More Attention to Your Offers

Whether you’re trying to promote a book, class, or anything else, don’t tag people just to get their attention to it. A lot of businesses will upload a picture of a flyer advertising an event, webinar, or program, and tag every other business owner they know in order to get them to come. This is usually done without ill intent, but people don’t like being associated with an event without prior knowledge. 

To avoid this, send the business owner a private message, and send a link to your event and invite people to it. You can even mention someone’s name in the comment under your post. This is much better than tagging people directly in the post. If your post is self-promotional, there is no reason to tag other people in it unless they are a part of your event or team. 

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Do Think Before You Tag

This is the last, but also the most important tip. Don’t tag just for the sake of tagging. Make sure what you have to tag is important. Your post should be adding value to anyone who sees it. And follow the other tips above to make sure you always succeed when tagging! 

Need Help Promoting Your Business on Facebook?

If you need help with tagging your or someone else’s business on Facebook, or promoting your business in a great way, reach out to SEO Design Chicago for help! SEO Design Chicago can help you with Facebook content creation and a variety of other digital marketing services. 


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