When Does GA4 Launch?

When does GA4 launch? The newest iteration in the Google Analytics catalog came fast as Google prepares to phase out Universal Analytics. Analytics are the backbone of a business’s operations and decisions. Good, correctly analyzed data can be the difference between a good business decision or a bad business decision, business growth or business decay. GA4 is just the next step in the evolution of the free analytics service. So, when does GA4 launch? What is the Google Analytics 4 launch date? In this article, you will learn the Google Analytics 4 launch date, how the GA4 launch will change the way Google Analytics’s iterations work, and what to do now that Universal Analytics is ending.

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Google Analytics 4 Launch Date

If you love analytics, you will be excited to know that GA4 has already launched. In October 2020, Google Analytics 4 officially launched and took Universal Analytics’s place as Google Analytics’ primary analytics service. 

Unfortunately, the answer to the question, “When does GA4 launch?” isn’t the only question about a date you should be wondering about. Google has officially set a date for the death of Universal Analytics. As such, making the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 is more important than ever.

GA4 Launch

Now that you know the answer to the question, “When does GA4 launch?” you are probably wondering what exactly the GA4 launch entails and how it differs from Universal Analytics. 

What Is Universal Analytics?

Launched in the fall of 2012, Universal Analytics was the standard for data collection and analysis. It was an upgrade from the previous Google Analytics, supporting new tracking codes for websites, and analytics that can give you greater insight into your customers’ habits. 

With Universal Analytics, users were no longer counted as separate people when they used different devices. New tracking codes allowed users to measure the ways users interact with their sites, have improved mobile tracking data, and collect data from other devices like video game consuls. 

Unfortunately, as Universal Analytics replaced Google Analytics, a new and improved version of Google Analytics, the GA4 launch, has taken its place.

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What is GA4?

GA4 is the next iteration of the Google Analytics platform. It aims to solve two main problems preset in the Univeral Analytics system, integrate tracking that does not discriminate by the user device, and address the safety concerns associated with third-party cookies. Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 only uses first-person cookies and sessions, data collected from users across devices using the same Google account. 

The information provided is also much more detailed. You’ll be able to get a lot more out of GA4 than you were able to get out of Universal Analytic.

Prepare to Move From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

GA4 is not the same as Universal Analytics. There’s a new name, new features, and a whole new structure. You can not automatically transfer your data from Universal Analytics to GA4. This does not mean you should just throw out all the data you’ve collected up until this point. On the contrary, you should make every effort to maintain a copy of analytics from previous years. Export the data from Universal Analytics. It is always important to have past data for more accurate predictions and easier comparison.

Universal Analytics Ending

Beginning on July 1st, 2023 Univeral Analytics will no longer collect data. Six months later, any data stored in Universal Analytics will no longer be accessible. Preparing and ultimately making the switch from Universal Analytics to GA4 is no longer a choice. If you want to continue collecting and using data, you can not die with Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics is ending, but that does not mean you have to give up on tracking your website’s data.

Changing your analytics system can be scary. There are new features you may be unsure of and an unfamiliar layout. A bit of a learning curve is to be expected, but before you can start exploring the new and improved features of GA4, you need to migrate from Universal Analytics or sign up for GA4 if you do not already have a Google Analytics account. 

Migrate to GA4

Now that you know the answer to the question, “When does GA4 launch?” you need to learn how to migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4. First, you need to create GA4 properties and launch them. The sooner you can start collecting data on GA4, the less information you’ll need to export from Universal Analytics, and the easier the transition will be. 

Be sure to complete this step before July 1st, 2023. After this date, Universal Analytics will no longer track data from your website. If you do not already have GA4 and wait until the data stored in Universal Analytics is no longer accessible, you will lose out on six months of data. You can’t afford to miss out on half a year’s worth of information!

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SEO Design Chicago GA4 Migration Services

When does GA4 launch? It is out now, so do not delay making the switch. The Google Analytics 4 launch date may be behind us, but as Universal Analytics is ending on July 1st, 2023,  you need to find a new way to track pertinent data. GA4 is the obvious choice.

If you are nervous about making the switch to GA4, SEO Design Chicago is here with a team of experts ready to migrate your site from Universal Analytics to GA4. With our migration services, you’ll have access to basic and advanced tracking features as well as integration with Google Ads. We will work with you to save your data and customize your user interface. We work hard to make the experience enjoyable and customized to each client. If you are looking to make the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 after the Google Analytics 4 launch date, SEO Design Chicago is here to help.

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