Why Blogs Are Important For Architecture Firms

Have you ever thought about how architects get clients? Not many people have, but the nature of architectural services requires a specific type of marketing to gain clients. 

Most of the time, when people think of an architect, they think of huge buildings and extravagant designs. Although this is a part of architecture, architects know best that this is not the whole scope of their job. In fact, architects work on projects both big and small, ranging from the design of one room to the design of a whole building!

The focus of architecture is both function and design. This is an industry that relies heavily on what structures look like and how well they function. Because of this, architecture firms should focus on both aspects of architecture in their content creation. 

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Why Blogging Works for Architecture Firms 

Blogging is an excellent way to give your marketing a boost! A blog is a written piece of work that elaborates on a topic of your choice. Usually, it is posted on a website or a larger blog network. A blog shows clients that you care so much about your profession that you are actively choosing to discuss it online. After all, people like to write and talk about the topics you’re interested in. Plus, what’s better than an architect who’s invested in their work? 

Do you know anything about blogging? Did you know that it can be instrumental in advertising your services and using SEO? In this article, we will explain how blogging can help you market your architecture services by showing clients the passion you have for the aesthetic nature of your business! 

Keywords for Architects

Keywords are essential for marketing your services. In fact, you can use ample keywords in blog posts, so they provide an excellent opportunity that you should take advantage of in order to publicize your business. 

But what are keywords for architects? Well, architects can use words associated with design, buildings, and furniture arrangements. For instance, words like “shape,” “interior design,” “structure,” or “frame” can all work.

It is also essential to combine keywords with location-specific terms. Local SEO, which is the marketing of services in a local area, is aided greatly by these types of keywords. It is essential to market your services locally as well as online. This way, you can get lots of in-person traffic to your business. Sure, some services can be provided online by architects, however, the majority of their services are in-person. 

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Blogging for Architects

A blog is essential for your architecture firm. A blog shows clients that you have a deep passion for what you do. A blog can greatly help you dominate the online marketing scene, and even get you in-person clients, too. In fact, all types of content creation provide an excellent opportunity to show future clients that you care about architecture. Not only this but writing a blog post for your architecture firm also builds your credibility by showing future clients that you are qualified to do the work you do. You may be asking yourself what type of content architects can write, as this is not something that people usually think about. The reality is that there are a lot of topics you can write about in architecture. 

For instance, architects can write blog posts about how buildings are made, or how a house is organized and structured. This is not all, though. In fact, it is only the beginning. Architects can write about adjacent subjects, too. That being said, it is important to remember that your architecture blogs can be about topics related to architecture as well as the subject itself. 

Not only can architects write about basic architecture information, but they can also write about topics like interior design, marketing for architects, the business of architecture, the history of architecture, and even travel-type content highlighting architecture in a certain area. 

Architect Marketing

Content creation as a whole is an important part of architect marketing. In addition to blogging, other types of content creation are a great way to build your architecture firm’s professional presence. Before we discuss these other methods, it is also good to note that blog posts also give you an opportunity to share pictures, which provides a good window into the industry for your future clients. 

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Social Media Marketing

Another great form of content creation is posting on social media. Architects can post architecture blogs on social media as well as pictures, videos, shorts, and other writings and visuals. Social media is also a great way to use keywords that can be included in your posts as hashtags specifically. 

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all great platforms to market your architectural firm. Because the nature of architecture is based on aesthetics, it is essential for architecture firms to be posting visual content to show future clients that they care about this element. In particular, Instagram is an especially good option for architects. It allows you to share images, videos, and shorts. It also has the highest engagement of all social media platforms, so architecture firms will likely get lots of clicks on this site. 

Web Design

Blogging can get you more clients as an architect, but you shouldn’t overlook other aspects of marketing, too. Web design is instrumental in marketing. Having a solid website is one of the first things an architecture firm should do when cultivating an online presence. If you have a solid website, future clients will be more likely to trust your design skills!

A good website will be accessible and easy to navigate. It should have an attractive design, theme, and logo. It should also have employees’ names and credentials, along with a blog page and an “about us” page. Content on your site should be dynamic and constantly added to, which a blog is perfect for.

Blogging can also help you with local marketing, as you can tailor your content to the area of your services. Blogging is such a good way to push out new content that you can gain new clients from doing it! Blogging isn’t the only way, though. In fact, another way to gain more clients is to create a mobile app. A mobile app is a great way for people to stay connected and engaged with your firm. 

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Build Your Online Presence

Overall, a blog is such a great way to market your architecture services, whether you are a solo architect or an architecture firm. Blogs can especially help you develop your online presence, and increase brand awareness. After all, creating content gets people more interested in your services. In this way, they continue to read the content you put out and get familiarized with your business. 

Blogs provide an excellent avenue to utilize keywords, which are essential for search engine optimization. In fact, keywords make up the basis of how words are grouped together to give you search results, so you must use them in your posts! 

SEO Design Chicago and Architecture Blogs

At SEO Design Chicago, we have helped many different businesses with their blog content. In fact, one major pillar of online marketing that we focus on is content creation and web development. 

If you’re an architect, check out our services today! We can help you expand your business through content creation, web design, marketing, and more! At SEO Design Chicago, we can help you build your online presence and strengthen your marketing skills. 


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