How Do I Teach SEO to My Marketing Team?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy marketers use to increase their website ranking in popular search algorithms like Google. Making sure that your marketing team is aware of the different SEO tactics that are commonly used is crucial. Using SEO is really important for a company because it can significantly increase the traffic to the company’s website. Additionally, it is important to make sure that you are able to still be competitive with the marketing teams at different companies. As technology continues to change, marketers are able to use that new technology to find helpful tactics. 

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1 – Set Goals For Your Team 

Setting goals is a crucial aspect of learning SEO. You want to make sure that you are not wasting any time having your team learn tactics that you do have any need to use. Before you set any goals, you should first consider how experienced your team is with SEO. It is important to know if your team needs to learn SEO tutorials for beginners or if they can move on to more advanced techniques. 

Setting goals is also a great way to help determine what exactly you want your team members to get out of the SEO training. Do you want them to learn how to increase traffic to your website? Do you want them to know how to increase engagement with your content? Or do you want to improve your conversion rate? Depending on how you want SEO to help your business can drastically change what you should have your marketing team learn. When making goals, just be sure to keep in mind that your goals should be attainable. Setting unattainable goals can discourage your team and lower their efficiency. 

2 – Sign Up for Online Workshops 

One way many marketing teams learn SEO is by enrolling in online classes. There are several different courses available online by different marketers. These classes can drastically range in both cost and quality so it is important that you research the benefits of each course before your team enrolls. 

Additionally, the time each workshop will take to complete can vary. Some online SEO classes can span weeks of time, whereas others are over within an hour. Many of these courses will offer a certification once your marketing team completes the course. This is beneficial because you can see which of your team members has completed the course. Additionally, your marketers will benefit from receiving a certificate because it will improve their marketability as an employee. You could even create your own course if you have experience in SEO. This would take a significant amount of time, but it could be worth it if you want to save some money. 

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3 – Teach Them about Content Creation Strategy 

One area that is very important when learning SEO is content creation. Regardless of what tactics your marketing team plans on using. they should at least be aware of how a content creation strategy is connected to SEO. Many companies will have a content creation strategy to help drive traffic to their website. Creating content can draw consumers to your website and get them invested in your brand. 

You should make sure that your marketing team is aware of the numerous ways to create an effective content creation strategy. When creating content, your marketing team needs to make sure that they know what content they should produce and when. Being informed on what content consumers want to engage with is crucial because you do not want to waste time creating content just for your consumers to not like it. Additionally, you want to know what time you should post the content to get the most amount of engagement possible. 

4 – Find Out How to Utilize Keywords

In addition to content creation, you should also make sure that your marketers are aware of how to utilize keywords. Keywords are words that consumers often search for on search engines. Putting keywords on your website or in any content you produce can drastically increase the traffic that is brought to your website. 

You want to make sure that your marketers are aware of how they can find new keywords for your website. Additionally, you likely will want to train them in how to seamlessly add them to your website. After all, you should use keywords as much as possible as long as they make sense in context. If keywords are used either inconsistently or out of context, many consumers will likely think your website is unprofessional. You do not want to sacrifice the professionalism of your website to add more keywords. This is why it is so important for your marketing team to learn how to utilize SEO. Even basic SEO functions like keywords can reflect poorly on a website if they are not properly utilized. 

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5 – Learn How to Research your Competition

When your team is using SEO tutorials for beginners, they will likely want to also learn how to research their competitors. This is important in SEO because you can learn a lot from the marketing tactics your competition is using. This is especially true if your competition is ranked higher in the Google algorithm than you are. 

See what your competition is doing to promote their website. Your marketing team should learn how to identify the areas your competition is taking advantage of that you might be missing out on. For example, looking at the keywords your competition is using could give you a great idea of the types of keywords you should be using. Additionally, while doing a competitor research analysis, you might notice some areas they could be missing out on to promote their business. This is a great opportunity for your business to take advantage of any promotional areas you notice might be missing. It is important that you look at competitors in your industry because oftentimes different industries will utilize slightly different SEO strategies. 

6 – SEO Tool Tutorials for Your Team

When your marketing team is learning how to best utilize SEO, they should also be aware of how to utilize various SEO tools. There are various online tutorials that focus on how to use a specific SEO tool. These tutorials differ from online classes because they have a much more narrow focus. Although there are several tools your team can learn, one of the most important tools available is Google analytics. 

Google Analytics is so important because Google is the largest search engine on the planet. This means that when a user visits your website, they will likely have used Google to get there. Google Analytics can help your team monitor the traffic that is coming to your website through Google. Luckily, Google offers free courses so that marketers can learn how to properly utilize Google analytics. Additionally, the difficulty in the Google analytics courses can range dramatically. Google offers both SEO tutorials for beginners and for marketers that have a significant amount of SEO experience. Your marketers will receive a certificate for every course they complete. 


Additional Resources for Your Team

If your team is still looking for additional resources to help them learn, do not worry! There are a lot of different additional resources available that they can learn from. Some marketers may not be able to pick up the SEO tactics from a more traditional class or training session. This does not mean they are unable to learn how to use SEO, they may just benefit from using learning through a different medium. After all, everyone has a different learning style and different mediums can cater to these learning styles. So what other mediums are available? 

There are Facebook groups, podcasts, blogs, books, Youtube channels, and SEO conferences that all focus on teaching marketers how to utilize SEO. These mediums all range in length of time to complete and in price. One of the advantages of using some of these alternative mediums is that they are free. For example, Facebook groups, podcasts, blogs, and Youtube channels are all free resources. 

Learning your marketing team’s learning style could be a significant help when deciding which of these resources could be helpful for them. For visual learners that are struggling to learn SEO, Facebook groups, blogs, books, and Youtube channels could be the ideal resources. Your marketers that are auditory learners should consider trying to listen to an SEO podcast. Any marketers that are physical learners should consider attending an SEO conference. Regardless of which resources your marketers use, you should suggest these when they are struggling, it could make a significant difference. 

Take the Time to Teach SEO to Your Marketing Team

Utilize these strategies today to increase your marketing team’s knowledge and SEO competence. SEO is becoming a crucial part of any marketing team’s digital strategy. You want to make sure that your team is not falling behind other companies. Additionally, you should make sure that you are not missing out on an important opportunity to increase traffic to your website. After all, increased traffic often leads to an increase in sales.

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