How Fabricated Metal Companies Get More Clients by Blogging

As a supplier of essential products for construction, you might think you don’t need to worry much about marketing as a fabricated metal company. You most likely don’t sell to normal consumers, instead dealing in long-term, stable trade agreements with other firms. Conventional marketing, in this case, would seem pointless. That being said, there is a rarely-discussed form of digital marketing that your company could greatly benefit from: blogging. By discussing matters related to your business and industry on your website, you invite positive attention to yourself and your brand, which is guaranteed to get more customers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing business blogging: how to do it, what the benefits are, and where to go if you need help. If done correctly, blogging is an incredibly cost-effective form of digital marketing. It doesn’t even require the hiring of new staff or enlisting of consulting firms if you’re against that. Armed with nothing but the knowledge and expertise already at your disposal, you are more than prepared to run a successful business blog.

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Getting Your Own Website

Do you currently have a website? This question must be asked before we can discuss the details of blogging. Owning a website is the best place to host a blog. Websites are useful for many reasons, and establishing an online presence through a website is all but essential in the modern economy. Given the number of clients who study companies online before requesting a commodity or service, you simply cannot afford to not have a website.

How to Blog as a Fabricated Metal Company

Once we’ve cleared that out, we can move into blogging and what it entails. Firstly, let’s define business blogging. Blogging is only the process of creating blog entries and archiving them on your website. These entries can be authored by you, your staff, or another individual on behalf of your business. Additionally, you may engage companies like SEO Design Chicago that specialize in digital marketing to carry out this task on your behalf. The two main purposes of blogging are to interact with potential customers and to drive attention towards you.

You can write about anything when you blog, which is among its finest features. Think of blogging as a form of content marketing. Instead of simply advertising, your aim should be to entertain and intrigue. If your posts are compelling enough, people will get interested and want to learn more about your company. They’ll quit the site quickly if the posts lack content or seem too much like advertisements. There are a variety of techniques to make your content interesting: narrating a tale, including details that imply genuine familiarity with the specified issues, and writing in a conversational style are some of them.

However, just because you have the ability to write about anything doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to write on subjects pertaining to your company and the local industries. Responding to a question is a popular and effective way to format a blog post. You may be asked questions that are general in nature and address the subject or industry as a whole, or questions that are more focused on a single feature of a product or service. Your blogs should aim to answer both broad and specific topics, for reasons we’ll discuss later.

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Why Should I Start Blogging?

Does blogging have that big of an impact? You could be asking yourself this at this time. Naturally, the response is yes! First off, blogs are a fantastic way to draw in new clients. Websites that blog enjoy up to 55% more traffic than their non-blogging counterparts, which alone should catch your attention. Another benefit is the personality it gives your online presence. Blogs often excel where traditional marketing fails, such as in developing a personal relationship with readers. Additionally, studies show that blogging is a highly efficient way to get new leads.

Online Visibility

There is no disputing that blogs help you become more visible online. On a basic level, it grows your website by adding a new page to it. As a result, those who are actively looking for you will find you far more quickly. The chance of accidental discovery, however, is where blogs truly demonstrate their usefulness. Customers usually begin their search with a topic rather than a specific business, and you want to be sure that they come across your brand. Blogging increases the likelihood that people will find your website, which is the first step in creating a new lead. When this happens, blogging becomes a marketing tool unto itself.


As we’ve already discussed, blogs appeal to readers because they’re considerably easier to access. In comparison to a traditional advertisement, you can communicate a lot more in a blog post for almost nothing. Although it’s advised to keep blog articles under 3000 words to avoid boring your readers, that amount of text is more than enough to get your message across.

Posing a question and then answering it is a great way to start a new blog article. It’s usually a good idea to write posts that answer common, or “evergreen,” issues. Given how often these queries are, you’re likely to get a significant amount of traffic from these articles. Since this is a question that is often asked, posts on it become more valuable over time and make it simpler and easier for other people to find you.

Having said that, remember to answer specific questions as well. By answering these questions, you demonstrate your expertise, which considerably improves your reputation. If you’re inspired to do so, you may also utilize your blog to answer directly to client queries. This is not only a great way to convince these clients to purchase from you, but it also attracts customers who like watching you resolve individual customer issues.

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Fabricated Metal Company Blogging and SEO

Another underused digital marketing strategy that is intrinsically tied to blogging is search engine optimization (SEO). Actions taken when building a website to make it more visible to search engines like Google are referred to as this. The main goal of SEO is to get your website to appear under the topics you want it to, primarily when someone types in search terms related to you. Your company’s website should be at the very top of the organic search results, which is the ultimate aim of SEO. 

Making your website more attractive to search engines is made possible through SEO. Your first step should be to identify your keywords. Keywords are any words or phrases that a user could enter into the search bar to find you or a related business. Some examples of keywords related to this industry are:

  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Metal fab
  • Structural steel fabricators
  • Precision metal fabrication
  • Sheet metal companies
  • Metal bending services near me (or near a place, such as New York City)

These examples ought to be a good place to start. By researching the keywords that your competitors are using, you may find your own keywords much more quickly. You can also rely on Google Ads Keyword Planner, which offers a wealth of beneficial keywords without cost. You’d probably want to look for ones that are more applicable to your fabricated metal company especially. After choosing your keywords, distribute them across your website. Blogging is really helpful in this situation; there aren’t many better strategies to enhance your term use. By optimizing your blog posts for SEO, you may significantly improve the traffic to your website, which will definitely generate some leads.

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Link Building

Utilizing many links is one way to improve the SEO viability of your blog posts. Although it may not seem obvious, links are a significant component that Google takes into account when determining the credibility of a website, and it will promote you more as you use more links. This is because websites with connections are often seen as more reliable. Remember that website visitors will also think along these lines. Once you have a sizable collection of blog posts, you can also utilize links to connect your articles to one another. This is great for spreading out the performance of your website’s single-page traffic across numerous pages!

Fabricated Metal Companies Can Use SEO Design Chicago

Contact SEO Design Chicago if you need help with your fabricated metal company blog or digital marketing plan. We have teams of writers that specialize in creating blogs and can provide you with top-notch content for your website. If you’d want to strengthen other aspects of your digital marketing plan as well, we can assist you. If you need assistance, SEO Design Chicago is the best business to contact.


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