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Website content tools are important. Your business’s website is important when it comes to marketing and advertising. However, simply having a website won’t do your business a lot of good if the website’s content isn’t so great. SEO Design Chicago can help answer any questions you might have about creating good website content. This article will cover website content tools like content writing software and free content resources that you can use.

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Website Content Tools and Content Writing Software

There are many tools you can use to develop your branding content for your business’s website. Content writing software tools can help your website in a variety of ways. Your brand’s ranking and reputation can either be increased or decreased depending on how you use content. For example, if your website’s content writing is full of errors, your audience will think that you don’t care about correcting your mistakes. As a result, your ranking and reputation decreases. 

Your audience isn’t the only thing looking at your content writing. Search engines, such as Google, are also paying attention to your writing quality. Not only should your content be error-free, but it should also be interesting to read. Part of interesting content involves telling a story or solving a problem, and including headlines that are well-written. 

Here are several content writing software tools that your business can take advantage of as you begin content writing for your website:

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Editing and Writing Tools

There are writing and editing tools out there that your business can use to create well-written content to increase your branding. 


Grammarly is a great spelling and grammar checker you can use for your website. 


Hemingway is an editing tool that can help you focus more on your content, as it will fix those small grammatical errors.


StackEdit is a tool you can use for converting text into .html. You can also use it for copying your content from WordPress, Google Docs, or Word without dealing with formatting changes. StackEdit is an editing tool that was created for web writers that can help you customize your content writing. There is also an offline function, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection.


Ilys is a software that gives you a unique writing experience by helping you keep the end in mind. For example, you can type in your desired word count and start typing. Ilys doesn’t let you make edits until you finish writing.  

Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer helps you focus on your writing through its simplicity. It gives you the basic content writing tools, such as inserting links, quotes, and headings, so you can focus on getting your ideas onto the screen.   


Plagiarism is a serious offense and can lead to Google flagging or penalizing your website. This can result in a low ranking of your website. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to keep your content original and unique. Copyscape is a tool you can use to make sure your content is as original as possible.  


Unicheck is a software that aids in keeping texts original. Even though Unicheck is a great tool for educators and students, it can also be a great tool for content writers. Unicheck, or formally known as Unplag, checks your texts across internet sources, which is a great way to avoid copying someone else’s words by accident. It also compares documents or folders against each other, which is a great way to prevent self-plagiarism. 

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is a free thesaurus software. It doesn’t feature any ads, which can make it one of your favorite editing and writing tools.   

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Website Content Research and Creation Tools

Before you are able to write great content on your website, you need to find an interesting topic that will engage your audience and leave them wanting to learn more. 

  • Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a tool you can use that gives you great ideas for your content. It helps you generate ideas based on trending topics or stories. 
  • MarketMuse: MarketMuse is a tool you can use to research and write authoritative web content that is also search engine friendly. MarketMuse can also tell you which keywords, topics. subtopics, and questions you can cover. Another great tool of MarketMuse is it suggests links you can use that are related to your content and word count. 
  • StoryBase: StoryBase is a software that can help you create optimized content from beginning to end. For example, StoryBase allows you to research interesting topics you can use for your web content, then it uses Google search data to make optimization suggestions. When you finish, you can track your web content’s performance when you integrate your Google Search Console. 

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Is There a Way to Get Free Content for My Website?

In addition to website content tools, there are many free resources out there that you can use for your website’s content. For additional help locating free content for your business’s website, SEO Design Chicago can help you with all of your website content needs.

Free Articles

You don’t always have to come up with new content. For example, if you’re thinking about starting a blog, there are plenty of people out there who are looking to write content for your blog to get their work out into the world. There are a number of websites. These types of databases cover a wide variety of topics, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding articles for your specific subject interests. 

Free Graphics

Including graphics on your business’s website is a great way to interest your audience, as people are visual creatures. There are a number of different sites you can use that provide free images and graphics. Having original graphics throughout your website is important, but you can include a few free graphics every now and then. 

Copyright-Free Music

If your website includes video, it’s equally important to include music. When it comes to adding music, if you aren’t using original music, there are also several resources that provide you with free, copyright-free audio. Some of these resources include Amazon, YouTube Audio Library, and Free Stock Music. When it comes to choosing your audio files, make sure you also check the fine print that comes with it. For example, some audio files aren’t allowed to be modified with editing software. Other files require you to credit the artist on your website.  

Free Videos

Just as graphics are important to your website, it’s important to include video. Videos are a great way to capture your visitors’ attention. Even though you won’t likely find a free video that captures your business’s brand or your messaging, using free video clips can help you build your own video. If you’re working with a tight budget, stock clips can be very helpful for splicing frames together. Some places to go for finding copyright-free video clips include sites like Pixabay and Pexel Video.


Asking is one of the best ways to get free content for your website. There are many writers out there who are interested in repurposing their content, so you can find a blog post or photo on another website, then you can email the author to ask if they would be willing to repurpose it. If you are interested in this route, make sure you always give credit to the original creator on your site. You can also let the author know why their content would be great for your website. Also keep in mind content from your competitors–asking to use content that has appeared on a competitor’s site probably won’t work. 

Idea Generator

When it comes to using an idea generator, it can be more time-consuming than the other free methods listed. Why? Because you’ll still have to write the content yourself. However, writing your own content using an idea generator will keep you on track for hitting keywords, thus boosting your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For more information on how to improve your website’s SEO, contact SEO Design Chicago.

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Online Content Writing

As you begin online content writing, there are a few content writing tips to follow to ensure your branding has success.

  • Know your audience: It’s hard to write good content when you don’t know who you’re writing to. 
  • Write short, simple sentences: The attention span of your audience is shorter than it used to be. Make sure your text is easy to understand and accessible. Having other people read through your content is a great way to know where your content stands in difficulty.  
  • Write with active voice: Use active instead of passive verbs. For example, use “you can do it” rather than “it can be done.”
  • Show, don’t tell: This can be easier said than done sometimes. One way to do this is by using stories or situations to help your audience see what you’re talking about. 
  • Don’t use jargon: Almost everyone has access to the web, so using words and phrases that even the non-expert can understand is critical. 
  • Mix up your word choice: Part of making your content interesting is by not using the same words or phrases over and over again. 
  • Make sure the text is scannable: Many audience members won’t read word-for-word, so it’s important to make your content easy to skim. Part of skimming includes making it easier for your audience to find certain information. 
  • Incorporate multimedia: Using visuals helps your audience become interested in your content and lets them digest the information quickly. 
  • Layer website content: Including both internal and external links help you build trust with your audience and helps you with your own SEO. 
  • Leave your content interesting and the audience wanting more: Ending with a call-to-action is an important part of great content. Some examples include “download,” “share,” or “subscribe.”

Ready to Write Great Content for Branding?

Now that you know more about how to write the best content for your business, you’re ready to begin. If you have any questions or need help writing content, SEO Design Chicago can help. We have clients throughout the United States and Canada. Contact us today.  

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