Why Is Local SEO Important for Commercial Real Estate Agents?

People want to find commercial realtors in their area. Local search engine optimization (SEO) can boost the amount of traffic to your website. If you are a commercial real estate agent, using local search engine optimization will increase the website traffic from people nearby. Local SEO is a cost-effective digital marketing solution that will get your commercial real estate agency recognized in your area. 

Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

A key component of your marketing technique for your real estate agency is local search optimization. Creating a Google My Business profile for your commercial real estate agency is a free and easy way to get started with local SEO and become a more well-known business in your area. 

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Google My Business

4.3 billion people use Google as their search engine and creating this business profile will ensure your business is appearing in search results for local commercial real estate agencies. The simplest way to design your Google My Business account is to hire a digital marketing agency with experts in SEO. SEO Design Chicago has creative and knowledgeable experts on Google My Business ready to help your commercial real estate business. 

The first step to creating a Google My Profile is to simply sign in to your Google account and begin creating a business listing. To verify your business, Google will mail a postcard with a verification code to your commercial real estate agency’s address. After receiving the verification code in the email, simply log back in and enter the code. Your business will become verified and you can begin to fill out different information. 

Be sure to include your address, phone number, email address, website URL, hours of operation, and business photos. Include different photos of your team, properties, or even your office space. It is also important to include the category of your business, commercial real estate agency, into your profile as well so that it is easier to find. 

Remember the specific information, words, and photos used on your Google My Business profile. These will come in handy when creating other listings in order to remain consistent with your brand image. 

Local Citations

Another technique for local search optimization for commercial real estate agencies is to use local citations. A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, or phone number of a local business. The more local citations your business has, the more traffic will come to your website. 

Local citations provide search engines with more proof that your business is relevant. This proof means it will therefore rank it higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Creating some of these local citations may come with a fee, but they drive relevant traffic to your website. Real estate agencies with 85 or more relevant citations will rank first to third place on search engine result pages. The more local citations that are included, the higher your agency’s website will rank. 

The most common places to get local citations for your real estate agency are Apple Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Foursquare, or LinkedIn. There are also real estate-specific sites that will allow for more relevant local citations. These real estate websites are Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and Homes.com. Creating more local citations within these real estate websites will help more local potential customers find your agency. 

If building local citations is too difficult for your business, there are software tools to help. This software can help automate the process of posting local citations to different websites and can save your agency’s valuable time. 

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Realtor SEO

Before diving into improving your local search engine optimization techniques, it is important to focus on your overall SEO first. Ensuring your SEO strategy is designed correctly will make designing local search engine optimization much simpler. 

All search engines use different ranking factors to determine which websites to show a user on the search engine results page (SERP). Ranking factors can differ from each search engine, but they will commonly display websites that are well structured and contain high-quality content. Using these ranking factors to your advantage is called search engine optimization (SEO). 


The first key component to search engine optimization is the use of keywords. Researching the best keywords for your commercial real estate agency will help guide your business in deciding which ones are going to help drive the most traffic to your website. The top three keywords for real estate agents are “commercial real estate”, “commercial property for sale”, and “commercial real estate for sale”. Incorporating these keywords within your website is essential for search engines to recognize that your business is reliable. 

Including a blog for your website to post different relevant articles about your commercial real estate agency is an effective way to incorporate your keywords. Make sure these blog posts contain content that is relevant to your target audience and intriguing enough to read more. 

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Internal Links

Adding links within your blog post to different articles within your website will also improve the ranking of your website. Internal links are links to other pages within your blog or website that increase the amount of time spent on your website. The more time a user spends on your site, the higher it will be ranked on the SERPs. 

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The second most common digital marketing strategy for commercial real estate agencies is to create different social media accounts. Posting on social media is the fastest way to put a message out to the public. It is essential to post relevant and well-designed content within your platforms that can help people who conduct their research on social media to be able to discover your agency. 

Setting Up a Social Media Account

For a commercial real estate agency, there is so much opportunity in creating social media profiles and maintaining a presence on people’s feeds. Some of the most innovative and young decision-makers all have Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Posting different content featuring your commercial real estate properties, photos and background stories of your realtors, and professional graphics can take your social media account to the next level. There are different social media templates to use for every business. Still, make sure to choose one theme and be consistent with it. Also, ensure your account is tagging the location of your business in every single post so that people nearby are able to find your account. 

Once your profile has an adequate number of followers, ensure to stay consistent with how much your business is posting. Appearing on a person’s feed at least five times a week is an amazing way to maintain their interest. Interacting with followers who comment on your posts is a great way to create a loyal community. People feel valued when businesses respond to their comments, so ensure to check your posts for activity regularly.

Hiring a social media manager is the perfect way to make sure you achieve your business’s social media goals. A social media manager can create content, analyze engagement with different posts, and also maintain your social media community. They are an essential person in communicating the message of your brand to the public. If your business is in need of a social media content creator, SEO Design Chicago has an entire team of specialized social media content creators to help your agency. With custom posting options and different social media packages, we can help your agency today. 

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SEO Design Chicago Can Help

If your commercial real estate agency is looking to drive more traffic to their website and increase the number of local clients, SEO Design Chicago is here to help. Contact our specialized Commercial Real Estate Marketing Team to help the future of your business today.


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