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What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

We have all heard the term SEO and know that SEO strategies are important for every business. is something that we need for our businesses. Everyone knows about its importance, but not every business has an SEO Strategy in place. This article will cover the concepts that you need to know to be successful. 

Search engines organize all the things on the internet based on your search and the most relevant things show up first. It is based on if the sites can answer what you want and have the keywords you searched. If you own a website, you would want your site to appear first when someone searches a related word to your business. 

For example, let’s say you’re looking for Dentists in Chicago, so people would usually type “Dentist near me” or “Dentists in Chicago”. Then Google would display businesses near you in Chicago. How can businesses get their page to be one of the first ones seen? Well that’s where SEO comes into play. Search engine optimization is a term used for companies on how they can “optimize searches”. 

Your website needs the ingredients that search engines want for their algorithm. There’s extremely helpful graphs and photos at What is SEO? that gives more information on SEO. It’s vital to know that SEO has nothing to do with advertisements. Ads are paid for by people to put their site up no matter what the content is. Why is SEO important and how do search engines like on websites prioritize them in searches? Well we will answer that in the next segment.   

SEO strategies for enterprise businesses

Importance of SEO 

Using methods of SEO can benefit a website’s traffic significantly. This is especially important if you want to grow your business. It would be extremely handy if you knew the specific things to do. Well you are in the right place because we will discuss the basics of how search engines work. 

The four basic criteria in search engines rubric are the title, amount of words, links, and reputation. 

Website Title Importance

For example, if you were posting a new article, Google will first look at the title in the code and use it as a summary for the whole article. That’s why it’s important to have a strong title. 

Webpage Word Count Importance

Next, the amount of words is important, too little and search engines may not rank it high.

Importance of Links on a Webpage

Links are important because it shows that you are linking to other websites. 

Site Reputation Importance

Lastly, the site reputation is important. If you have a bad reputation, then Google may not put you up. 

Those are just the basics and there’s a lot of factors that correlate for being a successful SEO enterprise. Search engine optimization is an extremely important aspect when marketing and expanding your business and we will talk more in depth on SEO services and agencies.  If you’re a small business, view a few tips before getting started at Small Business SEO Tips.

SEO services available

SEO Services

Now that you are familiar with what SEO is, there are many types of services that companies can provide for your enterprise/business. 

On Page SEO

As talked about briefly earlier, the website’s title and description are critical for SEO ranking. Both should include your keywords because that’s what people will be searching for. Professional companies know how to use these tags effectively. The same goes for page headers, Google will look at the code and see what’s under “H1” and “H2” and use that data in their algorithm of organizing how useful your page is. SEO agencies will have ways to put up content and sort and find the most profitable and beneficial way that a site can look for you. 

Off Page SEO

An important aspect is not only on page but also off of it. An example of Off Page SEO is the social media accounts connected to it. Social media is used to help companies expand their brand, get feedback from customers, and release content. The nice thing about social media is that users don’t always have to go to your website to ask a question or see what’s going on. Each huge company not only has social media, but multiple accounts and this is an important factor in marketing a business. There is something called backlinks as well. If a company posts a link on their social media and people click on it, the algorithm will detect it and determine if it’s trusted. Therefore, the more your link is on the web on trusted sites the better. 

Local SEO

46% of all Google searches are done locally. Most businesses in the world aren’t tech companies whose location doesn’t matter. but are restaurants, dentists, and auto shops whose work relies on word of mouth. The virtual version of word to mouth was talked about before which was backlinks however how do small businesses target the local area around them? Not every business has a website posting articles with a title, links, and tags. Search engines rank business in local search by proximity (how close are they to you), relevance (how relevant their search is to your product, and prominence (what other people say about your business. Local SEO is a whole other realm and an extremely crucial one. 

Technical SEO

There’s a lot that goes on the backend (the code) of websites. There are many technical factors in websites that affect its ranking amongst other enterprises. Firstly, efficient code, if there is over-complicated code, the website wouldn’t run as smoothly and rank lower. Enterprise SEO agencies have developers who are experts in the field code optimization.

Next, User experience is especially important. The faster the website means the better the user experience. A general rule of thumb is that page load times should be below 2.5 seconds. Lastly, make sure your site is secure. Google prefers https instead of http. The difference is that HTTPS is protected by a secured socket layer or SSL. This creates a secure connection between the website and user. If you are using the Google Chrome web browser, you can see a lock before the URL on the top, this means the site is secure. 

The amount of SEO services are not limited to above, check out SEO Services for more information on the services. A whole other realm of which has been dominating recently is Voice Search SEO. That article goes more in depth on what it is and strategies. 

SEO Agency Benefits

SEO Agencies Benefits

Now that you are equipped with all the fundamental SEO knowledge, where do SEO Agencies come to play? Where do you go to get started? SEO Agencies that can provide everything you need are quite unique. Although web development can provide services for your website, you need to find agencies that specialize in SEO. What if there was an agency that has experts in not only SEO but also other useful services like marketing, web development, and content creation? Well SEO Design Chicago is the place to go, here’s a list of services that SEO Design Chicago provide: 

Mobile Search Optimization

Conversations, sales, and creating a greater impression on local search rankings are what businesses want. SEO Design Chicago is a leader in mobile friendly web design. 

Keyword Research / Strategy 

Lots of research goes into finding appropriate and the most efficient keywords that should be targeted. Our team will help market your business by finding keywords that have the best potential for growth and traffic. 

Analytics Reporting 

Measuring and reporting traffic is important. The SEO Design Chicago team looks at the top referring keywords, demographics, and overall site evaluation. We make adjustments based on reports and are confident we will improve your online performance. 

 These are just some notable services that SEO Design Chicago provides. Not to mention their expertise in on and off page, technical, and local SEO. Visit the SEO Design Chicago – SEO Services on their website to see even more of our work and services 


As presented in this article social media optimization or SEO is prominent in today’s marketing culture for businesses and enterprises. Without SEO your business would be missing out on a lot of potential business. As times change, so does technology, so it’s important to stay ahead and adapt to new techniques that are extremely beneficial. We talked about the basic services of SEO including on-page, which includes titles, tags, and keywords, also Off-page, which is more social media and backlink oriented. Local is important for businesses who are based on word of mouth and the technical SEO involving website speed and efficiency. SEO agencies specialize in this type of work and can add a lot of extras which is a huge perk. An example is SEO Design Chicago, their unique services and abundance of expertise makes them one of the best SEO agencies in Chicago. Not in Chicago? Go to SEO Agencies Near Me. 

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we take on all types of projects ranging from individual to enterprise, if you have any questions or would like to learn more. Visit our site at SEO Design Chicago for a free consultation. 

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