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Working from home has its perks, and COVID-19 has changed the work-from-home options forever. The need for social distancing has forced companies to have their employees work from home or create remote positions. In this article, we will explore different online marketing jobs and some of the best work-from-home marketing positions available. 

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There are many benefits to online marketing jobs.

Huge demand for digital marketers.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing professional fields today. Organizations worldwide are investing more money in digital marketing. Therefore, there will be more entry-level job opportunities, more management level, and executive-level roles in digital marketing.

Diverse roles to choose from.

Digital marketing offers many different roles to choose from. Later in this article, we will take a look at some of those diverse roles. These roles give you the freedom to specialize in different marketing channels and make the most of your current talents and abilities.

You can choose your employers.

Because digital marketers are in high demand, you can easily pick and choose who you want to work for. This means you have the option to work for your favorite brand, company, or agency.

Work for yourself.

Some people may skip an employer altogether and work for themselves instead. You can use digital marketing to launch your own brand, products, and online services.

Work remotely, and maintain a work-life balance.

As a digital marketer, you can work when and wherever you want. There is less time commuting to work, which saves time and money, leaving more time for enjoying your hobbies and spending more time with your friends and family. Digital marketing jobs don’t require a lot of overtime, and therefore, there is usually less stress and higher job satisfaction.

You can use your creativity to make an impact.

Online marketing jobs give you the opportunity to use your own creativity and make a difference. For example, you can design a relatable advertisement, write a text ad that connects with your audience, or create engaging graphics for your website or social media.

Online marketing jobs also give you the opportunity to collaborate with other creative and like-minded people. You can also network with clients and learn new things.

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Remote Marketing Positions

Marketing is one career path that will allow you to work from home. There are many sought-after work-from-home marketing jobs. Let’s take a look at the most popular positions. 

  • Internet Marketing Specialist 
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Brand Strategist
  • Brand Ambassador 
  • Marketing Designer
  • Digital Advertising Specialist
  • SEO Specialist 
  • Backlinking and Outreach Specialist
  • Google Analytics Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist

Internet Marketing Specialist 

An Internet Marketing Specialist seems like the most obvious in the field of marketing, given it is simple to complete all the tasks remotely. When searching on job boards, it’s important to know that different companies have different requirements for internet marketers. Sometimes the role of an Internet Marketing Specialist requires you to perform the duties of several employees. 

Social Media Specialist

An engaging social media presence is key to marketing today. If your personal social media accounts are successful with your friends and family, the role of a Social Media Specialist may be for you. Companies understand the importance of a social presence and are willing to pay a person to increase their following, brand awareness, and work with clients through social networks. This position is for someone who can work with different kinds of people and adapt to many situations.   

Brand Strategist

To become a Brand Strategist, you must have practical experience in marketing, higher education, and a strategic mindset. Companies are more than willing to pay someone who will tell them what to do and how to do it. Some responsibilities of a Brand Strategist include conducting research, analyzing findings, making recommendations, and presenting to clients. 

Brand Ambassador 

A Brand Ambassador or Influencer is someone who increases brand awareness by publicly representing a company and its products. They are spokespeople attempting to influence a community to buy a company’s product or service. This role takes a unique personality and someone willing to be the face of a brand or company.

Marketing Designer

Marketing Designer is a newer specialty. This role is for someone with creativity and an understanding of marketing psychology. Marketing Designers create and design marketing materials, so knowing the ins and outs of graphic design is key.

Digital Advertising Specialist

The most successful online advertising is retargeting and native advertising. People tend to pay less attention to pop-ups and contextual advertising. Therefore, many companies are looking for someone who can build an online advertising strategy. This is where a Digital Advertising Specialist comes in.

SEO Specialist 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, supports other marketing initiatives. Google cares about the content on your website. Your content, such as articles, blogs, and website pages, must be high quality and authoritative in order to rank well on Google. An SEO Specialist works to keep your website content optimized and current so that you will rank higher on Google.

Backlinking and Outreach Specialist

Google also takes into account the quality and quantity of backlinks. Companies have developed strategies to increase the number of backlinks via guest posts, forums, and reviews. It is the responsibility of a Backlinking and Outreach Specialist to coordinate all of this.

Google Analytics Specialist

A Google Analytics Specialist uses Google Analytics to collect data and analyze your website. This is a great job for someone with strong analytical skills. This is the perfect role for those who like to compare numbers, look for causes and effects, and develop hypotheses and prove or disprove them.

Email Marketing Specialist

An Email Marketing Specialist writes engaging copy used in email campaigns and programs. Companies look for someone who can take on this responsibility. Depending on the size of the company an Email Marketing Specialist may also be responsible for developing an email campaign strategy and tactics in delivering a persuasive email.

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