Responsibilities for Social Media Initiatives

Should each department in my company have its own social media initiatives? How can I know which department will work best for social media? One of the most important parts of running a business is delegating things to each department. Inside each company is a structure where those things are divided up, even in small, privately owned companies. How each department handles things determines how successful a business becomes. When you have each part of your company running smoothly, you will gain success! So how can you know which parts of a company will handle social media in the best way?

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Best Departments for Social Media Initiatives

Inside each company there are some departments that we can assume will not handle the responsibility of social media well, like sanitation or accounting. Several departments stand out as easy choices for social media managers. There are also things that each department could specialize in, which would help if you wanted to split them up and give them social media initiatives to work on. There are many different options, and it is not a one-size-fits-all. Look for what will work best for your company! 

Information Technology (IT)

As a department, IT handles a lot of general computer issues, helps other departments function, and usually deals with the main system that your company uses. One of the obvious and simple reasons why this department will work best for social media is that they are the most tech-savvy. They have experience in computers, they usually have experience in graphics, and they can create some amazing designs. However, depending on the company, sometimes IT is only computer savvy, not necessarily in graphic design or in content creation. In this case, they may not be the right decision. 

If your IT department isn’t incredible at crafting social media content but they are great at graphic design or creating professional videos, use that to your advantage and give them a part of the social media goals. They can have their own social media initiative of creating videos to be shared online. This is a great way to give each department in your company their own social media initiatives. If you don’t have a portion of your company that can make product videos or take professional photos, find a company that can do it for you

should each department in my company have its own social media initiatives


The Marketing department of your company is already filled with people who know how to create content that will convince people to purchase your product. They know the most efficient ways to present something, and usually they have a lot of experience with advertising. This is probably the best department to run the social media side of your business, but they also may not be as tech-savvy or able to curate videos and photos.

If you are giving each department their own social media initiative, give your marketing team the responsibility of creating posts and being in charge of when they are put out on the actual site. Social media content creation can be a lot of work, but there are many great ways to do it. This could be the path to an efficient and easy way to split up responsibilities and give each department a specific part of your social media goals to accomplish.

Another social media initiative that could be given to the marketing department makes perfect sense: social media marketing. Depending on how much money you want to spend on social media, you could put out ads on social media sites, like Facebook. This is the perfect way to get your marketing team involved in everything but keep it focused on their skills. 

Human Resources

The human resources department is an incredible resource for any company. It is essential for helping with hiring people, dealing with issues, and helping the company maintain a certain standard. Many HR companies also deal with public relations. These people know how to make a company look good, which is exactly what you want to present on social media. You want your followers to see the greatest possible view of your company and what you do. If you have HR head up your social media, you will be able to present your company in the best light.

If you want to have HR handle something within your social media instead of taking on the whole project, they excel at creating any posts that pertain to global issues, fixing any problems that come up, and in general just making posts that are about employees. These are important in a social media campaign, especially long-term. Human resources is a great option for managing social media in part or entirely. 

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Social Media in the Workplace: Pros and Cons 

Social media is now an essential part of running a successful business. But how much can you involve your own team? Should you split it up between departments? There are so many things that make social media worth it, but also make it difficult. 

Pros of Social Media in the Workplace

One of the reasons for having social media done within your own company is that you are using your own employees. They know how your company works, and they love it. You also get the benefits of spreading it between departments if you want, which can spawn a lot of creativity and ideas. There are also benefits to creating social media content within the company because of product knowledge. Nobody knows your company better than your own workers! This also helps when splitting social media between each department, because giving different social media initiatives to your different areas will make it much easier to get things completed. There are many benefits to giving each department in your company a social media initiative that they will excel at specifically.  

Cons of Social Media in the Workplace 

One of the issues with social media in the workplace is answering the tough questions like “should each department in my company have its own social media initiatives?” or “How do I know which department should handle my social media?” It is difficult but imperative to split work evenly when giving your company a main goal. If you decide to give one department the reins when it comes to social media, you may need to allocate some other responsibilities, hire more people, or even create an entirely new branch. If you decide to split the work between several departments, you may have difficulties with consistency and collaboration.

You may also have one department angry with another over the workload being unfair. Your employees matter, and it can be hard to figure out how to make everything balance. It can be difficult, but in our rapidly developing workplace, social media being done well is very important.

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Social Media Content Developers

If you feel like determining what will work best for your business with social media is just not working out for you, there is also the option of hiring a company that can do it all for you. There are many companies out there, but the importance of finding the right one is obvious. You need a company that can make sure you are presenting the right image, and give your brand a great reputation. You also need a company with an understanding of your product, your goals, and your consumers. Take these into account when you look for a company.

You also want one who can handle creating posts simply but effectively. If they take professional photos to use in your company posts, are they high-quality and well done? Make sure they also understand your goals for each platform as well. For example, if you want a YouTube channel and you want your company to make a product video, you will want one that will show off the most unique and special qualities your product has. If you want your product to be sponsored on another YouTube channel, make sure they choose excellent sponsors who will make your company look good. These are key points as you search for a company. 

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Social Media Initiatives

As you decide what to do, make sure to shake it up. Measure your success! There are many different ways to create posts and make things unique for your company. For example, the way that Wendy’s uses Twitter is different and may not work for some companies, but there is a reason they have 3.7 Million followers. Try new things, and if it doesn’t work for your company, find another way. You can try dividing up the social media initiatives, but if it doesn’t work for you, then give it to one department. You can do trial runs to find out the best departments for social media.

If that gets too tricky, you can always hire another business to handle it for you. SEO Design Chicago is one agency that specializes in managing social media for companies who are looking to outsource. There can be trial and error when it comes to social media in business. Just remember, create a brand that will exemplify your company’s goals, and it will all work out. 

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