Why Local SEO Is Important for Optometrists

Marketing is important for medical professionals, and for optometrists, it is no different. In fact, local SEO is extremely important for optometrists to advertise their services. People in the community must know about the services an optometrist provides so that they can seek it out. 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a tool used for helping your business appear higher on people’s search results. SEO is a great tactic to use to boost your business because it increases traffic to your website. In this article, we will go over SEO strategies that optometrists can use to boost their business. 

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Optometry SEO

Optometry SEO is search engine optimization that has to do with the practice of optometry. SEO utilizes keywords to rank higher in search results. Optometry SEO consists of certain keywords related to the practice. For example, words and phrases like “eye care,” “eye,” “glasses,” and other words having to do with anatomy and medicine related to the eye, if used to optimize search results, will boost traffic to your business. 

SEO for Optometrists

We talked about optometry SEO, but is there a difference between that and SEO for optometrists? The short answer is that, yes, there is a slight difference. 

Optometry SEO includes keywords about the actual practice of optometry and the anatomy of the eye. On the other hand, SEO for optometrists includes keywords associated with eye care, and the medical professionals themselves. For example, keywords in this category may include “optometrist,” “eye doctor,” or “eye doctor near me.”  

It is essential for optometrists to know the slight difference between these two different SEO categories. Because they know about this, optometrists can better utilize SEO for their business by including the keywords from both categories to cover more marketing ground. 

Eyecare SEO

Just like there is optometrist SEO and optometry SEO, there is also eyecare SEO. Eyecare SEO revolves around services and products that care for the eye. 

How do you take care of your eyes? Do you use eye drops? Do you get regular exams? All of these can be keywords. For instance, optometrists can use the following terms for eyecare SEO: “eyedrops,” “glasses,” “dry eyes,” and similar words related to the health of the eye. 

It is essential that optometrists utilize these keywords in their online presence, too. By using keywords associated with optometry SEO, SEO for optometrists, and eyecare SEO, optometrists will cover all their marketing bases and reach the highest number of future patients. 

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Optometry Marketing

As doctors, optometrists have credibility because of their extensive training and education. This helps with optometry marketing, as people are more willing to trust doctors who are professionals with good credentials. Optometrists can market their services both online and in-person to reach the most amount of people. 

There are many things that distinguish optometrists from other professionals! One of these things is the fact that optometrists are doctors, so the approach to marketing should feel caring and welcoming. The eyes are also an essential part of the human body – vision is one of our five senses – so it is important to get regular check-ups and to take care of your eyes. Optometry marketing should emphasize this. 

Local Optometry SEO

Local SEO refers to search engine optimization that brings traffic to your in-person office and generates buzz in your location for your business. For professionals like doctors, local SEO is an integral part of marketing, as these services are in-person. 

Local optometry SEO can look like many different forms of advertisement. For instance, optometrists can use keywords both associated with optometry and with the location their services are provided in order to rank higher in users’ search results. 

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Optometrists Online

Optometrists should build a solid online presence for themselves and their businesses. That way, when people in the area find you through their searches online, they can see who you are, your credentials, and other content related to optometry!

A stellar website has many parts. For example, it will include a staff directory with educational background and experience, a comprehensive “contact us” page, an about page, blog posts and articles, reviews, insurance and payment information, location information, and other relevant information. As doctors, it is key that the website is accessible. For optometrists specifically, accessibility for people with low vision or blindness is very important. Not only this but having an accessible website will make patients feel more confident in their skills as a doctor.  

Reviews are another very important factor in why local SEO for optometrists is so important. They allow people to communicate how your services were received and can tell you good information about how people view you as a professional. Reviews are also important because they allow for communication between clients, generating traffic to your website and your in-person services, too! 

Engage on Social Media 

A good website is one thing, but there are other ways optometrists can engage online, and boost attention to their business. One way is through the use of social media. Social media, as its name implies, is a social platform that allows people to communicate with each other about anything. The medical field can benefit greatly from a social media presence for many reasons. For example, a website like Twitter could help you share quick facts or information about services, along with a link to your website or blog post. Instagram allows you to post pictures, so this is a great way to acquaint your future patients with what your office looks like, what you and your team look like, and even what a healthy eye looks like, or things to watch out for. 

A site like LinkedIn is great for professional networking and finding jobs. However, it also allows your future patients to see information like where you went to school and what experience you have in the field or other types of medicine. Websites like Facebook can reach a wide array of audiences, and through their use of groups can be a great tool to use to find a niche group of patients. Reddit can be excellent for spreading the word about your services and giving people input about specific issues or experiences they have had. 

Optometrists should seriously consider having a presence on social media. Doing so helps local SEO for optometrists as well as boosts web and foot traffic by increasing brand awareness

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Optometry at SEO Design Chicago 

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we know that local SEO is important for optometrists. In fact, we can provide a multitude of services for optometrists! 

One thing we can help with is optometrist advertising. These services include pay-per-click marketing, which are targeted ads for people looking for an eye exam near them, or another specific search. We also help optometrists with Facebook advertising and LinkedIn marketing. 

Optometry at SEO Design Chicago doesn’t stop there! We can also aid you with content creation and web design! Content creation is essential for any medical professional’s website. Patients like to see that there is a set of dynamic content on your website because it allows them to do research, learn, read reviews, get information about your location, or read about your insurance and payment policies. 

One of the locations we specialize in is New York City. New York City is in fact a hub for medicine, housing some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world. We provide services for businesses in all five boroughs looking to increase attention and revenue. Specifically for New York City, we provide assistance with SEO, local SEO, website design, custom web development, local marketing, and general assistance with advertising. 


All in all, there are many tactics that optometrists can use to boost their business, and SEO Design Chicago can help you with all of your optometrist marketing needs! We have a unique approach to each location we work in, allowing us to use local SEO to boost foot traffic to your business. 

Since local SEO is so important for optometrists, we will keep location in mind when helping you with marketing. We can also provide services to improve your website and online content! Check out our services today to get SEO assistance. 


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