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Congratulations! You have posted your first blog and have started waiting patiently on potential views stumbling across your domain. Yet, you find yourself looking at a blog you have worked so hard on to fall to the wayside in the tumultuous seas that is the internet. You can not quite put your finger on it, but you realize that there is something vital missing in the making of your blog post.

As you look over your post, top to bottom, you start to think that maybe you can add more sensational phrases or bombshells to up the ante. You start thinking that perhaps introducing a new colorful and interactive format would do wonders to gain more traffic. There is something needed to boost your content straight to the top of Google’s SERP and slowly but surely, you realize that clickbait titles can only do so much. 

In this case, you might just need a well-thought-out strategy to reach the top since good writing can only get you so far. Good writing, coupled with good research can get you greater results. Though you have already researched for your blog, what more could you research to improve traffic to your website? The answer to that lies in backlinks! In this article, you will find out what backlinks are, how they can benefit your business or blog and finally to create your own optimized backlinks. 

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What Are Backlinks?

We are glad you asked! The more technical terminology is that backlinks are hyperlinks, which consists of hypertext, which is a software system that displays links to topics related to information and graphics. It is typically accessed by a point-and-click method. They can come in the form of files or documents that direct you to locations outside the original website via highlighted words and/or images. 

Ok, say what?  

It would be remiss for this article not to knock out the more technical jargon, first. As it will then be easier to understand the more applicable language that can be attributed to your blog post. In essence, a backlink is a hyperlink that is connected from a third-party website to yours. 

Search engines use backlinks as a ranking system in which the algorithm can figure out where the content containing backlinks should be placed on its SERP. Backlinks are integral to how far your content will rank up on the internet. 

Why Are Backlinks So Important?

Backlinks can act as a measurement on how adroit you are at optimal search engine optimization (SEO). Think of backlinks as votes of confidence. The more reputable backlinks or “votes” you receive on your blog, the better your chances that you will win out on the top ten spots of a search page. Therefore, it is the quality of the link you are searching for. It will place value on your website. It is in this light that search engines can be attributed to being the popularity contest for online reputability. 

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What Type Of Backlinks Are There?

There are two types of strategic preferences when talking about typical backlink strategy that are valuable to achieving the two aforementioned goals.

Internal (Outbound) Backlinks

Internal backlinks are links from your own domain. Your website may already have a plethora of blogs and reputable links that you can attach to others within your niche. If that is the case, you can essentially backlink your own articles to the blog you are working on. 

External (Inbound) Backlinks

External backlinks are outside of your domain directed towards you. There are several factors to be taken into consideration if you are searching for external links. This includes validity, relevancy and authority to your niche. Suffice to say, all backlinks you come across should entail all three, regardless. 

Though for external links, the sentiment needs to be doubly true. The source of which you attain the link, no matter how reputable it may be within that particular field, will actually be detrimental to your blog’s growth. 

Understanding High and Low Quality Backlinks

Not every backlink is created equal. Some will be good or high quality while others will be bad or low quality. How can you tell the difference between the two? Bad links will be spammy in nature. Quantity is not everything, it is the quality of the backlink that will boost your SEO. Backlinks from seemingly sketchy websites will affect the trust of current users and deter any new ones from wanting to subscribe to your blog. Bad links may just as well be from a reputable source, though if the topic is completely separate apart from your target keyword, it can lower your SEO ranking, as well. High-quality backlinks are both valid and relevant to your niche. You will get bonus points if they have a high authority.

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What Are Valid, Relevant, and Authoritative Backlinks?

Earlier, it was mentioned that high-quality backlinks must be valid, relevant, and have high authority to be taken into consideration to be placed high on SERPs. So, what does that even mean? 

For it to be valid, then the source is reputable. This means that relevant backlinks have commonalities with the topic of your blog. If you are talking about anime, you would be better talking about streaming services that you can watch it on like Crunchyroll, than backlinking to an Auto Zone. That is, unless that anime is about mechanics and car maintenance, in which case there would be a confusing rabbit hole nobody would have the time to crawl out of. 

Finally, authoritative backlinks come from websites with a multitude of their own high quality backlinks. After having done your research, you will adapt a list of links that meet this criteria that will help you rank higher on SERPs. 

How Do I Create Backlinks?

Speaking of SERPs, what is one trait that valid, relevant and authoritative backlinks have in common? You may not have to wait for the opportune moment when the stars align to rank high. Though what it may take will be proper use of keywords. The higher the quality of backlinks, then you will be more likely to rank high based on your targeted keyword

If you are making backlinks, be sure that you include your target keyword inside specific phrases, words or sentences that are connected intimately to your topic. You do this because backlinks are attached to anchor texts to help your content appear as natural as possible. One way you can accomplish this is by anchoring latent semantic indexing or LSI keywords. These are words that appear in the drop down menu in search bars such as Google. In doing so, you have more leeway with phrasing in that you are not spamming the handful of words that may be correlated to your topic. It can come off as you having a casual conversation with your reader and not obviously trying to sell them something.

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Free Ways to Earn Backlinks

There are both free and paid ways you can earn backlinks. These are the best ways to do so for free.

Create Exciting Content

Who wouldn’t want to do this? It may sound like the most obvious route, though it should be stated by just how popular it is. Creating content that is shareable and of high quality will gain positive attention and can lead to some unsolicited backlinks. 

Manual Outreach

This one requires an extra amount of research on your part, but the rewards definitely match the effort put into it. Reaching out to other creators is an effective means to get your content out there. Taking part in goodwill tactics, such as writing a press release, can be a deciding factor in getting the attention of the owner of the host domain. However, if you reach out for a backlink without having done your research, the host of that domain may reconsider the collaboration. It is respectful that you know the business, blogger and/or content creator first before asking for such.

Tools For Free Backlinks

You are not alone in your assumption that very few do not want free stuff. It is for this reason that companies have made it easier for blogs to get their content off the ground with the tools to do so. Some of the more popular options are Ubersuggest, Check My Links, ContentBird, Whitespark, and Linkstant.

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Paid Ways to Earn Backlinks

Yes, you can buy backlinks. If you plan cooperating with an agency, you can pay for a link to connect back to your website. Whether it is through paid guest hosts or paid insertions. Though, it is normally frowned upon and can negatively affect your blog’s SEO score. You can even receive a penalty from the search engine.

Everything seems to tie back to keywords and rightfully so. Websites want backlinks to accomplish two goals. The first is to enhance rank placement on SERPs. The second is to allow users to easily find your page. Keywords are what will aid you in your journey to clear both simultaneously. 

Let SEO Design Chicago Do the Research Needed Create Effective Backlinks For You!

Earning and creating backlinks is a strenuous process and can cost you the work you could have put into other aspects of your business. Though, you do not have to do that research as the experts at SEO Design Chicago can find which websites will benefit you the most and message the appropriate hosts. We then can show them how your content can benefit them as well.


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