Why Local SEO Is Important for Funeral Homes

The average person doesn’t often think about how funeral homes may advertise their services. Death isn’t something most people like thinking about until they are forced to. However, the reality is that funeral homes are a business just like many others. Although funeral homes deal with a delicate topic, they still need to employ ample marketing and advertising strategies to alert people of their services and generate business. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways that local SEO is important for funeral homes. 

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Funeral Home SEO

Funeral home businesses can benefit greatly from search engine optimization, also known as SEO. In fact, local SEO is very important for funeral homes. These services are different from many other types because they are time-sensitive. After someone dies, there is a limited amount of time for their loved ones to make arrangements regarding the funeral and aftercare. For example, if the deceased person is being embalmed, funeral directors are looking at a timetable of about one to two weeks. If someone is being cremated, the time frame is even shorter, meaning families will likely start planning a funeral almost immediately after their loved one has passed. 

Funeral home SEO content can help boost website traffic. Just like with any other business, funeral home SEO can come in a wide variety of media. For example, funeral homes can use hashtags on their posts. These hashtags can act as keywords to help optimize user accessibility. Any way that a website is made easier to use boosts traffic because people can access the site faster and move through different pages and links as they please. 

Local SEO for Funeral Homes

Local SEO is also important for funeral homes because it generates attention in the area the services are provided. Funeral homes are of course in person, so it is essential that they advertise in and around their area of service. 

But how does local SEO content even work? And what does local SEO content look like? These are excellent questions! Search engines like Google keep your location in mind when you search for anything on the web. This means that when users look up goods and services, they receive search results with local options coming up as well. Users also may use phrases such as “near me” after their search keywords to find local goods and services. 

For a funeral home, a user’s search may look something like “funeral homes near me,” or “cost-effective funeral tips.” The search results will reflect on these questions by providing tips, lists, reviews, and more about the search keywords. These results generate another type of website traffic: comments, reviews, and sharing. If a website posts a blog or publishes a new article people can comment on it and share a link with others. 

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Funeral Home Marketing

You may be wondering about the nature of funeral home marketing. In what ways is funeral home marketing the same or different from other types of business marketing?

Funeral home marketing is similar to other types of business marketing in many ways. For example, funeral homes still need to use keywords to get attention on online search engines. They also still need to utilize tactful marketing skills such as designing a logo, having a fully functional, dynamic, and accessible website, providing easy ways to contact the funeral home, and creating blogs, articles, and other posts to generate website traffic. Funeral homes have the same standard as any other type of business when it comes to marketing. In short, the goal is to generate traffic to get people to use your services. 

Since funeral homes are in person, it is the job of a funeral home to market locally to generate foot traffic, too. Funeral homes can take out local advertisements, market with other local businesses, and establish themselves as part of their communities. 

Marketing puts your business out there and increases visibility. Visibility describes the way that your business is public and well-known. Simply getting your business’s name out there– whether it may be on a simple paper placemat at the diner, or on a big billboard on the highway– increases visibility and puts the name of your business into the minds of lots of people. 

Eventually, with good local funeral home marketing, funeral homes can become household names and become pillars of the areas they serve. 

Funeral Home Digital Marketing Tips

Local SEO is important for funeral homes, but digital marketing is also essential for the success of a funeral home. Funeral home digital marketing is a little bit different than local advertisements of funeral homes. Since funeral homes are so rooted in their physical communities, it may be hard to boost engagement on the web. It is not impossible, though. In fact, by utilizing certain tips that were mentioned above, funeral homes can increase traffic to their websites, and in turn to their businesses as well. 

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Utilize SEO

The first funeral home digital marketing tip is to use SEO. SEO describes the use of keywords that help people find web content most relevant to them. Funeral homes should utilize keywords such as “funeral,” “funeral home near me,” “local funeral home,” “most affordable funeral home near me,” and other similar words and phrases to generate attention on their websites. Using keywords like these will ensure that web users see your content within the first page of their search. This means increased accessibility and quick access to your content. 

Keywords are essential for any type of marketing, and funeral home digital marketing is no different. Funeral home owners can use keywords on posts on social media in headers, hashtags, and captions. These business owners may want to utilize sites like Instagram and Facebook to share images and generate local attention. 

Create a Logo

Additionally, a logo is also important for any business. Funeral homes should have a solid logo that displays their name and some sort of style or essence. This is all part of messaging that future clients can see. If they see a fashionable logo, they will oftentimes feel more confident with the business. 

Have a Website

Just like a good logo is a must for funeral home SEO, a good website is important, too. A solid website will have tons of content like blog posts, articles, videos, and pictures, along with comprehensive information that is arranged in an accessible way. Websites should also have an easy way for people to contact the business owners, a staff directory (with names and professional information if applicable), and ample resources for users to access from their phones and computers. 

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What Makes Funeral Homes Unique?

We’ve written a lot about how local SEO is important for funeral homes, and specifically how it is similar to digital SEO. There is something that makes funeral homes different than other businesses. What is it?

Funeral homes are unique because the content they deal with is of a serious nature, and people are heavily invested in the services they are buying. A funeral isn’t nearly on the same level as a cup of coffee – yes, you want your coffee made the way you want it, but it’s not like you’ll never get a coffee again. A funeral is a one-time event, and it revolves around something so permanent: life itself, and its end. All this being said, it is reasonable to say that clients of a funeral home are likely more invested in the services here than at their local Starbucks. 

People only die once. People only have one funeral, an event which everyone will remember by the way. Funeral home directors are under a lot of pressure due to the nature of their work. The services they provide for people are happening during extreme hardship and trauma. 

This is another reason why local SEO is so important for funeral homes; everyone will need the service of a funeral home at some point in their lives. When they do end up needing that service, people need to feel comfortable and confident with the professionals they choose to care for their deceased loved one. SEO provides visibility for funeral homes and allows people to find comfort in a familiar funeral home when they need one. 

Funeral Homes Are Businesses, Too

Funeral homes are businesses just like any other, and because of this, they should utilize the same types of marketing tools. 

Local SEO is especially important for funeral homes because it boosts foot traffic. It’s not that anyone wants the services from a funeral home. However, people must know that there is a trustworthy funeral home in their community to rely on if they ever needed the services provided. 

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market your funeral home by curating content for your website. By employing the use of SEO, we can help more people hear about your business and grow both website and foot traffic. Check out our services today!


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