Why Is Local SEO Important for Coffee Shops?

If your coffee shop brand is not one of the biggest names in the business, then it can be difficult to get customers to walk into your local shop’s door. Nowadays, people tend to search for the nearest roast on their phones by typing different phrases into their search engine. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your coffee shop is a strategy of using different tactics to appear at the top of a search engine result page or SERP. Being at the top of these pages means being noticed by more potential cafe customers.

One tactic for search engine optimization includes ensuring your website is appealing to the search engine. This means creating high-quality content and structuring your website with the user in mind. There are many different templates available to easily create an appealing website, or consider hiring a professional website designer

Another tactic for search engine optimization is to use different keywords within the structure of your website. Keywords and phrases within your website show the search engine that your website is relevant to what the user is searching for. The most simple way to find keywords is to research popular words used in the coffee shop industry. Some examples of the most popular keywords and keyphrases for coffee shops are “coffee shops,” “coffee near me,” or “best coffee near me.” The keyphrases that use location are associated with local search engine optimization tactics.

Local SEO

Local SEO for a coffee shop uses the same strategies of SEO while also focusing on the geographic location of your target audience. If your coffee shop’s goal is to get more people from your area into your store, using local search optimization tactics such as creating a Google My Business profile can be super helpful. 

Google My Business Profile

A Google My Business profile will ensure people near your coffee shop can find your business on the map when searching the internet or Google Maps for a place to grab a coffee. Local SEO for your coffee shop is based upon the location that the user is in, so making sure your business can be found on the map is essential.

Setting up a profile will ensure your coffee shop is getting the most amount of traffic possible to your website. Local search optimization uses different algorithms to determine which websites are the most relevant to the user, and a My Business profile will boost your coffee shop’s relevancy.

From this profile, customers can easily call your coffee shop, view your menu, see photos of your food and beverage items, and also visit your website. Coffee shops with a detailed profile providing this information will get the most amount of traffic on the web as well as in person. 

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Ratings and Reviews

Be sure to let customers know about your Google My Business Profile so they can leave ratings on your profile. Coffee shops with higher ratings will rank higher on search engine result pages, therefore increasing traffic to your website.

Consumers enjoy reading reviews as a form of research before visiting a new coffee shop. Websites with more reviews are more likely to succeed. To get more reviews, providing a discount as an incentive may increase the likelihood of a customer leaving a review on your profile. 


Ensuring you incorporate different keywords and phrases about your geographic location is essential to your coffee shop’s local search engine optimization. Incorporate the location of your coffee shop many times throughout your website’s structure to ensure people in your area can discover your business. 

Local search engine optimization also utilizes keywords to determine which information is the most relevant to a user. So, ensure the message of your coffee shop can be found with ease. Keywords should be relevant to your brand and used frequently, but not overused to the point where the user is overwhelmed by keywords.

Coffee Shop Website Design

Search engine optimization tactics begin at the heart of search engines: website design. A customer wants the end goal of their website visit to be one thing and that is to obtain coffee. Ensuring your website can achieve this one goal easily should be the main objective for your coffee shop website’s design.

Some of the best coffee shop websites are e-commerce websites, where the customer can buy coffee directly from your website. E-commerce sites allow for more sales online and in-person as well as increase the credibility of your coffee shop. Coffee shop websites with easy-to-read headlines and high-quality product photos will generate the most sales. Before creating your coffee shop’s website and figuring out how to design local search engine optimization, your coffee shop needs to create its brand identity. 

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Coffee Shop Brand

Your coffee shop’s brand identity is the most essential part of creating your business. Before any other part of the business can be developed, the brand’s identity must be envisioned. Brand identity consists of the aesthetic and style your coffee shop chooses, your logo, and the tone of voice your brand consistently uses. 

41% of millennials report spending more on coffee in the past year than they had invested in their retirement fund. Ensuring your coffee shop is in touch with your target audience is essential to creating your brand identity.

Imagine the feeling you want your customers to have when they look at your brand. Focus on the specific style of coffee shop you want to be perceived as. Use different cafes as inspiration for the design of your shop or different featured menu items. Does your coffee shop want to make its own oat milk or buy it from a store? Questions such as this will help determine which kind of category your coffee shop will fall under. Use words to describe these different categories as some of your keywords and phrases to optimize your ranking. 

Imagine Starbucks’s clean and crisp packaging combined with their earthy-toned aesthetic. Then, compare them to their biggest competitor, Dunkin’ Donuts, which has a brightly colored aesthetic combined with less expensive ingredients. Comparing these two brand identities in your head can give a clear comparison of how creating a brand identity can influence a consumer. Your coffee shop brand identity will depend on what kind of customers you want to attract to your cafe as well as the different ingredients your coffee shop chooses to use. 

Coffee Shop Marketing Plan

Once your coffee shop has created its brand identity it can focus on implementing a marketing plan. The easiest and most accessible way to reach your potential and existing customers are through social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing

Setting up different social media accounts for your coffee shop is the best way to reach more coffee consumers. Creating Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok accounts can attract more customers to your business and website. 

Ensure the designs for your social media content are consistent and provide a uniform-looking feed. The color scheme and tone of voice used on social media should correspond with your overall brand identity. The easiest way to ensure the designs of your social media designs are looking consistent is by creating templates on design software. Use different variations of the same template to create aesthetically appealing content that will attract more followers. Ensure the tone of voice your coffee shop uses in captions and posts is consistent with your brand identity.

Including a Linktree in your social media account bios is essential for connecting all platforms with your website. This one link will take your customers to a list of all social media accounts and your website. It is customizable to whichever link your business wants to lead customers to. A simple Linktree is necessary for any small business’s social media account. Pricing for a basic account starts at $0 per month and can be upgraded depending on your goal.

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