Embedding an Image in an Email

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep up with your emails? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Emails are frequently used worldwide, and people often receive a large amount in their inboxes every day. As far as 2022 goes, 333.2 billion emails are sent and received per day.. This rate is going up by the year, and the number is suggested to reach 376.4 billion by 2025. This number suggests how valuable email quality truly is. 

Emails are often business-related, which can be overwhelming to those who are constantly keeping up with them. It is important to make your emails stand out so they don’t become a chore for your viewers to read. 

Life in the workplace can get tiresome when a person spends all of their time reading email upon email. People need something to keep them motivated, something to hold their interest. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be boring or wordy. While writing is a very important component of marketing, it is also important to illustrate ideas with photos. Being able to understand how to incorporate images into your marketing strategy is the first step. 

Learning how to embed an image in an email is important for boosting your brand. In this article, you will learn about why you should send photos by email, how to embed an image in an email, how to use images in an email, and different ways to use images in an email. 

How to embed an image in an email

Why Embed an Image

There are many things you can do to better your marketing strategies. When it comes to improving SEO, images are a necessity. Whether it is for social media, writing a blog, or sending an email, visual components are essential for catching your viewer’s eye and breaking up text. 

Email Images

It can be difficult to keep a viewer’s attention with all of the distractions that take place in the world today such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These social media apps, combined with everything else people have going on in their lives, make it harder for businesses on the marketing side of things. This is why it is important to have engaging content for viewers. It is a business’s job to do its best to keep their viewer’s attention. Engaging content starts with being creative and finding ways to stand out to people. Embedding an image in an email is one way to be visually appealing, which allows your brand to gain more attention. 

Furthermore, looking from a viewer’s perspective you wouldn’t want to spend precious time reading simple emails without any visual content to break it up. Knowing how to embed an image in an email is key to keeping up with engaging content, and giving people something pleasing to look at. When looking to engage people and keep their interest, images are necessary. It is key to attracting more people to your website

While it is important to have multiple platforms to market your brand, email is one of the most essential. Learning how to attach a picture to an email is a beneficial skill for marketing because it can reach a large number of people directly. Emails feel more personable, and allow you to keep in touch with customers on the regular. Not only will sending a photo by email boost your company’s confidence, but it will also be a key to widening your business. Learning how to embed an image in an email may seem tricky at first glance, but it only takes a few simple steps.

how to attach picture to email

How to Attach a Picture to Email

Knowing how to embed an image in an email is not as complicated as you may think. The first step is figuring out which image to use. This is the fun part, yet the most crucial. What kind of image will go with the flow of your writing? Is it a funny image? A serious image? Or is it just an image to display a certain emotion you want to get across? Perhaps your image is business-related. Whatever style you are going for, be sure to fit the vibe of what the email is trying to say overall. If your image doesn’t go along with the specific email, it may confuse readers. 

Know Your Image Format

After you have chosen your image, it helps to know your image format. Common formats that work well with Gmail include JPEG and PNG files. If you are struggling with selecting or embedding your photo, it could be due to the file type.

Attach the Image

Attaching the picture itself to the email is the next step. First, you have to get the email started like you normally would. This can be done by clicking “compose” located at the top left above your inbox messages. After you have done this, you are ready for the second step.

Embed the Image

The second step is the important yet simple process of embedding the image in the email. To do this, you must first put your cursor where you want the image to go. After you have done that, select the image icon. A few options will come up for you, and you will most likely want to select the “upload” option. This will allow you to drag your desired email image directly into the box. 

It is important to distinguish the difference between sending the image as an attachment or embedding it as a part of the email. While attaching the image may decrease the size of the email, it is less convenient for readers and you may lose their interest. Viewers would have to take time to download the attachment, and the email will be less visually pleasing. With all of the fast-paced social media apps, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time or lose interest. 

how to send a photo by email

How to Send a Photo by Email

Once the image has been selected, you will want to select “inline” rather than “as attachment”. This will ensure how your image will be embedded in the email. It will be displayed clearly in the email, not as an attachment that must first be downloaded by the viewer.

How to Use Images in Email

Learning how to embed an image in an email is more than the steps of sending the email. It is also reliant on what types of pictures you can use to attract your audience, and how to use these email images. It is important to keep the audience in mind when pondering how to embed an image in an email. A few tips on email images include format, accessibility, size, and appropriate pictures that line up with your brand. Also, try to make emails personable. This will create an intimacy between the client and the business. Images will allow the emails to be clearer and more pleasant to look at. They will give a client a better understanding of what is being said, and will not add stress to their day.

Try to keep in mind the colorfulness of your emails as well. Ask yourself, is it visually appealing as a whole? Do the visuals pop and make you want to read more? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” you are doing a good job with your email images.

To keep the audience entertained, knowing how to embed an image in an email is useful. You want your images to be aesthetically pleasing as well as entertaining. A helpful marketing tool that has become popular in the social media field is the use of GIFs. These moving images allow your marketing to come to life. It is possible to use GIFs in emails and highly recommended to display a pop of enthusiasm to your viewers. Who doesn’t love a fun meme now and then, even if it relates to business? 

email image


E-blasts are mass emails that are sent to clients or consumers of your brand. These types of emails are used often in advertising and marketing. Since these are sent to a wide number of people, the visual detail should be widely focused on. Even though they are not personal emails, you should make them feel personable. You want your clients to know you appreciate them all individually.

Your marketing needs images. Similar to how tweets are usually retweeted when they have an image, emails are more likely to be read when there is an image. Photos spark curiosity, they give off more excitement than just plain text. People are attracted to images, as they give them something to look forward to after they have been reading text for so long. Images are easy to understand and the human eye likes to look at them.

With everything that goes on in the world today, people need something that is going to intrigue them, something that is going to encourage their concentration. You want your brand to be the center of attention, and immersing images in your marketing world is a great start.


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