Why Local SEO Is Important for Chocolatiers

Chocolate is an experience made from milky concoctions of sweetened goodness wrapped in an assortment of wildly colorful packaging or if eaten excessively, a trip to the dentist. Chocolate has been a generational pastime with roots in the Mayo-Chinchipe culture dating roughly 5000 years ago. People can assume that chocolate simply has its popularity to go off of to gain an interested audience. Though just screaming “chocolate” is not enough for even that to happen. In our modern times, we have the next best thing, the internet. We should take this opportunity to delve into how chocolate makers get the word out about their artisan morsels, including optimizing for “chocolatiers near me.”

Be The First on “Chocolatiers Near Me” Search Queries

You might just have the best chocolate in town, but how do people know your unique flavors exist? If you are just opening your chocolate business, the neighborhood in which your business resides cannot be looked at as simply a commodity. To find any amount of success, you have to upgrade your chocolate advertising techniques and start treating your customers as people. You need to establish a connection with the locals there. If you want to understand what it is your local online market prioritizes in search queries, you need to start with customer search intent

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Local SEO Helps Chocolatiers with Search Intent

Local SEO is defined as services that are focused on geographical queries. Chocolate advertising may have a unique flare, but it won’t be enough. Specialty shops have one thing in common with many online markets: search engine exposure. Restaurants that acknowledge how beneficial SEO is, will sooner than not, have people lined up at their doors if they include “near me” in their online searches.

Consider search intent, the most important ingredient in local SEO. In Google’s eyes, search intent (also known as user intent) is quite possibly the most important step in SEO research. When you proceed with SEO research, you are essentially going in blind unless you find out what people in your field are searching for. What primarily fills the criteria for user intent is the “reasoning” behind why the search was made for in the first place. Are they trying to make a purchase, are they looking for a good restaurant, maybe they want stir fry for a decent value? Finding out what customers want through understanding their search intent and how that stacks up to local relevancy is a great start. 

Utilizing SERP for Content Relevancy

As a basis, user intent falls under 4 categories: informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. They answer questions, direct people to appropriate applications, introduce products/services and finally provide e-commerce sites to buy said products and services. Studying these categories will provide you with the tools to boost your ranking in your location. Essentially, user intent satisfies rank. We are looking for places of reference – an area where we can actively view people’s intent in real-time, free of charge, and only takes a little of your time. That is the search engine results page (SERP) Yes, it can be that simple. 

As a brief description, SERPs are the first 10 items that show up on a user’s search query. Those 10 spots were achieved because, well, they did the research via SEO. A search engine uses powerful algorithms to locate specific words or phrases that covers topics relative to a user’s intent. Now, how content is placed on the SERP is either through paid promotion or through organic searches. You will see this as there will be several ads on top, followed by 10 “organic’ searches underneath, that will lead to your best outcome. If you create the best chocolate, relevant searches will do the work to show that you are. 

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Questionnaires Are Good for Established Businesses 

In digital marketing, your greatest tool is the ability sellers have to effectively communicate to potential buyers. You have to get your point across and for what purpose your business is the way to go. So, what better way to understand your customers than to communicate with your audience through a survey? Questionnaires are some of the best ways to reach out to a consumer base that you have already attained. Other than that, if you are starting out, your best tool is SERP. 

Reach the Top of SERPs With Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are a group of words that make your search more specific. Keywords are specific ideas that convey your topic in one or two words and assist businesses in achieving a higher ranking on Google. Well, long-tails are even more specific. 

For instance, having your topic based loosely on brownies is one thing. However, adding “gluten-free, non-dairy chocolate recipe” and optimizing your content around that is what makes it niche. In turn, providing you SERP authority. Due to the enhanced specificity, there will usually be less competition, which actually works in your favor. You see, the only way you would have come across a vegan-positive chocolate option is if you would have done the research for your target audience. Do not let your money and other valuable resources go to waste because you did not focus on an audience. 

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Do Not Forget LSI Keywords for Additional Specificity 

Scroll up and observe the second paragraph and the title above describing it. That is the primary focus keyword or the main word people are searching for within the category. It is the term that you want to rank high for. Now, include more phrasing on top of what you are looking for. “Chocolatiers near me”, becomes a phrase that is semantically inclined. That is what defines LSI or latent semantic indexing keywords, which algorithmically searches for context clues within people’s search queries. 

Whereas long-tails satisfy the search intent, LSIs satisfy the intent behind searches. Both of these work in tandem to make sure the topic will boost conversions for that topic. Boosted conversions are indexed by web crawlers that view your content as reputable sources. Reputable sources wind up being a part of the illustrious top-ranked SERP position. Though, there is a position tied to a locale that can be argued is better than the top 10 ranking that focuses on their geographic status. You may find this coveted spot no further than the “Local Pack,” which appears as the first three choices atop the SERP. 

Organize Your Google Business Profile

Locals or even tourists who are inquiring about restaurants tagged with “near me” are not generally trying to go out of their way to drive long distances for food. Instead, they want a quick bite or to enjoy what the immediate area has to offer. By setting up a Google Business Profile, you can determine how you appear on searches. As you can see, this benefits restaurants more than you think. With chocolatiers near me, we are actively putting ourselves in the line of chocolate lovers and chocolate makers who want to satisfy that need. 

Social Media Is Great for Local Outreach

Social media has exploded in recent years. Now there are over 130 social media apps that a business can use to reach to more customers than ever before. It is easy to see that with the amount of personalization that comes with social media, a company can become more involved with the buying journey of the customer. 

A fantastic benefit of this personalization is content creation that can appeal to an audience outside of a Google search. Apps such as Instagram and TikTok have different algorithmic strategies to reach their audience. That solidifies the potential just waiting to be accessed: Videos, group chats, and customer inquiries answered in minutes via text or a direct message. Social media platforms offer more interaction and expression which allow customers to want to become a part of something big. Inclusion is a big factor in social platforms and businesses.

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Let SEO Design Chicago Be Your Guidepost to Local SEO

There is no way chocolate ranks low on a scale of delicious desserts. Neither should your business. If you want to reach out to your local audience, allow SEO Design Chicago to connect you to them. We have experts in creative content creation, Local Pack inclusion, lead generation, and SEO research. If you want your chocolate advertising to be the best it can be, we will help to make sure that it is. Customers will be asking about your creations in no time!


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