Inspire Consumers With Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle brands have been around for a long time. However, lifestyle brand marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years. In this article, we will explore lifestyle brands, lifestyle products, and lifestyle marketing so you can see how these types of brands inspire consumers and how to create successful lifestyle brands. If you are interested in creating a lifestyle brand, this is the article for you.

What Is a Lifestyle Brand?

lifestyle brand creates products and services and also goes one step further than that. Most importantly, lifestyle brands create stories that are based on the lifestyle that their consumers aspire and desire to live. The most successful lifestyle brands understand the desired lifestyle and way of life and use it to appeal to like minded people. Whether it’s a healthy lifestyle selling athletic apparel or selling shoes or a luxury lifestyle selling clothes, the top lifestyle brands create desire for certain products.

What Makes a Successful Lifestyle Brand?

Next, let’s take a look at several components to creating a successful lifestyle brand. Lifestyle brands are implemented by companies and individuals who want to motivate and inspire people. It is a way of marketing a product as an essential part of a customer’s life, not something they should buy just because. A lifestyle brand must represent the idea that will create loyal followers no matter the price.

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Focus on Your Target Audience

When figuring out your target audience, begin by asking yourself, who is it for and who can afford it? After asking those questions, follow up with demographics and other trends.

Make Your Content About Your Customers

Content marketing is crucial for any advertising today. When it comes to lifestyle branding, it’s all about using content marketing correctly. Your marketing strategy should be all about the interests of your customers. Therefore, you must tell them a story and why they need your product.

Boost Your Online Presence 

Everyone is online. To draw attention to your brand and gain followers, you must be present on social media. It isn’t feasible to be on all social media platforms, so you should choose the media that your audience uses the most, then have a decent presence on the other platforms.

Invest in Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how familiar your target audience is with your brand. You want customers to recognize you and associate you with quality and the need to have your product. Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s are three brands with high brand awareness. When people see these logos, they immediately know what they’re looking at.

Investing in a good promotional video, web design, billboards, and nationwide marketing campaign will get you noticed and remembered. The brand increases the ability of the customer to remember your brand’s name in a specific category.

Visual branding is another aspect of brand awareness. Visual branding consists of all the visual elements used to represent your business such as advertisements, symbols, colors, and appearance, without knowing your name. This primarily refers to situations when customers buy based on looks but can’t remember the brand name.

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Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing is a marketing approach where a brand connects itself to the ideals, values, and aspirations of its identified target audience. This is how lifestyle brands emerge. Check out these lifestyle marketing tips you can use for your brand.

Get Deeper Insight Into Your Target Audience

We’ve already discussed a lot about why your audience is so important when it comes to lifestyle brands. However, one way to get to know your target audience is through re-evaluating or expanding your target persona research. More specifically, you can do this by adding more lifestyle details to your buyer persona. You can conduct surveys of existing customers to get to know your audience. Customer-facing businesses can ask their employees for insight into customers since they interact with them regularly. Seeing and speaking to those who buy your products will tell you a lot about your target customer.

Connect With Your Audience on Social Media

Using social media is another great way to get to know and interact with your audience. You should be posting regularly and responding to comments to build trust with your customers. It is an easy way to address questions and concerns and build deeper connections. This is also a way to promote services and products. This will also help you understand how to market your products and get ahead of any questions they may ask.

Depending on the social media platform, you can also organize events or engage customers via hashtags relevant to your industry and products. Engaging your audience will develop your brand and ideally attract more customers.

Post Product Demonstrations Online

People love to see visual examples that relate to their lifestyles. They are interested in how and why a product would benefit them. Product demonstrations show how your product can improve customers’ lives creatively. You can also inform your audience about your company and the culture behind it. When creating a demonstration video, be careful who you choose to represent your brand. This person will become the face of your brand and reflects your audience. They should be likable and relatable in order to establish a good connection with your audience.

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Sponsor Segments on Lifestyle TV Stations

TV is equally important to use along with digital marketing. You can work with a media partner to create a successful lifestyle marketing campaign. You can use TV segments to share your brand to a more local audience in a particular community. In addition, you can also use social media and other sponsorship tools to promote your brand. The length of sponsored segments can vary which gives you the opportunity to determine what is right for you.

Create Company Culture Videos

Culture videos are a way to show your audience that your internal team consists of people who are part of your target audience. A culture video might feature an employee who loves their job and gives a behind-the-scenes look into your business and products. Culture videos make your brand relatable and appear more human. People are more likely to buy from a company that they feel represents them.

Use Lifestyle Marketing to Effectively Relate to Audiences

You don’t have to have a lifestyle brand to use this comprehensive strategy centered around your audience to develop your brand. You’ll build more trust and convert more prospects into loyal customers.

Lifestyle Products

Finally, there are many products out there. Let’s look at some lifestyle categories and trending products to sell in 2021. Customers are willing to pay top dollar for new products as they look to earn bragging rights of being the first to try them. Let’s take a look at some lifestyle brand examples.

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Women’s Fashion Trending Products

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg denim jeans are trending in popularity. When marketing fashion items you should use Facebook ads, influencer marketing, and posting on social media.


Shapewear is worn under women’s clothing to give a more slimming look. Over the past few years, shapewear has grown in popularity. If you add shapewear to your store, you should sell a variety of styles. To successfully market shapewear, you must get creative and target the right audience.


Athleisure is another trending product over the past couple of years. Sports bras, leggings, and comfortable clothing that can be worn around home or the gym are on people’s radar. You can market these products by partnering with an influencer or Instagram ads.


Swimsuit popularity is declining. However, certain styles are making waves on online stores. Selling swimwear can be a good idea if that is likely to draw people to your store. Before creating a swimsuit store, you may want to test it out as a collection on an online boutique or general store. Influencer marketing is a great way to market swimsuits. You can get lifestyle photos with your swimwear that you can reuse for ads and other marketing purposes.

Beauty Trending Products

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are a popular beauty accessory that makes your eyelashes look fuller. Thousands have been sold on Shopify. You can also sell eyelash glue, eyelash serum, fake eyebrows, and other beauty products. Reach out to beauty writers for women’s publications to promote beauty products. You can also optimize your online store for SEO which can drive organic traffic.

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are another popular beauty product. Besides searching “nail extension,” you can also search for false nails, fake nails, fashion nails, and acrylic nails. It is a bigger niche than you may realize. The best place to market nail extensions is on Instagram and using multiple hashtags.

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Men’s Trending Products 

Men’s Watches

Watches for men are a popular product and can be gifted throughout the year. It’s best to stick with best sellers, like smartwatches, which will give you the best chance of landing your first few sales and hitting your target audience.

Men’s Shoes

Men’s shoes are a very popular product, especially around the holidays. You can create a stand-alone shoe store or add it as a fashion collection to a men’s fashion store. The best way to market men’s shoes is through an influencer on Instagram and Facebook.

Tech Trending Products

Phone Cases

Phone cases have been growing in popularity since 2009. The best part about phone cases is that new trends and styles are constantly emerging. Phone cases are best advertised on Facebook and Instagram. Using images is attention-grabbing and may drive impulse purchases.

Wireless Earbuds

Since the introduction to AirPods, everyone is looking for an opportunity to sell wireless earbuds. You can market using influencers who demonstrate the convenience of listening to music with earbuds. Video ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads are other great ways to advertise earbuds.

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