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Custom logo design

Custom Logo Designs 

A custom logo is unique to your business. You, as the business owner, will heavily influence the finished logo design. A company’s brand is vital to its success, so having a custom logo design will help the business stand apart from other competing businesses.  With a custom logo, your design will have a direct connection to your company and its mission statement. This article will go over the steps needed to create a great custom logo design.

The first step to take towards reaching your ideal custom logo is finding a great logo design company that fits you and your business needs. Second, educate yourself on what goes into logo creation. Knowing the basics about logo creation will help you communicate your ideas and suggestions to your designer. Lastly, you want your logo to come off as professional. That way, customers and competing businesses will take your product or service seriously. In this article, you will learn about different logo design companies, the steps that go into logo creation, and what a professional logo design means. 

Logo Designer Companies 

Logo design companies

A logo design company will collaborate with you to create the best logo to fit your company. There are so many different design companies that design logos for various businesses. It is crucial to find a company that will listen to your needs and concerns, and work with you in a professional environment to create the logo that will help your business grow and succeed. Let’s look at some logo design companies and resources that will work with your business to design your ideal logo.

1. SEO Design Chicago

SEO Design Chicago provides a variety of services to help businesses succeed. One of their services is graphic design. They provide logo design, website templates, and anything in between. The company believes that it is imperative to have a memorable, unique logo in order to run a successful business. People are visual learners, so they will most likely use your logo to remember your company. Therefore, your logo needs to have that “wow factor” which will keep customers coming back for more. Contact SEO Design Chicago for a consultation today, if you need a company that can help with design, increasing website traffic, marketing, and much more. 

2. Fiverr Logo Designers

Fiverr Logo Designers offers prices as low as $5 for a design. On their website, you can view a variety of designers who are offering their logo design services. Essentially, Fiverr Logo Designers is a resource for you to find a designer to design your business logo. These designers showcase their logo portfolios, so potential clients can see the distinct design styles that each artist has. You can also view their reviews, to see what customers have to say about working with that particular designer. Fiverr Logo Designers is a great resource if you are looking for a designer on a budget. 

3. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd allows you to find a logo designer. Like Fiverr Logo Designers, DesignCrowd is extremely helpful because it compiles a variety of designers on one site. DesignCrowd is the #1 custom logo design service with 836,264 designers. They have over 800,000 freelance designers with over 300,000 completed logo designs. DesignCrowd doesn’t just do logo designs. Other services include web design, shirt design, poster design, business card design, and much more. 

4. 99designs

99designs gives companies two different options for designing a custom logo. First, you can work directly with a designer from anywhere around the world. Second, you can hold your own logo design contest and choose the design you like the best. The price can vary for each business. With some designs priced very low, while others can be thousands of dollars. Overall, the main goal is to provide you with a logo that will work well with your company.

5. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands allows you to design your own logo. The great thing about this company is the fact that you can design an assortment of logos for FREE! You only have to pay for the logo that you actually like. This website is perfect for companies that want to design their logo without the cost of a designer.

6. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker gives users an easy experience while creating your company logo. You do not need any previous design experience when using this site. On Wix, you will answer some basic questions about your company. After that, the site will generate designs based on your answers. Wix Logo Maker provides an easy, simple experience to people looking to design their own custom logo. 

There are many other custom logo design companies. These were just a few to highlight the differences and similarities between various companies. There are some companies where you work with a designer to design your company logo. On the other hand, there are other companies where you get to be the designer. So depending on your budget and what you envision your logo to be, make sure to pick the company that aligns with your ideas and business vision. 

Logo Creation 

Logo Creation

According to ebaqdesign, there are 8 steps in the logo creation process.

Design Brief

The design company you choose to work with will need to know more about your company. With this knowledge, they will have a little bit of an idea of what you are looking for in your logo design. 


Once the company has your business information, they start the research process. They will research your company’s industry, competitors, and anything else they need to know while creating your logo. 


The designer(s) assigned to your project will start generating ideas and concepts. In the brainstorming stage, it’s all about coming up with as many ideas as possible. This way, they have many creative ideas to build upon, seeing what works and what doesn’t. 


Some designers draw with pen and paper, while others choose to work digitally on a tablet or computer. In this stage, they are making their ideas come to life. 

Design Execution

The designer will go back to their research to see if their design sketches align with their findings. Designers don’t want to waste their time running after ideas that will not work. The logo might not be competitive enough or work in that particular industry, so it is crucial that the designer checks his or her previous work to be efficient, not wasting precious time.  


It’s time to present your ideas to your client. Some designers choose to show their clients soft and hard copies of the logo. For example, they might print the design on a business card or piece of paper so that the client can see what the design looks like on a substrate. The designer might also choose to display the logo on a website or other digital platform to show the client a soft version of the design. Showing the designs in a variety of ways is useful because clients want to see the realistic outcome of their possible custom logo design. 


Most likely, the client will want some changes to the design. After presenting your work to the client, it’s back to the editing stage, to ensure the client gets their dream design. A key tip: always keep copies of the original design in case the client changes his or her mind about what they like or dislike about the design.  


Once your client approves the final design, it’s time to give them their custom logo design! Don’t forget to trademark the logo. Trademarking ensures that no one can steal or copy the logo.

Of course, every designer has their own way of designing, but these are some basic steps that designers loosely follow. Knowing these steps will make you, as a client, more comfortable with leaving the design of your logo in someone else’s hands. Now you know how much hard work goes into designing a logo. Maybe you’ll even try to design your own logo. Or, you might just leave designing logos to the professionals. Either way, now you have a greater appreciation for designers and will not feel totally lost when they are explaining the process of designing your company’s custom logo. 

Professional Logo Design 

Professional Logo Design

Now you might be asking yourself, “Well, what’s the difference between a logo and a professional logo?” You can think of it as being similar to fast food vs upper-class dining. Fast food is good, but is usually made of pre-made food that will be cooked into a dish. Upper-class dining is usually from scratch, where the chef has more control over his or her ingredients. A normal logo is a design that anyone can create, even if you have no formal design education or experience. For a normal logo, you might use logo design companies like Wix or Tailor Brands, as explained earlier. For a professional logo, you will use companies like SEO Design Chicago or Fiverr Logo Designs. Either way, you will have a finished logo design. Just remember that if you pay for a very cheap design, you will most likely have a different result than if you go towards a more costly option.  

Professional Logo Design Benefits

If you do choose to invest in a professional logo design, you will be glad you did! Your logo gives potential customers a first impression of your company. If your logo looks like a little kid created it, people are less likely to take your professional business seriously. In addition, most likely, the custom logo design company has more design experience than you. There is a reason that the design business is successful: they have copious amounts of logo design experience. They know what works and doesn’t work when designing logos. When in doubt, leave the logo design to the professionals. You might think you are paying a lot of money for a logo design, but a well-designed logo is the beginning of a successful company. 

Take advantage of these custom logo design resources. There are plenty of custom logo design companies that will assist you in your logo design. The goal is to help your company grow and succeed in the business world. Once you have a terrific logo design, you can then focus on additional strategies to grow your company. 

If you are a business owner who needs a new logo or are looking to update your current logo, reach out to SEO Design Chicago for help with a custom logo design today!

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