A Beginner’s Guide to Beauty Marketing

Whether you’re on the marketing team for a huge beauty company or you’ve started a small beauty product business like a salon, developing a marketing strategy to advertise the beauty products and services that you have to offer is a daunting task. How do you reach your target audience? How do you expand your customer base? These are just a few of the questions that this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing will answer. Since the beauty industry is flooded with similar-seeming products and services, your company will require a smart marketing strategy to show potential customers what sets your products and services apart from the competition! From creating a brand identity to using social media to advertising your business, we’ll detail how you’ll spread the word about what you have to offer and establish a loyal customer base. 

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Beauty Industry Marketing

The beauty industry encompasses multiple different products and services ranging from cosmetics, tools like hair straighteners and makeup brushes, and salons and spas. The right beauty industry marketing strategy, whether you are a small-town salon or a big-city makeup department store, will increase the number of people that know about your business and increase sales. However, in this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing, we emphasize that you develop your brand identity before determining your marketing strategies. 

Brand identity, or brand image, involves creating your company logo and determining the colors, typography, and personality you want to represent your business and what you’ll use to advertise your products and services. Think about what kind of vibe you want your business to exhibit. Beauty industry marketing revolves around this practice, as oftentimes customers will choose one product over the other because they like the aesthetics of the brand over that of the competition. Do you own a laid-back spa or a social hair salon? Or maybe you run a business that sells calming skin-care products or bright eyeshadow palettes? 

In this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing, we advise that each type of product or service needs a different personality to accurately represent your brand and find your target customer base. Once you develop your brand identity, you’re ready to market your business! Your unique brand image will help set your products and services apart, but how you connect with your customers through beauty industry marketing will also aid in the success of your business!

Digital Marketing for the Beauty Industry

In this day and age, digital marketing for the beauty industry is the best way to reach new customers, especially through utilizing social media. At least 72% of Americans use some form of social media, and social media platforms allow businesses to work with influences, develop ads, and post content to market their products and services. With these strategies, digital marketing for the beauty industry has a plethora of ways to connect with customers! We’ll dive into how you can best utilize social media to advertise your beauty business, but this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing will first focus on types of digital marketing. 

Types of Digital Marketing and How They Can Work for Your Business

There are so many ways to digitally market your business and they include incorporating search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and social media and influencer advertising. Each type of digital marketing for the beauty industry has its own set of benefits, and you can choose a combination that works best for your products and services! 

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Using good SEO practices such as relevant keywords and hashtags will help your business pop up in online searches through keywords on a search engine or on a social media platform through hashtags. Using hashtags for your town or city on your social media posts is a great way to reach your local target audience, especially if you run a beauty salon or spa! Be sure to use hashtags and keywords that relate to your products as well, such as the hair or makeup products that your business may offer. 

Social Media

Social media platforms use their algorithms to tailor their users’ experiences, which results in a different user experience per person. Luckily, if a social media platform “knows” that a person, local to your salon, is interested in haircare or is looking for a new salon, the platform is very likely to show your post to this person, as long as you use relevant hashtags and keywords in your social media profile and posts. This is also true if a social media user is interested in new lipsticks, based on your keywords and hashtags, the platform may recommend your lipstick business to this user, thus finding you a new potential customer! 

Paid Advertising

Besides SEO, PPC ads and display advertising give you more control over how you reach customers online. Different social media platforms present the opportunity for your business to create ads so that a wide online audience finds your post. In this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing, we highlight that these types of advertisements guarantee that social media users see your ads and, most importantly, the range of products and services that you offer. Once you’ve decided on the advertising strategy, it’s time to apply these tips as you build up your social media presence! Since almost everyone has some form of social media, using social media to digitally market your beauty business is a no-brainer! Next in this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing, we’ll describe effective ways to advertise your business on different social media platforms.

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Beauty Industry Social Media

Since you’ve developed your brand identity and determined your beauty company’s voice that you’ll use to build a social media presence, let’s look at how beauty industry social media is a valuable tool that you’ll use to reach your target customer base and expand your customer pool. 

Using Many Social Media Platforms Increase Customer Reach

Understanding the current trends while advertising what makes your business unique is crucial in beauty industry social media, and different platforms offer different ways to expand your customer base! The best social media platforms for beauty business advertising include Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This beginner’s guide to beauty marketing cannot stress the importance of utilizing these platforms enough! Each of these platforms allows you to showcase your brand identity and products, in combination with relevant hashtags, in order to reach your target customer base. 


Instagram offers the opportunity for users to purchase products through a business’s profile. Once you create an aesthetic post or video that shows off your carefully curated range of nail polishes or skincare products, an interested customer can discover your brand and purchase from your profile! Like with other social media platforms, you can choose if you’d like to utilize their automated targeting feature so that your content will be shown to potentially interested customers. 


You can also post the videos to TikTok, such as a fun swatch video or a guide on how to create a quick glam look using your products. TikTok uses an incredibly smart algorithm in its “For You Page” as part of its function to generate a unique user experience. If you use the trending sounds of the week in combination with relevant hashtags, you’ll very likely reach the For You Page of thousands of users who are interested in beauty products! 

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Like TikTok, YouTube is another powerful tool for connecting with interested customers. Although Instagram and TikTok are best suited for quickly showcasing your products, this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing recommends using YouTube to post longer videos to demonstrate the complete functionality and range of your products and services, so that potential customers can learn all about your business. The beauty community on YouTube is vast, averaging 169 billion views on beauty-related content in 2018. So, posting “How To” videos increases the chance of beauty YouTubers to find your products and see just how awesome they are! The possibilities are endless with beauty industry social media, which also means that you can work with well-known influencers to further spread the word about your beauty business!

Working With Beauty Influencers

Whether you want to expand your customer base or you’ve found that building up a social media following has been challenging, hiring and working with beauty influencers will help your business overcome these obstacles! This beginner’s guide to beauty marketing emphasizes that working with a beauty influencer will connect your products with their following, potentially finding new customers interested in your product. Influencers promote products on a wide range of social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and instead of you creating content to post, you can plan a strategy with influencers so that they can create a post or video based on your company’s needs. This way, they can introduce your products and services to their followers as you build up your online presence and expand your customer base!

Beauty Industry Marketing Has Its Benefits

In this beginner’s guide to beauty marketing, we’ve talked about how to create a marketable and unique brand identity, a couple of the different types of digital marketing, and how to use social media and work with influencers to advertise your beauty business. Dedicating time to developing your marketing strategy will do wonders for the success of your products and services, and will help your business gain customer trust and loyalty. From different brand personalities to different social media platforms, you have endless opportunities to make your beauty business stand out and reach new customers! 


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